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A mother struggling to repress her violent pastA son struggling to grasp his violent futureA father blind to the danger that threatens them allWhen the winds of war reach their peninsula will the Matsuda family have the strength to defend their empire Or will they tear each other apart before the true enemies even reach their shoresHigh on a mountainside at the edge of the Kaigenese Empire live The Sword PDF or the most powerful warriors in the world superhumans capable of raising the sea and wielding blades of ice For hundre. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 5 stars from start to finish for this exceptional Japanese inspired military fantasy standalone As of this moment The Sword of Kaigen has become not only one of the four best self published books I’ve ever read but also my personal number one favorite self published book This is one of those books where I just want to write “Please buy it and read it It’s fucking amazing” as my entire review This book came out of nowhere and it totally stole my heart If you’ve been following my reviewing progress then you probably know that I like to keep and show my personal stats and facts on books I’ve read and reviewed So here it goes After The Mirror’s Truth by Michael R Fletcher We Ride the Storm by Devin Madson and Never Die by Rob J Hayes The Sword of Kaigen by ML Wang is currently the fourth self published book that I’ve rated with a full 5 stars I honestly didn’t expect to love this book that much but I was madly engrossed by every page Trust me you’ll want to pre order this book right now I already did it’s only 099 at the moment on for god sake More info on the amazing bonuses that come with the pre order at the bottom of this review The Sword of Kaigen is ML Wang’s first high fantasy book a standalone companion preuel to her Theonite series and this was absolutely incredible It’s an Eastern Asian mostly Japanese inspired military fantasy and I loved this book deeply from cover to cover The official blurb on Goodreads and did a great job explaining the premise of the book without spoiling anything so please feel free to check there if you want to know Let’s begin with what I loved about this book I’ll start by saying that I seriously flipped or swiped through this book insanely fast The Sword of Kaigen is brimming with seductive pacing and it was truly unputdownable Every moment I wasn’t reading it I couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen next From deadly propaganda to non stop escalating tensions to superb character developments Wang did a fantastic job in making sure that every chapter has something important happening No pages were wasted; the book was utterly tension packed and contained a very endearing cast “A life of dangerous adventures might seem worth it now when you are young and seemingly invincible but one day you will have children and you will not want that life for them” I’m serious here I’ve said countless times before that I prioritize characterizations over everything and a crystal clear talent for characterizations was displayed from the first chapter The two main characters Mamoru and Misaki were extremely well written; but what amazed me further was how in depth the characterizations were for EVERY character in this book The characters were flawed and none of them stayed the same as they were at the beginning of the story Picture Mamoru by Tara Spruit taratjah Mamoru’s development in the face of the harsh revelation regarding everything he believed was astounding Reading about his growth struggle and determination in living up to his name Mamoru is Japanese for ‘protect’ was something I immensely enjoyed But as much as I loved Mamoru I have to give my biggest praises to Wang on her stunning achievement in writing MisakiPicture Misaki by Tara Spruit taratjahThe natural and gradual development in her characterization and relationship with her family compelled me to be heavily invested in her storyline She has become one of my favorite heroines in fantasy and I was also thoroughly impressed by the awesome and wholesome female friendship nurtured in this book The characters in this novel taught me the meaning of facing hardships together and how crucial family friendship love adulthood and parenthood are in the face of disaster These and the terror of war were the main themes of the book and they were expertly delivered to the reader with finesse “I’ve never needed a sword to protect you—to raise you the way your father wanted Caring for my family meant putting away the fighter so I did” The world building was intricately crafted; the clothing honorifics attitudes older Japanese customs and the languages used were all spot on I found the world building and setting to be uite uniue It’s like an alternate Earth that’s imbued with high fantasy elements than a totally new world Planes and technologies were in the book the languages that the characters used were literally Japanese and Mandarin in our world I may be wrong here but the name of the Planet Duna may have come from the