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read Strip Me mobi Þ Ë margay leah justice ä ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Strip Me ✍ Author Margay Leah Justice – This sizzling and passionate romance follows two men whose lives are turned upside down by their intense mutual attractionSam Richmond is a workaholic in danger of becomiThis sizzling and passionate romance follows two men whose lives are turned upside down by their intense mutual attractionSam Richmond is a workaholic in danger of becoming the very man he despises his father Stressed and sick with worry he’s desperate to shake off the shackles that bind him to his current path and embark on a life lived only for himself His friends are determined to pull I am not going to lie the one and the only reason I pre ordered this book was that of Sebastian York's narration on an MM book I mean hello who wouldn’t want to listen to that I enjoyed the story it was sweet and difficult at times for both of these guys but once they let it happen it was truly beautiful I couldn’t have asked for a better storyline There wasn’t a lot of drama; no one was stuck in the closet They embraced who they were Was it always easy no what relationship is Growth is what makes the world go round so it was no different for these two having to navigate a new relationship they were both so new atDid I mention the narration Cause HELLO SebYo in an MM scene HELLO HOTNESS Thank you to the Lord above for the gift of SebYo’s delicious voice

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Him out of his funk and decide to drag him to a strip club that caters to both men and women Sam is shocked when he develops an attraction to the show’s male headliner Rico McIntyre The two men end up in a backroom for a private lap dance that ends up being a game changer for them Because despite the fact that they both identify themselves as heterosexual they decide to explore their str I don’t even know where to beginFor starters I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that this is the first mm book of this author I can be wrong but I don’t think I am How do I know Because it has te ever present in “gfy” books “no women before you had ever felt so good” theme Honestly It pisses me off on a level it’s so wrong in so many ways 1st you don’t need to shit on women to validate two guys feelings; 2nd if the guys are discovering they are bisexual putting women off kinda goes against everything bisexuality is; 3rd in this case both guys had never been with a man before and you want me to believe this is the best blowjob they ever got; 4th authors need to stop eualling good sex with being in love Sex can be good without love and sex can be awful even when you are in love with someone Sex is an action it takes experience and knowledge Love is a feeling They are different things That just condones on the stupid idea that sex with love is the best sex ever and women forever have been buying on this shit IT’S NOT TRUE Aside from that the guys met and it was lust at first time I could get behind that It’s fine Sometimes you hit off with someone and things can progress to a relationship But then one of the MCs started to act like a very annoying virgin girl who couldn’t have anything intimate with the other MC until they proven to each other what they had was than sex That being after they had spent a month fooling around in any way possible except for anal sex Idk what annoyed me they guy holding on to his virtue or the other one who kept insisting they had sex Not to mention they relationship felt fake and shallow to me view spoiler Then the one guy demanding they prove they could build a relationship aside from sex was hiding from the other the fact he was a widower with two children I mean I don’t know about you guys but I believe any relationship is based in trust and omission is the same as lying in my book AND he had the nerve to be mad at the other guy when the guy found out WHAT THE EVER FUCK hide spoiler

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Strip MeAnge attraction for one another if only for one night But one night uickly becomes another and then another until a misunderstanding tears the two apart Both men attempt to forget about the other only for life to unexpectedly reunite them Can Sam and Rico embark on a relationship and come to terms with their new understandings of themselves and who they love Or are they doomed from the star 25 starsUmthis one falls suarely in the ok box for me It had steamy and sweet moments for sure But missed the mark for me in the relationship development These guys have an attraction that they fight sometimes literally every other time they’re together They want itthen they don’tthen they aren’t surethen they know rinse and repeat They openly admit that they don’t know anything about each other and yet they don’t have any real conversations to rectify the matter Then we get a whole lot of miscommunication and an ending that leaves you hanging with a whole lotta loose ends What the hell Am I missing something Is there a book 2 A novella An extended epilogue somewhere This book left me frustrated