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eBook å Favourite Daughter Ý Kindle Edition Read ë johnscyclingdiary ✓ ➞ Favourite Daughter free download ➣ Author Kaira Rouda – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk One of them lied One of them diedJane’s life has become a haze of antidepressants since the tragic death of her d’s letting on? What secrets is her husband still hiding from her? And why does no one trust her to be on her own?Even if it’s the last thing she does she’ll find out the trut This was disturbing and yet so wickedly fun Jane was the classic unreliable narrator with a dash of narcissist and a splash of sociopath thrown in for our reading pleasure In other words it was a wildly entertaining read Jane Harris is the kind of character you love to hate She thinks does says the unthinkable and yet you just can't get enough of her With each shake of my head I found myself drawn in furiously turning the pages to see what she'd do next I think having Jane speak to us directly was brilliant and oh so entertaining I felt like such a gossip while I devoured every word I'll be honest and say that while the book had some twists there wasn't anything that I didn't see coming Jane is definitely what made the book for me I actually found myself both rolling my eyes and laughing out loud at times In short read this book meet Jane thank me later 😉

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Royed their perfect family life foreverThe trouble is the Jane thinks about that night the she realises that something doesn’t seem right Does her youngest daughter know than she An unreliable narrator teetering on the edge A family she’s unable to keep under controlKaira Rouda introduces a character you’re going to love to hate So many times I found myself shocked confounded or laughing at Jane’s over the top audacity It’s the one year anniversary of her daughter Marys’ death The pain hasn’t diminished but it’s time for Jane to look to the future and begin reclaiming her life Starting with her husband David and younger daughter Betsy Only both have apparently moved onseemingly without Jane Well that just won’t do Jane is going to do whatever it takes to keep their focus on herno matter the conseuencesKaira Rouda's addition of the bizarre tragic ways someone can die in America left me in stitches Everything from bee stings to falling on upright knives in the dishwasher to chickens seeking revenge through food poisoning😂Without uestion this has climbed to the top of my favorite reads so far of 2019 I loved Ms Rouda's previous novel Best Day Ever This book takes that narcissistic behavior one huge step further You’ll be shocked by horrendous behavior you’ll laugh then be horrified once again What fun An absolute roller coaster must readA fantastic and fun buddy read with Susanne🌸Thank you to NetGalley Edelweiss Harleuin Graydon House Books and Kaira Rouda for an ARC to read and review

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Favourite DaughterOne of them lied One of them diedJane’s life has become a haze of antidepressants since the tragic death of her daughter Mary The accident which happened over a year ago now dest 45 Stars rounded downOh What Wicked Fun There are characters and then there’s Jane She’s the kind of woman who makes you cover your mouth with your hand and say “Oh no you didn’t” Then you gasp in complete and utter deliciousness simply because Oh yes she did She’s that kind of Character Oh how I love her I mean I don’t really love her I don’t even like her except yeah I kinda do in a she’s so despicable she’s likeable kind of way of course and I just admitted it in public Shame on me So what’s with Jane? I wish I could tell you She’s so over the top it’s outrageous preposterous even I mean out freaking rageous Like absolutely fabulous outrageous in an absurd and heinous way Bawaawah I’ve never really “met” anyone like her except well yeah I have There I go again covering my mouth with my hand Forgive me won’t you? But I just can’t spoil the surprise If this isn’t on your list do me a favor and go grab it You’ll be highly entertained and immediately intrigued Once you start reading you’ll seriously have the best day ever Jane is waiting This was a buddy read with Kaceey We needed a great read and we found it with “Favorite Daughter” by Kaira Rouda A huge thank you to Edelweiss Harper Collins Graydon House and Kaira Rouda for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review Published on Edelweiss and Goodreads on 32619Will be published on and Twitter on 52119