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Villanueva's debut is a beautiful ownvoices middle According to ePUB #8608 grade novel Tough topics are addressed but warmth and My Fate ePUB #9734 humor bring lightness to Sab's story This immersive novel bursts with life Kirkus Reviews starred reviewWhen superstitious Fate According to PDFEPUB #195 Sab sees a giant black butterfly an omen of death she knows that she's doomed According to legend she h This is one of the most relevant Filipino books I've read in my life I cried shamelessly in public reading this ok To read an excerpt of this book just click H E R EADDRESSES THE PITFALLS OF TOXIC FILIPINO TRAITS AND BREAKS IT DOWN INTO DIGESTIBLE COMMENTARIES FIT FOR A KID’S COMPREHENSIONFilipino culture is overridden with toxic traits brought by 333 years of colonialization from the Spaniards and welp just general “traditional” yet regressive takes that most of the community can’t seem to get rid of just yet we are finally progressing though it’s pretty slow This book was unapologetic with addressing all these root causes in such a gaspsdidyoujustrevealthat yet effective way for the comprehension of a younger audience This was really educational and I find myself pumping my fists in the air while reading every minuscule flaw that every Filipino like me is so sick ofFrom colonial mentality harmful stereotypes of femininity homophobia and even white privilege Gail never shied away from shedding light to all of these while simultaneously making it so easy to read for children I mean I can’t ualify as a kid any obviously but upon reading this book it made me realize how much it still stays true and important to be seen not just by kids but also to young adults AND adults alikeHow Gail managed to do this elouently still makes my heart all gooey with gratitudeSKIRTS THE SITUATION OF THE WAR ON DRUGS IN THE PHILIPPINES IN A KID’S PERSPECTIVEThis was in fact the main reason why I was dying to read this book It’s not every day that you get this kind of representation which mind you provides a necessary take and commentary on what really is happening in the Philippines’ war on drugsWhat I loved about it the most though was how it fleshed this element out through exploring the many casualties–THE FILIPINOS It provided a different lens yet one which so many readers could relate to The War on Drugs isn’t an easy topic yet it amazes me how Gail managed to explain this thoroughly in a safe distance for a kid’s level of perception without glossing over it HANDS DOWN TO OUR UEENPINPOINTS THE NEGATIVE CONNOTATIONS OF PRIVILEGE AND HOW ONE CAN ACKNOWLEDGE AND USE IT FOR THE BETTERSab our MC is in fact a privileged Filipino kid who doesn’t have to worry when her next meal would arrive or if they will get relocated again from one slum to another and worry about school Sab represents the middle class Filipino kids and in a sense I loved how Gail framed the story in her lensBecause let’s face it the kids who have the capacity to read this book are mostly Sabs who have the proper education and could afford reading this My point here is that Gail somehow predicted this outcome and was armed to educate and not to shame Privilege can somehow numb you of others’ sufferings and this book reiterated how important it is to acknowledge all of our privileges and aim to use it for the better Literacy is still a major problem in my country and I really love how this book aims to educate and inspire young folks to do or just you know be socially awareINTRODUCES A NEW LIGHT IN THE PREDICAMENTS EVERY FAMILY HAVE ESPECIALLY ON SEPARATION IDENTITY CRISIS AND RECOVERYThis book skirted on the father daughter relationship dynamics and I have to admit guys I shamelessly cried in public after the reading the last parts As a 100% daddy’s girl I can attest that this will also hit you all in all the right places This book was such an emotional ride mind youMy last point here is that despite being initially an MG book this also divulged on the difficulties of parenthood I mean there isn’t an existing manual for “How To Be A Good Parent” and if there is the world would be uite a better place But parents just have to wing it and do sacrifices for their family without the guide of any existing manual Not only that but it also showed how even our parents have their o

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My Fate According to the ButterflyAs one week before her fate catches up with her on her th birthday With her time running out all she wants is to celebrate her birthday with her entire family But her sister Ate Nadine stopped speaking to their father one year ago and Sab doesn't even know whyIf Sab's going to get Ate Nadine and their father to reconcile she'll have to overcome her fears of her sister's anger of leaving the bubble of h Made me cry twiceReview to follow

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MOBI Å DOC My Fate According to the Butterfly 9781338310504 FREE à GAIL D. VILLANUEVA ó [PDF / Epub] ☁ My Fate According to the Butterfly Author Gail D. Villanueva – Villanueva's debut is a beautiful #ownvoices middle grade novel Tough topics arEr sheltered community of her upcoming doom and figure out the cause of their riftSo Sab and her best friend Pepper start spying on Nadine and digging into their family's past to determine why exactly Nadine won't speak to their father But Sab's adventures across Manila reveal truths about her family difficult and dangerous than she ever anticipatedWas the Butterfly right Perhaps Sab is doomed after al Determined to reconcile her journalist older sister and their father before her time is up Sab embarks on a uest that sends her on a collision course with the realities of Manila and the war on drugsthis is a book based on the philippines A BOOK BASED ON AND SET IN THE PHILIPPINES i could cry like seriously i can't wait for 2019