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Ge for her and her babies Francesca makes a temporary life among a band of mothers who are vivid fearless and inspiring taking care not only of their children but of one anotherMOTHER SHIP is an intimate raucous sublime and electrifying memoir It is a hymn to the sustaining power of women’s friendship and a loving celebration of the two small girls – and their mother – who defy the odd. I am grateful to #netgalley for this copy which I was given in exchange for an honest reviewMother Ship by Francesca Segal 2019In an early October day British author Francesca Segal 30 weeks pregnant started bleeding As denial kicked in Segal convinced herself it was going to be ok not realising she was about to give birth far too early to identical twin girls Twin A and twin BThis moving memoir on prematurity the complicated journey parents go through in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit NICU spoke to me on many levels There have been premature babies in my family friendship circle I’m also aware through my work of the long term complications prematurity may lead to especially extreme prematurity This is a tough beginning to parenthood that hasn’t been given enough attentionThis is a welcome addition to the parenthood literature exploring a corner of the experience left in the dark Segal describes the alienating distance between mother babies when they’re placed in incubators with tubes machines all around “They are the furthest from me and the furthest from one another that they have ever been I do not recognise them They are otherworldly in their strangeness and oceanic in their beauty They are half beings in the half light and in an instant my heart shatters and I become half a mother twice”How to become a parent with such a rocky start Mother Ship which just came out in paperback tracks Segal’s journey in the hospital those first weeks It’s also a story of solidarity community The friendships with parents staff in the NICU are beautifully brought to life No one can do this aloneSegal dedicates this book to the NHS for ‘the compassion generosity fundamental values’ she found there It’s no mean feat to manage ‘compassion generosity’ with the ongoing attacks to the welfare state in the UK but in the NHS these ualities remain This is worth remembering when the emphasis nowadays is on the NHS’s shortcomings flaws

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Mother Ship‘Heart wrenching heart warming and heartfelt – Mother Ship is a beautifully crafted warts and all love letter to our wonderful NHS’ Adam Kay author of This is Going to Hurt ‘Our greatest gift to one another is this each woman here has been swept out by a riptide pulled far from the current of normal motherhood Apart and all together in this space our odd craft we are drawn back into. I’m a big fan of Segal’s novels especially The Innocents one of the loveliest debut novels of the last decade so I was delighted to hear she was coming out with a health themed memoir about giving birth to premature twins Mother Ship is a visceral diary of the first eight weeks in the lives of her daughters who were born by Caesarean section at 29 weeks in October 2015 and spent the next two months in the NICU “an extremely well funded prison or perhaps accurately a high tech zoo”Segal strives to come to terms with this unnatural start to motherhood “Taking my unready daughters from within me felt not like a birth but an evisceration” she writes; “my children do not appear to reuire mothering Instead they need sophisticated medical intervention” She describes with tender precision the feeling of being torn between the second novel she’d been in the middle of writing and the all consuming nature of early parenthood; and between her two girls known for much of the book as “A lette” and “B lette” who are at one point separated in different hospitalsAs well as portraying her own state of mind Segal crafts twinkly pen portraits of the others she encountered in the NICU including the staff but especially her fellow preemie mums who met in a “milking shed” where they pumped breast milk for the babies they were so afraid of losing that they resisted naming Though it was touch and go for a while A lette and B lette finally earned the names Raffaella and Celeste and came home safely Female friendship is a subsidiary theme in this exploration of desperate love and helplessness The layman’s look at the inside workings of medicine would have made this one of my current few favorites for next year’s Wellcome Book Prize which alas is on hiatus After encountering some unpleasant negativity about the NHS in a recent read I was relieved to find that Segal’s outlook is pure gratitudeOriginally published on my blog Bookish Beck

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Read ↠ Mother Ship 100 ´ ❰Read❯ ➯ Mother Ship Author Francesca Segal – ‘Heart wrenching heart warming and heartfelt – Mother Ship is a beautifully crafted warts and all love letter to our wonderful NHS’ Adam Kay author of This is Going to Hurt ‘Our greatest gift ‘Heart wrenching heart warming aThe folds of the unremarkable’After her identical twin girls were born ten weeks prematurely Francesca Segal finds herself sitting vigil in the ‘mother ship’ of neonatal intensive care all romantic expectations of new parenthood obliterated Her gripping diary of those months combines the tenderness of a love poem with the compulsive pace of a thriller As each day brings a fresh challen. Just under 5 starts but still really really good I was drawn to the story from the very beginning and basically binge read the book Brilliantly touching and honest read for people without children and I guess parents too