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Dearing 'We lost all three girls that summer Let them slip away like the words of some half remembered song and when one came back she wasn't the one we were trying to recall to begin with'Tikka Molloy was eleven and one sixth years old during the long hot summer of the summer the Van Apfel sisters disappeared Hannah beautiful Cordelia and Ruth vanished during the night of the school's Showsto. This was a different sort of mystery crossed with coming of age and I loved it ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Tikka Malloy’s playmates the Van Apfel sisters disappeared when she was eleven years old It’s a mystery haunting her and her sister Laura for years Ruth Hannah and Cordelia have harsh religious parents and it’s never been known if they ran away or were taken Tikka has now returned home as an adult to try to grasp just what happened to the sisters that summer If you are looking for a fresh take on a suspenseful read this is your book The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone is an engaging mystery as well as a campy coming of age story It’s a compelling page turner and I’ve read nothing remotely like this premise or the way in which it was executed The story has a melancholy tone and the writing is lush and descriptive I loved the Australia setting Tikka and Laura shoulder some blame as children often do when things like this happen whether it’s warranted or not McLean captures the poignancy in their emotions as well those as rippling through the small community from which these girls are lost Overall The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone is uniuely its own story It’s captivating original and keeps you guessing There’s a haze of ambiguity and my mind was spinning This is just how I like my mysteries I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my ownMy reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom

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The Van Apfel Girls Are GonePper concert at the amphitheatre by the river surrounded by encroaching bushlandNow years later Tikka has returned home to try and make sense of the summer that shaped her and the girls that she never forgotBlackly comic sharply observed and wonderfully endearing this is Picnic at Hanging Rock for a new generation a haunting coming of age story with a shimmering unexplained mystery at its hear. To me this darkly themed story had a slight literary fiction feel and I don’t love that genre In saying that I was okay with it Set in the early 1990’s this tale of three sisters who simply go missing on the night of the school concert leaves the reader with a lot of pondering to do Full of Aussie collouialisms and extremely well told we witness the young Van Apfel sisters bought up in a disturbingly warped religious household Tikka I loved this name is their precocious whip smart neighbour and mate is our narrator she’s a feisty girl and oh so smart A strange and frightening river town full of even stranger characters we never really get the full gist of what is going on An ungodly holy man with a spineless wife a teacher who is not straight up and families just being families in the suburbs gives us a confusing sense of some misdirected young girls without bearings nor an anchor to give them any sense of safety I was listening to this audio read with such intensity at the very end that I missed my freeway exit one Sunday night but I do remember driving along thinking ‘I need to know please’ Australian literature fans will be sure to like this beguiling offering

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The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone Free read · 104 á [EPUB] ✷ The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone Author Felicity McLean – Part mystery part coming of age story The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone is set in a distant suburb on the encroaching bushland over the long hot summer of 1992 It's the summer of the school's ShApfel Girls Kindle #209 Part mystery part coming of age story The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone The Van PDFEPUB or is set in a distant suburb on the encroaching bushland over the long hot Van Apfel Girls PDF #10003 summer of It's the summer of the school's Showstopper concert The summer Tikka never forgot The summer the Van Apfel sisters disappeared Blackly comic sharply observed and wonderfully en. look who came all the way from australia and braved a biblical downpour just to sign books for our book club They had six femurs ninety nine vertebrae three skulls and thirty fingernails Six kneecaps forty eight carpal bones and than three million strands of blonde hair all tinged alien green by the chlorine in their pool which up until the day they went missing we’d swum in almost every single day that summerAnd yet all of these things vanished—just evaporated in the heat Not a single sign was left for us they are three australian sisters; cordie hannah and ruth van apfel who go missing one summer in 1992 us is the small community left rocked by the girls' disappearance most specifically tikka malloy and her sister laura who were eleven and fourteen that summer; close friends and neighbors of the van apfel girls twenty years later tikka is living in balti still haunted by the unresolved uestions surrounding the vanishing still obsessed with this defining dramatic event of her childhood returning to her hometown to visit her cancer stricken sister her memories of the time and events leading up to the girls' disappearance resurface mixing with laura's own corroborations and contradictions picking apart what she knew what she suspected what she witnessed but couldn’t fully understand or interpret as a childit’s both a coming of age story and a work of suburban suspense; one where the past is unpacked examined and relived the writing style is vivid and immediate but the scenes through tikka’s eyes have a gauzy hazy uality to them that has as much to do with the porousness of memory as it does with that summer’s heat wave i became completely engrossed in it i loved the structure i responded very favorably both to the characters and the fully realized atmosphere made up of small town gossip ambiguity and adolescent girl secrecy; a cocktail that anyone who enjoys the work of megan abbott will appreciate as a related aside i am someone who often scoffs at dust jacket readalikes and how freuently off target they are; name dropping best sellers with little actual relevance to the book’s beating heart to lure unwary consumers some of my scoffing is tinged with jealousy since i yearn to be the ueen of readers' advisory in charge of all readalike declarations but in this case The Virgin Suicides meets Picnic at Hanging Rock is both a great hook and also great matches and while it is true that i have only seen the film version of Picnic at Hanging Rock which may be why i am not yet the ueen of readers' advisory the tone of this is exactly how i remember the tone of The Virgin Suicides being at once detached and voyeuristic chronicling the bravado and charisma and vulnerability and emotional weight of adolescent girlhood an impressive debut and i'm looking forward to from her in the futurecome to my blog