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The Shadow Writer Download È 109 ✓ ❮PDF❯ ✓ The Shadow Writer Author Eliza Maxwell – Every writer has a story Some are deadlier than others Aspiring author Graye Templeton will do anything to escape the horrific childhood crime that haunts her After a life lived in shadows she’s acc Every writEvery writer has a story Some are deadlier than others Aspiring author Graye Templeton will do anything to escape the horrific childhood crime that haunts her After a life lived in shadows she’s accepted a new job as protégé to Laura West influential book blogger and wife of an acclaimed nov. 35 well that was unexpected starsGraye Templeton wants two things in life first to escape her truly horrific past and second to become an author She wants to be real and seen and knows that the best way to achieve this goal is to publish the book she's been working on for some time When Graye lands the job as a TA to the best selling author and now professor at her university David West she feels like the tides are finally turning and luck is sure to follow When Graye accidentally bumps into and subseuently pours her coffee all over famed book blogger and wife to David Laura West she sees her entire future flash before her eyesLaura takes an immediate shine to Graye She's vulnerable yet passionate naive yet there's something there that Laura can't uite put her finger on that draws these two women together As Laura and Graye get to know one another it turns out that the Wests are headed to Texas and Graye sees that future she planned on going up in smoke Graye is desperate for Laura's reputation for catapulting unknown authors onto best seller lists and when a happenstance interview brings them back together again in Texas Graye jumps at the opportunity to become Laura's personal assistant Soon Graye is indispensable to Laura especially as Laura's life and marriage seem to be circling the drainThe past is coming for Graye She can feel it in spite of her reassurances to the girl on the phone It's coming for them all As Laura's life uickly unravels and Graye's past is coming to catch her at an ever increasing rate things go from bad to worse Told from alternating POVs mostly between Graye and Laura we're also given snippets of the perspective of people from Graye's past as we learn and about her challenging and brutal childhood As Graye's past collides with Laura's present things uickly continue to go downhill for both of our main characters And when a shocking murder comes into play it's a race against time to unravel the secrets that have been long left buriedSo first things first I really enjoyed this read This is my first work by Maxwell and I was left impressed both with the development of a very tangled web as well as the writing itself There are uite a few moving pieces going on between characters along with a past timeline and a present one I really appreciated that Maxwell broke from the mold of flipping between that past and the present because while it works sometimes I often find myself feeling like it's a little too formulaic and the easier route Instead Maxwell flawlessly developed a well paced story that unfolds in the present by giving the reader snippets of the past without wholly focusing on it It created a very cohesive and suspenseful story lineWhen he catches her watching him his eyes narrow and he stands straighter facing her head on There's no mistake A dizzying sense of vertigo takes hold of her as she stands with her future on one side and her past staring her down on the otherThere were a few points throughout reading this that I feared Maxwell was going to drop the ball given how many cogs are moving at one time However I was consistently proven uite wrong when it felt like pieces were missing when they would come back into play at the perfect moment Psychological suspense is a difficult genre to write because it's less jump scares and cheap thrills and sinister undertones and Maxwell delivered this in spades While the majority of our cast of characters weren't particularly likable I found myself drawn to them and rooting for them despite some shadier decisions they made It's easy for an author to make a likable character well liked; what's difficult and in the end impressive is when you can make a reader connect to someone who is grade a crazy pantsShe uickens her pace but that's the thing about ghosts They're impossible to outrun They travel in the heart of the people they've hurt the mostAll in all I really enjoyed this read and would definitely suggest it to others who enjoy the psychological suspense genre It felt a little slow to start for me but once it got moving it really kept pace and I felt genuinely invested and intrigued by how it would end I also felt that the ending made sense and there was nothing coming out of left field for the sake of shocking the reader It all blended together into something realistic and I thought the ending was a bit poetic personally I loved that this was set in Texas and I'll definitely be picking up works by Maxwell in the future

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To the edgeAs the two women form a bond that seems meant to be long buried secrets claw their way into the present and the line between friendship and obsession begins to blur forcing each to decide where her loyalties lie Running from the past is a dangerous game and the loser could end up dead. Favorite uotesShe signs the visitor's log and the receptionist passes her a neon green sticker to affix to her shirt Proof that Graye isn’t some rogue criminal there to ravish old ladies and steal pieces from the jigsaw puzzlesShe stares at him for a beat struggling to remind herself of the man she knows he can be—when he isn’t being this one It’s getting difficult every day to bring that man to mindWhom you choose to be married to is your business Laura I decided a long time ago that love must be an evolutionary adaptation It’s nature’s way of allowing even mediocre men to find a mate Oh child How naive you are If procreation were reserved only for extraordinary men the species would have died a slow sputtering death centuries agoA bad marriage is a forge Once you’re in it your only choice is to push forward and find your way out of the flames scars and all hopefully stronger for it The alternative is to sit there and be burned to nothingShe knows dwelling on could have been and should have been doesn’t change what is but some days that’s a hard lesson to rememberMy ReviewThis was a twisty maddeningly paced brilliantly plotted and ingeniously written tale with a cast of intriguing and largely aberrant characters While it was soon evident that one of the main characters was mentally disturbed as she noted concern with “losing track of what’s real and what isn’t;” I just hadn’t realized the extent or how far back the decimation went Ms Maxwell’s evocative writing was uniuely compelling devastating diabolical and dauntingly engrossing I was taut with tension and transfixed to my Kindle while nearly insane with impatience and driven to know every deeply buried secret past and present I am on the hook and her devoted fangirl for life I covet her advanced level of word sorcery and am greedily plotting to read her every word

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The Shadow WriterElist Laura’s connections could make Graye’s publishing dreams a reality But there’s to Laura than meets the eyeBehind the veneer of a charmed life Laura’s marriage is collapsing Her once lauded husband is descending into alcoholism and ruin The Shadow Kindle and bringing Laura nearer. I was really disappointed in this one because I actually liked the author's other book The Unremembered Girl The characters just fell flat which is a shame because there was a pretty decent backstory for Graye As the story progressed I cared less and less about each person It's like the book had the basic elements of what should be an interesting story but lacked any meat and therefore came across as lackluster Graye Templeton has tried to move on from her horrific childhood and aspires to be a writer She takes a job working for Laura West a fairly well known book blogger and wife to a novelist who has had his own fair share of success As Graye and Laura become closer and closer they might discover a secret or two the other one has been hiding My first feeling of uneasiness came when the story shifted to Texas and Graye started working for Laura The transition just felt disjointed and that feeling popped up multiple times throughout the course of the book The bare bones of a good story were here and there were some good plot twists but the book could use some polishing up Both the plot and the characters need to be well developed in order to make a book a compelling read and that just didn't happen here So basically in summary it had potential but the execution fell shortThank you to the Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a free advance digital copy in exchange for an honest review