Indonesian word for ‘planet’ Dunia This book also serves really well as a rival to The Poppy War with a bit of the foundation of the world building done from the opposite side In The Poppy War the Nikara Empire Chinese was invaded by the Federation of Mugen Japanese and the main character there employed fire magic In The Sword of Kaigen the Kaigenese Empire Japanese was invaded by the Ranganese Chinese and the main character here used waterice magic As a Chinese person who devours Japanese culture and media on a daily basis I’m totally satisfied by the evident amount of research Wang has done for her world building and I thank her for it To say that this book was thrilling is an understatement I’m not joking The Sword of Kaigen is one of the most intense books I’ve ever read I gritted my teeth I clenched my fist and I was constantly breathless Wang knows how to write catastrophic elemental magic and implement extraordinary heart hammering scenes very effectively If you love The Poppy War shonen animemanga or elemental magic battles— Avatar The Last Airbender for example—you seriously have to read this book Ice magic wind magic blood manipulation and terrific duels; without writing skills of a certain caliber the battles in this book could’ve been really frantic and too hard to follow However that wasn’t the case with this novel because Wang’s prose was easy and delightful to read Her prose may not be poetic but it is vivid simple and flows without any obstruction Honestly sometimes it even felt like I was reading Brandon Sanderson’s magical battles and that’s pretty much one of the biggest praises I can ever give to any high fantasy author Wang provided not only one but two climax seuences in The Sword of Kaigen; the first one began at approximately 35% and the second one at 75% mark of the book I can say with temerity that both of them were stupendous in uality Showing the raw and violent power of the magic systems the calamity that appeared when the bloodline of the gods clashed was bloody destructive I need to also mention that the book features one of the most memorable duels I’ve ever read in a fantasy novel Not only was the duel itself magnificent in execution but it was also so emotionally impactful that it formed unforgettably vivid images in my head The Sword of Kaigen is a war story a brutally pulse pounding one The great characterizations enhanced the sense of danger and impending loss the characters felt during and after the war Bad things happened to good people and you WILL feel their palpable pain and tragedy The piercing blade of ice will stab at your empathy white snow will turn crimson the summoning of the Whispering Blade will break your heart and you will beg for because you won’t able to stop reading the book until you’ve reached the satisfying conclusion “But if I learned one thing from Firebird it’s that a person’s tragedy doesn’t define them or cancel all the good in their life” The Sword of Kaigen is an excellent Japanese inspired military fantasy in all its glory Written with words sharpened to fatal edges that cuts straight to the heart with merciless precision; full of colossal frigid blasts that freeze its suspenseful familial drama and outstanding action scenes into the reader’s memory; emotionally demonstrating the terrifying truth of the atrocity of a devastating war that left incurable scars to the fictional characters who have become real to me All of these components combined to make this book my first 5—and 6—stars read of the year I’m only five days into January at the time of writing this review and I already know that this superlative book will not only be in my ‘best books of the year’ list by the end of the year but will also be listed as one of the best books I’ve ever read In my list of brilliant and favorite self published books The Sword of Kaigen stands tall at the top of the mountain and I honestly have no idea when or if another self published novel will steal its rightful spot Without any shred of doubt this was a phenomenal read and I will recommend this glistening jewel of a novel to every adult fantasy reader from now on If you’re a fan of The Poppy War read it If you’re a fan of military fantasy read it If you’re a fan of high fantasy read it Sidenote regarding Pre Order bonusThis pre order currently is priced at 099 and ALL entrants worldwide who pre order will receive cool bonus swag Details here Official release date 19th February 2019 You can pre order the book from US | UK | Book Depository Free shipping The uotes in this review were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

CHARACTERS The Sword of Kaigen

