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Download The Dragon Republic ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¾ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Dragon Republic By R.F. Kuang ✸ – In the aftermath of the Third Poppy War shaman and warrior Rin is on the run haunted by the atrocity she committed to end the war addicted to opium andLove for Nikan will drive her away from every ally and lead her to rely and on the Phoenix’s deadly power Because there is nothing she won’t sacrifice for her country and her vengeanceThe seuel to RF Kuang’s acclaimed debut THE POPPY WAR THE DRAGON REPUBLIC combines the history of th century China with a gripping world of gods and monsters to devastating effect. this book is a black hole it consumes everything in its path and leaves no survivors if youve read 'the poppy war' you already know this series was headed for inevitable darkness this is a bleak unforgiving installment of betrayal heartbreak loss and anger i know many readers wont like the relentless tone of this novel but i love it appreciate it even i think kuang expertly captures the feelings and atmosphere of war regardless of how miserable it may make the reader i also love how rins character is developing she definitely lives in that morally graymiddle area but the reader exists in that area right along with her even if i didnt agree with some of the choices she made i could definitely understand and empathise with her the writing is a delight as well it feels so fresh which should be impossible given the subject material but the writing takes a historical influence and makes it feel modern    the only thing preventing me from giving this five stars is the fact that the plot is so warpoliticsstrategy heavy which is such a silly thing to complain about i know i know this is a war based historical fiction fantasy novelseries but its the fantasy elements that really draw me into the story and sell it i wish i could enjoy the war aspect but my eyes tend to glaze over long paragraph of tactical descriptions thats no fault of the books though overall this is a brilliant seuel i can tell kuang has grown as a writer since her debut she was strong before but now she is straight up lethal and i fully expect the next book in the series to be the death of me ↠ 45 stars

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Tions Rin joins forces with the powerful Dragon Warlord who has a plan to conuer Nikan unseat the Empress and create a new Republic Rin throws herself into his war After all making war is all she knows how to doBut the Empress is a powerful foe than she appears and the Dragon Warlord’s motivations are not as democratic as they seem The Rin learns the she fears her. 1 The Poppy War ★★★★ Our world is a dream of the gods Maybe they have other dreams But all we have is this story unfolding and in the script of this world nothing's going to bring him back to life This was a masterpiece I really loved The Poppy War but this second installment was the book of my dreams I’m a bit speechless and I am not sure I can express exactly how much this story meant to be but I shall try Especially because that means I can start my ARC of The Burning God and immediately start crying for another 500 pagesThis series is an ownvoices Chinese inspired military fantasy and this seuel The Dragon Republic picks up after the dark events in book oneI am going to try to be a little vague about the plot in this review and just focus on the important themes and discussions while also talking about the characters who own my entire heart But this book very much focuses on shamanism and I was very invested from the first to last pageYou may also all call me president of the Fang Runin defense and protection suad I live my life for one sneaky snake and it is her Also Kitay my baby will love and cherish and protect at all costs Also seeing the way that this world has changed him has broken me beyond repair but his friendship with Rin means everything to me Not at the way I was praying for his life throughout the last half of this book thoughNext I was already sailing on this ship in part two of The Poppy War but let’s talk about how rinezha is my new OTP of all time Like I cannot believe I truly don’t want to get into spoilers for the middle book of this series but when I tell you the end of this book had me gasping for air like a fish out of water I’m not lying The forehead kiss will haunt me until the end of my days I promise youthe most breathtaking arc by paper ishSeeing Nezha try to live his life for his family for his country for something within him and for his immense loss that he is still harboring is just heartbreaking Rage and grief can take so many forms so very differently Carrying things you didn’t ask for can be the heaviest of all burdens but the way my heart breaks double for Nezha I think we all can feel like sometimes something is living inside us but seeing him and Rin both try to live these lives that they are now forced to live is very harrowing and you can’t help but feel all the empathy in the world for them And I can’t help but ship them until my last dying breathSomething that I really love how it was depicted in this book was Rin’s healing Rin is dealing with the aftermath of all the actions she committed and she is living with immense grief immense depression immense trauma and immense PTSD I feel like so many times in stories we get to see characters “heal correctly” or whatever our society deems is correct Yet we get to see Rin make “bad” choices in her healing process From drug addiction to denial to darker thoughts even Yet this is such a real depiction of trauma and grief and one that we normally never get to see especially in a fantasy setting Rin is so rightfully angry and her pain is so loud you hear it unapologetically and I loved it a lot She was afraid that if she stopped being angry she might crack apart The Dragon Republic really focuses on colorism than The Poppy War did Yes we got to see Rin getting treated as lesser because of her darker skin but in this second installment we really get to see how colorism runs rampant in this whole world not just in small towns or private school settings or military branches And Rin calls other characters out on this and my heart was soaring truly Also just the entire discussion of xenophobia at the heart of this story while also always highlighting colonization is so important and I can’t wait to see all of this discussed even in The Burning God Rin was so tired of having to prove her humanity Another thing that I also really loved about The Dragon Republic is that it really showcases how bad things don’t only happen on battle fields Humans are capable of terrible horrible evil things and they don’t need to use war as an excuse The backdrop of war will only ever be a backdrop and heinous acts can be committed in the safest seeming of cities and places Again not to get into spoilers but every scene with Petra left me shaken to my very core I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt so deeply uncomfortable over a character ever and it’s truly a testament to this storyI feel like at this point I am witnessing Rebecca Kuang become a