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READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF â Rosie Price When Kate uaile meets Max Rippon in the first week of university a life changing friendship begins Over the next four What Red PDFEPUByears the two become inseparable For him she breaks her solitude for her he leaves his busy circles behind But knowing Max means knowing his family the wealthy Rippons all generosity social eas. An exploration of how a traumatic assault can spurn disuieting reverberations through a small group of acuaintances First the good This book did a respectable job of unpacking the feelings emotions and behaviors that can manifest after a rape The assault scene was described in detail so please take heed if that is something that might be a trigger Kate our heroine goes through emotional phases as she tries to come to terms with what will now always be described as 'before the rape' and 'after the rape' She feels shattered as a jagged line is unfairly and without permission split down the center of her life the before and the after The assailant You must read to find outThe Bad There wasn't much plot Some people are OK with this but I'm not I felt as if I was reading the same page over and over again It was almost as if I was in the movie 'Ground Hog Day' I know the subject material may have warranted this setup however I wasn't a fan In addition I felt that the ending was too tidy It was as if the book came to an end and the character's pain and suffering came to an abrupt end as wellSo there you have it My likes and my gripes I do feel as if it was well written for a debut novel I always love new authors dipping their toes into the bounteous sea of writers we already have to select from It keeps things fresh and exciting So keep it comin'


CHARACTERS Ó What Red Was à ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ What Red Was By Rosie Price ❅ – When Kate uaile meets Max Rippon in the first week of university a life changing friendship begins Over the next four years the two become inseparable For him she breaks her solitude; for her he leave When Kate uaile meets Max Ripp Is an incisive and mesmerizing novel about power privilege and consent one that fearlessly explores the effects of trauma on the mind and body of a young woman the tyrannies of memory the sacrifices involved in staying silent and the courage in speaking out And when Kate does it raises this urgent uestion whose story is it no. 25 rounded up I'm struggling with how to review What Red Was there are moments where it feels like a well handled depiction of how one young woman deals with the aftermath of rape and at others it feels like a bit of a drawn out and confused narrative lacking nuance where the characters are kept at a distance which is probably due to the style of writing Yet something kept me reading so if it sounds vaguely up your street I'd probably recommend checking it out Thank you Netgalley and Random House UK Vintage Publishing for the advance copy which was provided in exchange for an honest review

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What Red WasE and uiet repression Theirs is a very different world from Kate’s own upbringing and yet she finds herself uickly drawn into their gilded lives and the secrets that lie beneath Until one evening at the Rippons home just after graduation her life is shattered apart in a bedroom while a party goes on downstairs What Red Was. He had always thought he would be able to recognise a man capable of rape he had never thought that a handsome man would need to rape anyone Joining other recent books that have broken the silence around rape non consent and trauma I applaud the intentions of this book but have to say that it's uite chaotic and messy as a novel It feels unfocused too much time spent on the family soap opera which ends up being the foreground rather than the context as a result the rape is almost marginalised Kate's brokenness is one wound amongst many too many for my taste There are interesting ideas such as the one in the uotation above about how a man might think of rapists who 'needs' to rape er no one but it's never explored just dropped in then the story moves on Personally I'd have liked less of the extended family stories and about Kate's actions and reactions but that's personal taste An important topic but an unfocused bookThanks to the publisher for an ARC via NetGalley