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Why We Fight free read ¸ 6 Ø [Reading] ➿ Why We Fight Author Josh Rosenblatt – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Finally we can talk about Fight CluborA physical and philosophical mediation on why we are drawn to fight each other for sport what happens to our bodies and brains when we do and what it all meansAny Finally we can talk about Fight ClubLy and mocked physical activity that didn't involve nudity But deep down inside there was always some part of him that was attracted to the idea of fighting So after studying Muay Thai Krav Maga Brazilian jiu jitsu and boxing he decided at age forty that it was finally time to fight his first and only mixed martial arts match all in the name of experience and transcending ancient fearsAn insightful and moving rumination on the nature of fighting Why We Fight takes us on his journey from the bleachers to the ring Using his own training as an opportunity to understand how the sport illuminates basic human impulses Rosenblatt weaves togethe. Navel gazing at its finest Josh Rosenblatt follows somewhat of a cliche line of thinking and after years of drinking promiscuity and general slothfulness decides to dive into the world of fighting He goes through roughly a year of reflection and training along with all the challenges along the way taking detours into history and the philosophy of fightingIt's a pretty simple and familiar formula But it works for what it is I got into martial arts for much the same reasons with much the same ego and high expectations of myselfAt the end of the book it's clear that this is a great big pro fighting pamphlet It says modern life is full of confusion lack of activity weak and impersonal goals and a surprising dearth of knowledge about oneself Maybe try getting punched in the face And punching someone else in the face Maybe get choked or slammed or have your joints twisted You might feel better for itAnd you know what He's rightSimple uick fun read

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Finally we can talk about Fight CluborA physical and philosophical mediation on why we are drawn to fight each other for sport what happens to our bodies and brains when we do and what it all meansAnyone with guts or madness in him can get hit by someone who knows how it takes a different kind of madness a persistent kind to stick around long enough to be one of the people who does the knowingJosh Rosenblatt was thirty three years old when he first realized he wanted to fight A lifelong pacifist Why We PDF or with a philosopher's hatred of violence and a dandy's aversion to exercise he drank to excess smoked passionately ate indifferent. Josh Rosenblatt’s “Why We Fight One Man’s Search for Meaning Inside the Ring” is one of the better fight books I’ve come across Rosenblatt decided he wanted to fight at age 33 He had a lot of past he wanted to work through and his present of living the good life was far from fulfilling He spent seven years preparing for his debut bout studying various forms and deciding it was mixed martial arts that would test him in the way he wanted He was looking for maximum brutality He got his first and only fight at age 40Rosenblatt’s writing strategy is also a maximum effort He tells us about himself his motivations and psychology gives us a history of martial arts and anecdotes galore His wide open account of the terror of the ring is beautifully written There’s a heavy dose of barroom philosophizing about humanity manhood and transcendence through physical violence but only a few pages where the prose goes too purple and I skipped those without missing a beat of narrativeFascinating from a fight perspective is his respect for the sweet science He writes beautifully about his coach his training and his sparring practice It turns out that it’s boxing that wins his first match for him and he waxes poetic about the beauty of the jab and the extreme efficiency of the jab – jab – cross combination It’s all here desire and motivation training self doubt build up fight and victory followed by let down depression and back to the gym Rosenblatt ends the book wondering whether he’s going to retire after one fight or fight onThis is a good read for fight fans I don’t know about civilians

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Why We FightR cultural history criticism biology and anthropology to understand what happens to the human body and mind when under attack and to explore why he a self described cowardly boy from the suburbs discovered so much meaning in putting his body and others' at riskFrom the psychology of fear to the physiology of pain from Ukrainian shtetls to Brooklyn boxing gyms from Lord Byron to George Plimpton Why We Fight is a fierce inuiry into the abiding appeal of our most conflicted and controversial fixation interwoven with a firsthand account of what happens when a mild mannered intellectual decides to step into the ring for his first real showdow. An excellent book I've been taking and teaching various martial arts for over 30 years and I've often reflected on what you learn about yourself when you face someone else in combat even sporting combat; Rosenblatt vocalizes many of things I've had floating around in my head for years everything from the personal discoveries of training in martial arts to the feeling I had as a Jew who is a trained fighter in the post Charlottesville era Written with clarity and honesty I think everyone who has ever fight trained will find echoes of their own thoughts