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READ Magnificat Galactic Milieu Trilogy #3 107 ☆ [Reading] ➯ Magnificat Galactic Milieu Trilogy #3 ➷ Julian May – The eagerly awaited finale of a modern SF classic May's Galactic Milieu Trilogy which began with Jack the Bodiless and continued with Diamond Mask The mystery involving Jack the BodilesE ruler over all humankind Magnificat Galactic Epubexplodes anew At last the momentous secret at the heart of the trilogy is revealed From the Hardcover editi. The final entry of possibly my favorite series of books ever except for LoTR natch This one shows signs of being perhaps a little rushed but given the overall uality of the series I think I can give Julian May some leeway hereTwo separate series of books are based in this universeThe Pliocene series the Many Coloured Land seriesThe Galactic Milieu seriesMagnificat the last book in the Galactic Milieu series is the story of the rebellion of a part of humanity against the peaceful Galactic Milieu and from the fallout of the rebellion comes the events of the Pliocene seriesThe entire set is chock full of space opera and Jungian psychology sort of like Alfred Bester but with an optimistic mindset It's a crazy kaleidoscope of well defined characters doing seemingly fated things Julian May wrote a couple of well received science fiction stories in the early 50s and then put fiction writing aside for several decades as she didn't think she could make a living doing it In the late 70s she came to the conclusion that the public might be tired of gritty anti heroic science fiction and would be interested in her sort of space opera again It seems to have been trueThis book is the last one she wrote and I always got the impression that she was running on fumes at this point The other books were all so full of dense characterization and description; this one seems to have less thought and less fun in it It's still good and a fitting end to the series but it's a bit thinner than the others

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Ith Diamond Mask The mystery involving Jack the Bodiless the metaphysically talented Dorothea and Fury the insane metaphysic creature determined to become sol. After all the build up to the Rebellion both in this trilogy and the Pliocene Saga I have to confess to feeling cheated I understand that rendering metaphysical concepts in prose is necessarily tricky but the final result had me flicking pages to check I hadn't accidentally skipped an entire chapter or I can't imagine May was writing to a deadline but considering the attention to detail she has previously lavished and I use the word both pejoratively and admiringly it's one of the few explanations I can offer The only other option is that the dramatic undercutting of this mythic turning point in the whole cosmology was a deliberately flicked finger to the idea of any historical fulcrum being innately dramatic at its origin

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Magnificat Galactic Milieu Trilogy #3The eagerly awaited Milieu Trilogy PDFEPUB #194 finale of a modern SF classic May's Galactic Milieu Trilogy which began with Jack the Bodiless and continued w. It took me 20 years to get from Intervention to the end of Magnificat I suppose that is a risk you take when you get involved in a series while it is still being writtenThe main surprise in this book I won't give a spoiler here though it was introduced at the very end of Diamond Mask was a great shock I've known the character involved for all of those 20 years and hisher ending was very sad And knowing why it had to happen was even worse I'm pleased to say that I didn't feel the need to cry but it was probably a close callI don't think this series is necessarily for everyone but I loved it It was exciting and interesting and internally coherentNow I'd best read the Exiles