The Sword of KaigenS bred to defend may stand on a foundation of liesMisaki told herself that she left the passions of her youth behind when she married into the Matsuda house Determined to be a good housewife and mother she hid away her sword along with everything from her days as a fighter in a faraway country But with her growing son asking uestions about the outside world the threat of an impending invasion looming across the sea and her frigid husband grating on her nerves Misaki finds the fighter in her clawing its way back to the surface. 5 Stars Masterpiece‘The Sword of Kaigen’ is a masterpiece in standalone fantasy writing and the story and characters are so captivating that the story transcended into an emotional and deeply rooted literary experience I admit I have a real soft spot for well written plotted and developed fantasy books There’s something about the fantasy genre that lifts me from my everyday life and catapults me into pure bliss The Sword of Kaigen represents the BEST that a fantasy book could elicit from a reader I was so blown away and connected to the story and main character ‘Misaki’ that the book left me with tears in many instances Thanks again to super reviewers ‘Petrik’ and ‘TS’ for their wonderful review and endorsement of this magic book otherwise I would have never had the privilege to read it ‘The Sword of Kaigen’ achieves near nirvana in storytelling mostly because the characters were so well developed and the story so personal and engaging This wonderfully gifted writer ML Wang has my utmost admiration I’m used to ‘fantasy demi Gods’ like Sanderson GRR Martin Tolkien etc Never in a zillion years would I expect a freshman writer to create such a uniue and powerful story The story is heavily influenced by old Japanese military culture and battlegrounds where samurai swords and martial arts played a vital role in combat The ‘Kaigenese’ empire is fractured and always surrounded by enemies At the snowy mountain of Takayubi at the ‘Kusanagi peninsula rest the legendary Matsuda family who have protected the empire for generations Known as ‘The Sword of Kaigen’ the Matsuda family along with many other prominent families form an essential role in the defense and history of the empire As story unfolds we follow the Matsuda family in their everyday life and the perils they face defending the empire The characters are the prized jewels of the narrative and provide the backbone of this astounding story Misaki’splight is filled with so much emotion and fluidity that it’s hard to compare a character I felt so connected in recent memory Misaki is so well characterized she parallels to perhaps my favorite fantasy character of all times Sanderson’s phenomenal ‘Kaladin’ in the Stormlight series ML Wang's inspiration carries over to the ‘supporting’ cast and Misaki’s son ‘Mamoru’ and the entire Matsuda family are brilliantly portrayed At its core ‘The Sword of Kaigen’ is a story of love between a mother and her son a story of irreversible loss a story of redemption from a troubled past and a story of survival for those you love ML Wang’s use of ‘magic system’ is seamless integrated in story allowing for ‘awe’ inspiring scenes throughout the book Each ‘cast’ of families have different magical ‘abilities’ that allow the control of snow wind and fire Their magical abilities create an organic feel to everyday life and the battles For instance the ‘Matsudas’ are able to master the ‘Whispering Blade’ a sword made of snow that is so pure that it can cut through virtually any object including steel Awesome I was blown away by the unrelentingand brilliantly written action scenes ML Wang’s prowess as a writer is in full display during the action scenes I completely agree with other reviewers that thought the unbelievable ‘battles’ with swordmartial arts and magic are very similar to Sanderson’s brilliant writing The zenith of the narrative comes at the 40% and 70 75% mark and it will leave you breathless The Sword of Kaigen is a masterpiece in standalone fantasy storytelling The narrative and characters are so powerful and emotionally charged and the ML Wang’s writing is so ‘personal’ that I was moved and inspired in the end This is why I love reading 10 Brilliant Stars


READ & DOWNLOAD The Sword of Kaigen · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ ❰Reading❯ ➿ The Sword of Kaigen Author M.L. Wang – A mother struggling to repress her violent pastA son struggling to grasp his violent futureA father blind to the danger that threatens them allWhen the winDs of years the fighters of the Kusanagi Peninsula have held the Empire’s enemies at bay earning their frozen spit of land the name ‘The Sword of Kaigen’Born into Kusanagi’s legendary Matsuda family fourteen year old Mamoru has always known his purpose to master his family’s fighting techniues and defend his homeland But when an outsider arrives and pulls back the curtain on Kaigen’s alleged age of peace Mamoru realizes that he might not have much time to become the fighter he was bred to be Worse the empire he wa. “We are the Sword of Kaigen If we’ve let it rust then we deserve to die on it along with our enemies” It is 327 AM and I finished reading the book There are 73 people among my friends who want to read it too If you are one of them do this today If you are not—do it anywayI don’t think enjoyment is an apt word to describe my experience with The Sword of Kaigen It took me a while to compose this review because even now I do not know how to put together a coherent sentence that could portray the sheer magnificence of this book