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Shadowplay Free download Ý PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ñ [Read] ➳ Shadowplay ➯ Joseph OConnor – 1878 The Lyceum Theatre London Three extraordinary people begin their life together a life that will be full of drama transformation passionate and painful devotion to art and to oIef is determined that nothing will get in the way of his manager’s devotion to the Lyceum and to himself And both men are enchanted by the beauty and boldness of the elusive EllenThis exceptional novel explores the complexities of love that stands dangerously outside social convention the restlessness of creativity and the experiences that led to Dracula the most iconic supernatural tale of all ti. In this fictionalized account of the life of Bram Stoker the author adopts some of the literary techniues of Stoker’s famous novel Dracula including the use of diary entries letters and transcripts of conversations as well as traditional third person narration As Stoker struggles – with limited success – to achieve his literary aspirations some of the fun is spotting names and places that will later find their way into DraculaThe core of the novel is the relationship between Bram Stoker and the bombastic Sir Henry Irving When famed actress Ellen Terry arrives on the scene it creates an even turbulent triangle Poor Florence Bram Stoker’s wife is rather left out in the cold as the Lyceum Theatre becomes central to Stoker’s life Not to mention attending to the whims of Sir Henry Irving an eually all consuming occupation the main ualification for which seems to be the ability to consume large uantities of alcoholI loved the descriptions of the theatrical performances and all the backstage goings on There is a great episode where Oscar Wilde attends a performance and provokes a very raucous after show party The author also throws in some supernatural elements and it’s all set against the backdrop of a London stalked by Jack the RipperThe last uite long section of the book transports the reader ahead a number of years and has a distinctly melancholy tone as age and infirmity catch up with the main characters I found the end of the book poignant and rather movingI listened to the audiobook version narrated by Anna Chancellor and Barry McGovern To be fair the latter does the majority of the narration with Anna Chancellor contributing a couple of sections purporting to be recordings of Ellen Terry’s recollections of Sir Henry Irving These are wickedly funny and delivered in Anna Chancellor’s inimitable style Where Ellen Terry appears elsewhere in the book she is voiced by Barry McGovern rather than by Anna Chancellor even in chapters told from the point of view of Ellen Terry However I can’t fault Barry McGovern’s representation of the rich plummy tones of Sir Henry Irving or the soft Irish lilt of Bram StokerShadowplay is inventive imaginative and full of Gothic atmosphere I can definitely see why it has earned a place on The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2020 shortlist

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Ws is the unremarkable theatre manager Bram StokerFresh from life in Dublin as a clerk Bram may seem the least colourful of the trio but he is wrestling with dark demons in a new city in a new marriage and with his own literary aspirations As he walks the London streets at night streets haunted by the Ripper and the gossip which swirls around his friend Oscar Wilde he finds new inspiration But the Ch. Historical fiction of the highest order Absolutely top notchThis is one of my favorite novels of this year or any year I love everything Joseph O’Connor has done here the structure the characters the story his gorgeous prose It’s deeply satisfying fictionIt’s a terrific theatre novel On the surface it’s reminiscent of O’Connor’s fine prior novel GHOST LIGHT which deals with the doomed romance between playwright J M Synge and actress Maire O’Neill in early 20th century Dublin But for me SHADOWPLAY is the successful novel it’s confident witty and bursting with life and it has emotional depth than the somewhat staid GHOST LIGHTBut the best thing about SHADOWPLAY is how O’Connor gets inside the mind of another writer Bram Stoker It’s a deeply imaginative novel about the process of imagination We read about Stoker’s personal life his frustrations as a writer his sexuality and his long career as manager of the Lyceum Theatre in Victorian London There are also Stoker’s dreams nightmares and fantasies O’Connor takes a lot of liberties to be sure But along the way he ingeniously weaves a tale that brings every part of Stoker’s life interior and exterior together into the formative process that ultimately resulted in DRACULA Stoker’s magnum opus I can’t do justice to how cleverly O’Connor has done this It’s a real tour de forceThe cameo appearance of Oscar Wilde at the Lyceum is worth the price of admission aloneAnd it’s a devilishly good ghost story tooWith that I’m off to begin DRACULA Could it be any other way

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ShadowplayThe Lyceum Theatre London Three extraordinary people begin their life together a life that will be full of drama transformation passionate and painful devotion to art and to one another Henry Irving the Chief is the volcanic leading man and impresario Ellen Terry is the most lauded and desired actress of her generation outspoken and generous of heart and ever following along behind them in the shado. An enjoyable read but not a book that bowled me over I loved Joseph O'Connor's Star of the Sea and Ghost Light and was really excited to pick up a Hard Copy of Shadowplay I was aware that while the novel is based real events surrounding the lives of Bram Stoker author of Dracula Victorian actor manager Henry Irving and leading actress of the day Ellen Terry but many liberties had been taken with the facts characterization and chronologies and while this is effective in order to create the story I felt I could never connect with the story or the charactersThe setting of the novel really brings this story to life London of 1880s is beautifully described by Joseph O'Conner and the novel is atmospheric and descriptive but I found the story a little complex and I wasn't really a fan of Theater history to begin with so unfortunately this wasn't my wow book but lovers of Bram Stoker'sDracula or readers who enjoy Theater history may get from this book than meNot a book for my real life bookshelf but hopefully when I place it in the bookclub swap book pile some other reader may find their joy in this one