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The Return of the Warrior Young Samurai #9 Read & Download í eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ [Reading] ➶ The Return of the Warrior Young Samurai #9 By Chris Bradford – A new instalment and standalone adventure charting series protagonist Jack Fletcher's returnUest to find his missing sister with the help of some familiar face. Final Score 7510A fitting end to a good series This book was a pleasure to read because it tied up all the loose ends we had been left with at the end of the last novel Things like Jack's fate with Kazuki Jess and whether or not Jack really feels England is his home All these things and are answered in this final installment While the book did feel rushed at times when the characters just kept getting hurled into a new situation just after their latest escape the fast pace did keep me reading until the end It was great to learn about Jack's life before he and his father first set sail to Japan I also enjoyed the clear distinction made between 16th century Japan and 16th century England as it is described in the book It made the world seem so much alive and diverse We get to meet characters from Jack's past life in England meet new ones and tie the whole thing up After the author's long break I'm not surprised to see that Bradford's writing style has changed However he does stay true to Young Samurai's core tenets with fast paced action and plenty of historical references The characters we have come to know and love develop even and we see a shift in all of their relationships most notably between Jack and Akiko I won't reveal the ending but I will say it had me feeling very satisfied and feeling like it provided great closure to this chapter in Jack's lifeIf you are willing to put up with the slightly changed writing style a whole new world in England the incredible pace and want to see Jack's story to a close then this book is for youFinal Score 7510

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A new instalment and standalone of the PDF #204 adventure charting s. Wow I breezed through this uick As for the whole series I got them as a present for my nephew and I read them to make sure they were appropriate for him Overall engaging well written and defiantly a great series for the age range it is aimed at Well paced and full of action lovable characters and some interesting points about Japanese culture This was a brilliant end to the series and brings the story full circle

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The Return of the Warrior Young Samurai #9Eries protagonist Jack Fletcher's return to pre civil war EnglandHis. As eager as I was to read the conclusion book of the Young Samurai series I didn't forget to look at the reviews people gave and what I saw was a lot of praises By a lot I mean 99 out of 100 Thus I bought it online without hesitation and had it shipped to my country Malaysia After waiting in anticipation for a month Bookdepository shipping I finally got hold of the book However just passed chapter 6 and I threw the book on my table It was a total disappointment just like what people always say the higher the hopes the harder they fall From chapter 1 to 6 in just 46 pages there were 3 fighting scenes which is absolutely unnecessary and redundant I'll break it down one by one1st fighting scene on the uay where they docked atThis was fine where Jack and his friends were approached by a few uncivilized lads and they taught them a lesson This shapes the London in the 1600s where everyone was living in constant turmoil2nd fighting scene in the alleywayJack and his friends got ledcheated by a girl to an alleyway and was nearly robbed They fought and took back their belongings but didn't beat the robbers unconscious which is stupid and foolish resulting in them being chased and nearly got caught by constables This part is still alright but keep in mind that from the start of the story till now Jack and his friends were constantly on the run3rd fighting scene The duel with a knightAfter barely escaping from the constables I thought it was end of the on the run arc However what happened next proved me wrong They went to an Inn and had lunch A few knights that were drunk I assume insulted Jack and his friends for their weird outfit which were then retorted by Jack and for the sake of dignity and honour both of them went out to a grassy plain for a duel Halfway through the duel constables stopped them and obviously the knight framed Jack for robbing his items and with his higher status and connection to the King he was let off the hook whereas Jack and his friends were thrown into a cell with their belongingsswords seized by the constablesAs you can see the main uest of the book is to find Jack's sister Jess but currently the story is steering away from it Whole 6 chapters were fighting scenes which could be easily avoided and as important as it is to shape a background of London in the 1600s the author could have avoided using fight scenes to do the job especially the 3rd fighting scene where Jack could have just ignored the drunk knight and proceed to find his sister which wouldn't end up being locked in a cell block It literally changes my impression of Jack from a wise mature and steady young man to a foolish petty and impulsive person just from these 6 chapters That's the reason why I say it's unnecessary and stupid to incorporate the fighting scenes into the intro of the story It's very forced and what's worse is that it is very obvious It really irritates me that they were thrown into a cell with their items seized when they just arrived at London I will continue reading this story as I wouldn't want to waste my money after purchasing this book Perhaps it will get better later on but as of now it sucks so much and pisses me off so much that I had to stop reading to prevent myself from tearing the book Hence here I am venting my anger through writing this review Though I will delete this review if it turns out to be great