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Characters ì Not on the Label ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub » [Read] ➬ Not on the Label Author Felicity Lawrence – Felicity Lawrence's Sunday Times bestseller Not on the Label updated with extraordinary new material on the horsemeat scandal In 2004 Felicity Lawrence published hFelicity Lawrence's Sunday Times bestseller Not on the Label updated Not on ePUB #9734 with extraordinary new material on the horsemeat scandal In Felicity Lawrence published her ground breaking book Not on the Label where in a series of undercover investigations she provided a shocking account of what really goes into the food we eat She discovered why beef waste ends up in chicken why a single lettuce might be sprayed six times with chemicals before it ends up in our salad why bread is full of water And she showed how obesity the appalling cond. Though set in Britain where some food production differ from ours this is a good but scary read It will make you never want to set foot in a grocery store again They are painted as the evil corporations that are the root cause of migrant labour price gouging unfair trade and the collapse of the UK farming industry It was written in 2003 so some things have changed but really not enough to make a visible difference Even though we don't make our bread through the Chorleywood bread process in Canada we still have a highly industrialized baking industry with limited access especially if you don't live near a big city or have a uaint town bakery to uality bread It inspired me to buy and use a breadmaker and to be very mindful of where I shop eschewing trucked in fruit and veg and buying local whenever possible Obviously it's not always easy and I anticipate falling off the wagon due to stress time limitations and sheer convenience but being mindful is definitely a great way to start

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Itions of migrant workers ravaged fields in Europe and the supermarket on our high street are all intimately connected Her discoveries would change the way we thought about the UK food industry for ever And when the horsemeat scandal hit the headlines in her book seemed extraordinarily prescient once again Now in this new edition of her seminal work Felicity Lawrence delves deeply into that scandal and uncovers how the great British public ended up eating horses 'A brave examination of the calamities caused by a policy laughingly called one of 'c. I've always tried to dissuade my wife from buying reduced price fruit and veg in the supermarket This is because I want my body to continue to be strong and healthy and I think that one way to do this is to feed it the right kind of food and I don't think that eating old food is the right way to get enough nutrients etc We are what we eat rightI'm not sure why I bought this book I mean on the face of it we should take an interest in what we eat and make sure it's nutritious and all that; but on the other hand if we have to eat it anyway and then we find out that it's irredeemably full of so much crap chemicals that it’s making us ill in ways that we can’t avoid – then why do we want to knowSo on starting this book I envisioned that I would be put off my food forever and I would still have to eat it It was great then that it started with chicken or as I call them – chickens – it’s a bit like the difference between pork and pigs because as a vegetarian I don’t eat them I thought on this basis that I wouldn’t be bothered about what they do to chicken and on one level I was right But what they do to chickens in order to arrive at chicken is another matter Don’t worry – no gory details here – but suffice to say they ain’t happy bunnies by any stretch of the chalkSo then we comes to lettuce and before I started reading I’m thinking I’ll be ok if I just wash it – and I was mostly right But then we gets onto the problem of supermarkets It seems that without me being aware of it – supermarkets have come to embody everything that is evil about the world Again if you wants to know the details – read the book yourself but suffice to say lettuce farmers ain’t happy bunnies by any stretch of the chalkNext up is bread This is the part that changed my life so listen up The bread we buy in the evil supermarkets is mostly factory bread that is full of air and water and so isn’t as good for us as we’d like to think – even the brown ones with seeds on the top What we need is proper thick heavy bread made by real bakers with their real hands So I started eating that And it’s good I can’t say I really feel any healthier – yet – but when I get to one hundred and I’m still doing cartwheels I be sure to edit this review and let you knowOh and the last chapter is the best so if you’re short of time and patience just read that one‘Nuff said

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Not on the LabelHeap food'' Jeremy Paxman Observer 'Book of the Year' 'Challenges each and every one of us to think again about what we buy and eat It's almost like uncovering a secret state within the state' Andrew Marr BBC Radio 's Start The Week 'A thorough complex and shocking insight into the food we eat in the twenty first century Perhaps this should be sold as the most effective diet book ever written' Daily Mail Felicity Lawrence is an award winning journalist and editor who has been writing on food related issues for over twenty years She lives in Londo. Interesting insight on food production I already know some of the stuff she talks about but there are still a few shockers Enjoyable read and a nice confirmation on what we have been doing to watch our diet is a good decision