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The Tarot History Symbolism and Divination Download ✓ 104 ô ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ The Tarot History Symbolism and Divination Author Robert M. Place – The Tarot is one of the few books that cuts through conventional misperceptions to explore the Tarot deck as it really developThe Tarot is one of History Symbolism Epub #225 the few books that cuts through conventional misperceptions to explore the Tarot deck as it really developed in the Middle Ages and Renaissance Europe not as some would suggest in the far reaches The Tarot Kindle of Egyptian antiuity Mining the Hermetic alche. I bought this book after meeting the author briefly He told me about how he reads spreads and I was so impressed that I bought his book despite the fact that its immediate appearance did not distinguish it from dozens of other books on tarot I am so glad that I did get this book It fills a gap in my knowledge of the tarot that was bothering me and I hardly even realized it The book goes over the beginnings of the tarot in a clear and comprehensive way The basic origins of the playing cardsminor arcana are covered with their Arabic and perhaps ultimately Chinese origin described and explained The author discusses the general development of the major arcana based on archetypal figures that were common at the time the concept of trumps or triumphs and Neoplatonic ideas He also covers later occult studies and development of the tarot ranging from de Gebelin to Eliphas Levi and then the Golden Dawn In doing so he contextualizes the tarot amongst the influences of hermeticism alchemy and kabalah describing which associations we know to be original which were direct or indirect and which were added later He also goes over each of the major arcana cards in the early decks primarily the Marseille tarot This historical section is fantastic and it is information that whether it is original research or not I have not found to be commonly available elsewhereAfterwards there follows a section on the Waite Smith tarot deck the most common one in use today First the author describes Waite and Smith's short biographies their relationship with the Golden Dawn and then reviews every single one of the cards briefly This section particularly the review of the cards is not so revelatory Finally there is a fairly succinct section on how to read the cards his method of reading three card spreads and a few suggestions of complex spreads that are still based on the three card format along with some sample readings While this section does not go into great depth it is also potentially of great use to a reader looking for new insight and ideasI've given the book four stars instead of five because of the section reviewing the Waite Rider cards The sections on the history of the tarot and on his suggestions for divination with the tarot both deserve five stars

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With a practical understanding of the intuitive help and divinatory guidance that the cards can bring He presents techniues that offer new and valuable ways to read and interpret the cards Based on a simple three card spread Place's approach can be used by either the seasoned practitioner or the new inuirer?. This is hands down the best book on Tarot I've read I started getting back into Tarot in fall of 2015 and since then and I have gobbled up dozens of books from the scholarly to the meditative to the practical In the first few months of reading what frustrated me about many of the books even if they were insightful and well written is that they seemed to have no notion of the actual history of Tarot or firm idea of the origins of the imagery and symbolsPlace lays it all out in a way that is clear organized and incredibly entertaining The foundations of history and culture that lead to the Renaissance period when the Tarot were created the Renaissance itself and what got added in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when the occultists picked Tarot back up It was utterly fascinating Place seems an intelligent and thorough scholar of Tarot history and lays out his ideas of the origins of the Tarot symbols and imagery in a way that is clear and direct with none of the fuzziness that I got in other books I finished reading feeling not only educated on the history of Tarot but much knowledgeable on the Renaissance Plato Pythagoras abbalistic thought and and the Hellenistic period Thank you PlaceI'd say read this Tarot book as soon as you can before you read any others Then every book you read after will be enhanced with the rich context of the Italian Renaissance and all that glorious history before it

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The Tarot History Symbolism and DivinationMical and Neoplatonic influences behind the evolution of the deck author Robert M Place provides a historically grounded and compelling portrait of the Tarot's true origins without overlooking the deck's mystical dimensionsIndeed Place Tarot History Symbolism PDF #197 uncommonly weds reliable historiography. As a total novice to tarot but always having been fascinated by it this book was very educational Who knew that tarot originated in 15th century Italy as a form of bridge Not this girl Myth busting studies of each card different decks and their additions or subtractions and example layouts with reading suggestions the whole package for understanding where tarot came from how it evolved in many cultures to the occult practice we all know today We are all fools on a journey