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Anne's Kindred Spirits Inspired by Anne of Green GablesA kindred spirit She's even excited when she learns that she's invited to her very first Anne's Kindred Kindle picnic Until Marilla's precious brooch goes missing and it looks like it's Anne's fault That is Marilla is upset and Anne's picnic adventure is now in jeopardy Ultimately the misunderstanding with the brooch. After having absolutely and utterly despised the first of Kallie George's based on LM Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables chapter books after totally hating Anne Arrives with every fibre of my being I do have to admit that the second instalment of the series that Anne's Kindred Spirits definitely is just a wee bit better and as such also somewhat readable than Anne Arrives However saying that Anne's Kindred Spirits has been to and for me a marginally better reading experience than the first book than Anne Arrives really does not mean all that much either For truth be told I still have not really all that much found Anne's Kindred Spirits enjoyable and certainly not in any manner engaging and delightful with Kallie George's adapted text from LM Montgomery's timeless classic of course still not in any manner having even remotely enough narrational substance to it and still showing not only Anne Shirley but basically all of the featured and presented characters as thin as paper dolls cardboard cutouts with nothing to them except and indeed that they are seriously lacking in nuance and development And although in the amethyst brooch episode the author at least makes a few references to Anne's imagination and that her forced confession to Marilla is so believable because Anne is indeed imaginative enough to think of and perform a very believable confessionary act even there in my opinion Kallie George basically just very uickly and lightly scratches the surface so to speak so that at best with Anne's Kindred Spirits we are once again given mere outlines of what LM Montgomery's characters are supposed to be like but nothing and yes indeed and truthfully actually considerably less Combined with the fact that I aesthetically also do consider Abigail Halpin's accompanying artwork as often rather visually ugly the artificially red cheeks seem to look like scratch marks and bruises to and for my eyes Diana Barry is depicted is visually rendered by Halpin as not just plump but basically totally suarely obese and Marilla well she continues to look mostly like a gaunt and witch like creature to me I still really cannot and will not consider than one star for Anne's Kindred Spirits a higher one star ranking than Anne Arrives of course but no not yet two stars by any stretch of the imagination for to top it all off just like with Anne Arrives in Anne's Kindred Spirits author Kallie George once again and sadly frustratingly obviously does not feel the need to pay homage to LM Montgomery to actually honour the original author of Anne of Green Gables for while yes indeed it is mentioned that Anne's Kindred Spirits is based on and inspired by Anne of Green Gables LM Montgomery's name is never once actually pointed out which I for one totally and absolutely cannot accept and also do find majorly insulting to both Montgomery's memory and to her oeuvre

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The sweet and funny second book Spirits Inspired PDF #180 in a new early reader series starring the spirited and outspoken Anne Shirley as she makes friends and settles into life at Green Gables with a few hijinks along the way of courseAnne is nervous and excited to meet Diana a neighbor girl who she just knows will be. Last August I read the first book in this series Anne Arrives a beautifully illustrated adaptation of Anne of Green Gables aimed at early readers I have checked periodically to see if the second book was available and I was fortunate to be given a copyAs in the first book there is a valuable lesson learned perhaps by than one person Anne continues to be her spirited self while at the same time she is nervous about meeting Diana She wants to make a good impression because she is sure they will be the best of friends her ”kindred spirit” making her Anne’s first real friend in this new place Anne is even excited when she finds out that there will be a picnic and – best of all – Diana’s mother says she “reads too much” Clearly they are two friends whom destiny has brought togetherWith vivid colourful and charming illustrations this was an absolute delight to read Pub Date 07 May 2019Many thanks for the ARC provided by Penguin Random House Canada Tundra Books

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Free download Anne's Kindred Spirits Inspired by Anne of Green Gables 107 Ï [PDF] ❤ Anne's Kindred Spirits Inspired by Anne of Green Gables Author Kallie George – The sweet and funny second book in a new early reader series starring the spirited and outspoken Anne Shirley as she Is resolved and Anne is able to go to the picnic Anne and Diana's friendship blossoms and Anne's bond with Matthew and Marilla grows strongerLovingly adapted by Kallie George with beautiful nostalgic illustrations by Abigail Halpin this series is Kindred Spirits Inspired PDFEPUB #193 perfect for fans of Anne new and ol. This chapter book series provides a way to introduce younger readers to Anne Shirley While the book is a chapter book it is still heavily illustrated although the illustrations are not as charming as some This book tells the story of Anne's befriending Diana the anticipated picnic and Marilla's lost brooch The stories are simplified from the original books but don't deviate from the main story line I received a copy from the publisher through LibraryThing's Early Reviewers program with the expectation of an honest review My copy arrived while I was out of town and left in a cardboard mailer outside the front door uite a bit of rain fell that week so my copy was water damaged I freeze dried the book so it was readable