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On the Red Hill Read & Download º 108 Å ❮Reading❯ ➸ On the Red Hill Author Mike Parker – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk In early 2006 Mike Parker and his partner Peredur were witnesses at the first civil partnership ceremony in the small Welsh town of Machynlleth The celebrants were their friends Reg and George who had InIn early Mike Parker and his partner Peredur were witnesses at the first civil partnership ceremony in the small Welsh town of Machynlleth The celebrants were their friends Reg and George who had moved to deepest rural Wales in not long after the decriminalisation of homosexuality When Reg and George died within a few weeks of each other in Mike and Peredur discovered that they had been left their. This is one of those ambitious nonfiction books where multiple strands of life and reality are woven together so seamlessly and beautifully that one marvels at the engineering and craft of the thing Mike Parker has structured his book into fourths and each of these fourths is made of a cardinal direction a season an element and a flesh and blood character one of whom is the author himself Brilliant and a bit pagan the author masterfully leads the reader through all these lenses weaving memoir culture and history with the unflinching honesty of funny and very authentic voice The Welsh language hireath sanctuary and the historical struggle of gay rights in Britain are just a few of the things I learned about reading this book

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Ricks and mortar On The Red Hill celebrates the turn of the year’s wheel of ever changing landscapes and of the family to be found in the unlikeliest of places Taking the four seasons the four elements and these four lives as his structure Mike Parker creates a lyrical but clear eyed exploration of the natural world the challenges of accepting one’s place in it and what it can mean to find home. This is the third book by Parker that I have read and the third that I have given 3 stars to In the same way as the other books this is a mixed bag with good and bad points The social and political history of homosexuality over many decades was excellent the not calling out of George one of main characters as a lifelong predator and groomer especially of young boys is unacceptable Similarly the writing on nature is very good but please can we not be spared the old cliches about country folk and their love of fox hunting etc I have earned my living off the land all my life and like many others believe blood sports are an abomination As for the assertion late in the book that farming families occupied their farms for centuries I suggest the author reads a few books on local history

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On the Red HillHome a whitewashed ‘house from the On the PDF children’s stories’ buried deep within the hills They had also been left a lifetime’s collection of diaries photographs letters and books all revealing an extraordinary history On the Red Hill is the story of Rhiw Goch ‘the Red Hill’ and its inhabitants but also the story of a remarkable rural community and a legacy that extends far beyond b. This is a lovely book really hard to categorise though It's part gay memoirhistory part the story of a house part reflection on community and part description of the rhythm of the natural world a summary which probably doesn't do justice to any of the parts There is a lot of artistic and poetic inspiration here too There is a fourfold structure following different themes the four seasons the four elements the four men whose stories are told hereThe house Rhiw Goch is a traditional Welsh farmhouse in a uiet corner of the Dyfi valley It has not been a working farm for many years but it still has some of its original land and outhouses and is relatively unspoilt This house was the home of two gay men in the late 20th century and they successfully lived as a couple there for many years eventually befriended by the author and his partner who now live in the house having inherited it from the older couple The life achieved there sounds idyllic in tune with its very rural surroundings but a riot of sociability and hospitality tooI said that this book was hard to slot into any one category and so it is as a summary doesn't do justice to the country element or indeed to the archival as the house came packed with the older pair's photographs letters and diaries so there's uite a bit of gay social history here too Perhaps it is best summed up as the story of finding oneself in both home and landscape