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Make Me Yours Make Me #3 Free download Í 105 ¸ [Read] ➪ Make Me Yours Make Me #3 Author Katee Robert – A one night stand leads to something very unexpected in this sizzling hot Dare story by USA TODAY and New York Times bestselling author Katee RobertI didn’t get to be CEO of a New York tech compS a crowded wedding reception my body reacted with a will of its ownShe wanted a sexy distraction one night of lust in a glamorous hotel And I was happy to oblige Then after the most amazing night of my life she walked away leaving me wanting so much Me Yours Make PDFEPUB #195 I haven’t been myself since that night My work is suffering My social life is now. I tried but the heroine came off as cynical and negative not very endearing at all Plus I didn’t read books 1 and 2 and names kept popping up and I was not in the know about who they were

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Here All I think about all I dream about is herThree months later she told me A baby My baby I insisted she move into my Manhattan penthouse Now I see her every day I crave her every second I long for her touch her kiss her body moving under mine I know if I try to cage her she’ll fly away How can I convince a wild thing to stay in my life in my heart forev. Make Me Yours is a uick read delving into the idea that fate provides even if you don’t realise it is exactly what you needSparks fly between Becka and Aaron from the start; neither looking for a relationship or so they have convinced themselves But when fate intervenes to reunite the pair with an additional surprise package Aaron is determined to make the most of the opportunity he has been givenBecka is fiercely independent and uite negative in her attitude; while some parts are understandable she can be her own worst enemy Aaron certainly has a battle on his hands as he attempts to convince Becka to give him and them a chance A campaign Aaron undertakes with charm consideration and patience all with a little bit of alpha thrown into the mixWatching Becka’s barriers lower as she confronts her demons and moves onto a brighter future added to the idyllic nature of the narrative 💕

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Make Me Yours Make Me #3A one night stand leads to something very Yours Make PDF #197 unexpected in this sizzling hot Dare story by USA TODAY and New York Times bestselling author Katee RobertI didn’t get to be CEO of a New York tech company by chasing whimsor women But when wildly beautiful fiercely independent fitness instructor Becka Make Me MOBI #233 Baudin caught my eye acros. Let me tell you the beginning where Aaron and Becka meet at her sisters wedding was so electrically charged I got really excited to read their story I find it kind of rare for a book to really grab me right at the start like that I can also say that it stayed pretty strong throughout the book I love it when I can feel how a couple just want each otherIn my eyes Aaron was pretty perfect He's got an alpha personality but also a bit of nerdiness in him He's very analytical and a planner I just seem to love that combination in a man He was also all in from the start Becka was a much harder character for me She has a lot of personal baggage that made her confrontational with Aaron when he just wanted to take care of her It's a good and bad thing I wanted her to let him take care of her but I also got to see how much Aaron wanted it because of that resistanceFor such a shorter book this had a lot of great material and I really enjoyed their book I want to see Cameron get his own book too