especially that I most definitely do not possess an ounce of Ms Wang’s stupendous writing talent This book appeared out of nowhere grabbed me by the throat and then shattered me only to rebuild me in a new shape I cannot remember last time that a book shook me out of my complacency and annihilated the ironic subconscious voice that offers snark comments whenever I read to leave me both awed and grateful The Broken Earth maybe But I’m not sureThe main idea is persuasive yet deceptively simple and relies on a universe where humans have supernatural powers relying on natural elements air water or earth Some humans that is roughly those inhabiting lands modelled after what we call South East Asia in our world with the derivatives of Japan Kaigen and China Ranga being at the focal point we the Westerners are weak and backward peoples worth only some pity in the best case with no magic or civilisation to our name More specifically the story unfolds in a remote and obscure corner of Kaigen seemingly backward village neglected and forgotten keeping to the traditional ways and values of a warrior culture that are no longer respected or remembered elsewhere in Kaigen Indeed the Empire seems to be bent on denigrating the way of life they represent while the enemy is closer than anyone thinks But the overall settings and the high politics serve only as a backdrop for harrowing individual stories with the members on one particular family a father a mother and a son at the fulcrum of the tale The Matsudas don’t cut corners and they are the epitome of their culture And what a difficult culture it is A culture of austerity of perfection of denial Of silences measured in years and weighted in ice mountains You can already see that this persuasive yet deceptively simple design I mentioned is rendered into a masterpiece thanks to the sublime and complex characterisation of each of the protagonists Misaki’s unflinching ferocity Mamoru’s heart breaking stubbornness Takeru’s pertinacious skill are a mixture of virtues that are flaws and blessings at the same time I hated Takeru but was forced to respect him for his principles and deadly skills My heart cried for Misaki but I had to grudgingly acknowledge the darkness inside her I loved Mamoru knowing that my love is doomed from the onset They were all both alien and relatable at the same time and always always surprising until the very end of the story As they breathed and bled on the pages I breathed and bled as I readWhile the relatively modest scope of this harrowing tale might sound discouraging do not be deceived as The Sword of Kaigen is a novel of rare density and potency The pacing is relentless in spite of retrospective flashes The chapters are short but well crafted and with a superbly balanced description to reflection to action ratio Regarding the latter I simply must note that since Ms Wang is a martial art practitioner herself she means business when she writes fighting seuences These are simply phenomenal take my word for it I normally tend to skim through battle scenes because I don’t find them that interesting since they habitually serve the authors as mere tools for plot advancement In The Sword of Kaigen these scenes are a form of art And the best thing about The Sword of Kaigen is that to achieve all of the above the Author does not need a ten instalment long series sprawling over thousands of pages and millions of words No it takes her one modest novel Which of course meant that immediately upon finishing I longed for ten books like this to exist in readiness to be devoured by me before you check there are notAs a final word of caution please be prepared for the fact that especially at the beginning of the book you might have the impression that English is peppered with numerous words you will probably not know or understand unless you are a manga pro In my case this somewhat lessened my reading experience There is a glossary at the end of the book but a I hate when these things are at the end instead of the beginning so I can at least familiarise myself with the terms b a book is written in such a way that the reader essentially needs to check every second word I’m all OK for introducing specific terms and names like in Inda for instance but it must be done intuitively or gradually to give the reader a chance to internalise the meanings Having said this by chapter 7 I was comfortable with the narrative but I can see some readers being dissuaded and frustratedWhat else to say I kept reading until small hours of the night and then I couldn’t sleep for a reminder of it This book is everything you need to read this year It deserves words of the highest praise and as wide a readership as possible Please make it happen PS The end of the world is coming I loved the same book that Petrik did he agreesPS 2 Thank you for reading In case you do not know me my average GR rating is 34 and I really do hoard and guard my 5 starers with alertness than a paranoic dragoness could wish for I do not hand those away like candies When I reluctantly do so it counts it matters and it is supposed to mean something