literary legend The themes she isn’t only touching upon but she’s completely dissecting Her writing is truly so out of this world it’s mind blowing to think how this is her first series and how many series she will be able to craft if she wishes to do so Her characters are so beautifully flawed and raw and grey and real that I forget they only live between these pagesIt’s an honor to read and review these books Also I’m just so proud that a young Asian girl is putting all these old crusty white cis SFF men to shame And I truly believe this is a once in a lifetime series but I so even believe that Rebecca Kuang is once in a lifetime authorTrigger and Content Warnings genocide colonization racism colorism murder substance addiction grief PTSD depression talk of suicide suicide self harm abortion talk of rape rape forced medical examinations human experimentations humiliation animal death animal torture loss of a loved one genital mutilation to a character who was doing a bad thing abandonment violence gore and war themes This is a very dark book at times please use caution and make sure you are in the right headspace 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The Dragon RepublicIn the aftermath of the Third Poppy War shaman and warrior Rin is on the run haunted by the atrocity she The Dragon ePUB #9734 committed to end the war addicted to opium and hiding from the murderous commands of her vengeful god the fiery Phoenix Her only reason for living is to get revenge on the traitorous Empress who sold out Nikan to their enemiesWith no other op. I’ve been waiting—like an ember for air—to read this book and see how things will play out after The Poppy War had spiraled down into tight claustrophobic tragedy and it was like bracing yourself for a punch to the throat only to get struck in the kidney insteadKuang continues to prove me wrong each time I believed myself gone beyond shock This book is a whole new level of shock My chest is still a riot of emotions not all of them identifiable But oh God what a bright stab in my heart at the echo of the ending It left me speechless as if my tongue had been torn from my mouth It almost seemed then as if such shattering revelations should create a sound—but my room remained silent and I sat there stricken and sleepless my thoughts running along such dark pessimistic faultlines thinking “how the fuck am I supposed to function until the next book comes out”In order to talk about this book I need to spoil The Poppy War so for those lucky souls who have not yet been initiated into this series avert your eyes—but do so knowing that there’s never a bad time to get started “The only thing permanent about this Empire is war”  The she thought about it the she realized that the only permanent thing about her might be war Atlan is gone and where his fire had once blazed only an ember remained Rin clung to her vengeance with a fierce Pavlovian tenacity partly through habit and than partly because she had nothing with which to replace it Besieged by nightmares whenever she closes her eyes and the illicit opium she uses to silence the apocalypse thing that lived inside her—that throat scouring head filling roar of endless rage and wrathful guilt—still shuddering through her veins The Dragon Warlord Yin Vaisra appears to Rin out of nowhere with a bewitching offer to free their people from this last vestige of their long torment to crack the uncrackable empire and capture Su Daji the gold yolk within For her dream of revenge to be anything than a pleasant fantasy Rin joins Vaisra's army Rin hated Vaisra’s uerulous voice snapping orders at her unceasing but she hated it less than the watchful—judgmental—eyes of the Hesperians who not only managed to radiate power but something worse than power a malicious zealotry that was its own law and covenantLost in Vaisra’s wily double meanings the Hesperians’ lies and their games of power Rin was cognizant of what she had agreed to do days before she began to comprehend the magnitude of it Reality soon dawns however this was but the opening gambit of a longer game and they were all clutching straws against death and time The grudges of gods are as deathless as their flesh and men with everything at stake are dangerous Was revenge worth the price Rin paid for it And how long will Rin continue sacrificing the hope of the living for the comfort of the deadThe Dragon Republic is a fireworks display from a very talented author that you will be willing to follow to any destinationKuang has proved herself capable of orchestrating walloping storylines in The Poppy War But The Dragon Republic remarkably lays down even potential The author digs with dark glee into this seuel and from page one she doesn’t let up The result is a sprawling—yet dynamic—novel that twists history geography mythology and fantasy into a resonant tale that underscores just how fragmented our own realities can be during periods of fear unrest and ineuality—and an aching reminder that retaking what has been lost isn't always the answerWith understated skill Kuang carries this book with the same taut vision and exacting precision that made its predecessor so winning Moving like liuid like a fish through the waves the author unspools the novel’s plot slowly never passing up a chance to make things tenser and tenser It becomes head spinning how all expectations are upended—hope and despair flared and died in me by turns and each turn of the page was like the held breath interlude between when a button gets pushed and the bomb either detonates or is defused It's exhilaratingThe author succeeds admirably on all fronts creating a rich tapestry of wonders as well as brutality and oppression The action is ferocious bloody and unrelenting—but Kuang renders that violence extremely well and its physical and psychological effects are believable and lasting The monsters of this novel are eerily familiar—the series after all contains a bright shard of China's living past the writing loathsomeness of humanity's crimes against itself on full display But for its all bloodcurdling heart lurching spectacle The Dragon Republic isn’t all grim the author knows exactly when to dole out the humor—there’s always a second for the reader to breathe and for the protagonists to enjoy a merry uip a smarting rejoinder or a philosophical discursionIt’s the ending though that makes The Dragon Republic an absolute knock out It strikes like a thunderstroke electric sizzling and minutely delivered I felt its rattle through me a wash of panic rising up your throat just a slap of feeling that makes you jerk to a halt then shake your head as though motion could dispel memory “You will be the spear that brings this empire down”  But even than all of that for me the novel's driving force was its rich cast of characters—driven by passion duty and humanizing terrifying flaws they are rendered as fully realized as ever In many senses The Poppy War and The Dragon Republic are two tales of two different times and two very different people the first young dauntless and full of hope and the person she became in the wake of tragedyThe epigenetic legacy of war Altan and Rin have grown up with blades in their hearts The first book is a bitter t