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Read & Download The Athena Protocol The Athena Protocol #1 á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ð ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Athena Protocol The Athena Protocol #1 By Shamim Sarif ✓ – Jessie Archer is a member of the Athena Protocol an elite organization of female sJessie Archer is a member of the Protocol The PDFEPUB #193 Athena Protocol an elite organization of female spies who enact vigilante justice around the worldAthena operatives are never supposed to shoot to kill so when Jessie can’t stop herself from pulling the t. BLOG | TWITTERSpy thrillers will never fail to be straight up cool and The Athena Protocol is no exception to this It's a James Bond esue story starring women and with lots of action and adventure from start to finishHere the spies aren't working for the government which was an interesting change; instead it's a small private almost vigilante organization called Athena with three heads and three main agents who work undercover to save women from dangerous situationsJessie was a really great main character; she's tough and resourceful if impulsive and reckless There were so many tight situations she wormed her way out of that it had me in absolute awe After a reckless decision early in the book Jessie finds herself operating without the help of Athena for a lot of the book and it's really great at showing how clever she really is and how much she cares about the people in her life even when they've abandoned herAnd a lot of the book focuses on the people in Jessie's life There's Kit Jessie's mother whom she has a very complicated relationship with; her teammates Hala and Caitlin and the two other leaders of Athena Li and Peggy The Athena Protocol explores all these relationships in depth but the one that fascinated me most was Jessie and Kit which is one of the most complex and real motherdaughter relationships I've read in YA In addition Jessie and the daughter of the human trafficker Athena is taking down Paulina spend a lot of the book flirting Jessie being ueer was so lowkey in the story but it was niceOne thing that bothered me however was that Jessie didn't seem like a teenager; if the book wasn't YA I'd have pegged her for twenty four minimum and I don't think the book ever directly says her age but I really can't see her or frankly any of the characters as younger than nineteen They all seem far too experienced and matureThe plot made the book practically unputdownable Jessie gets herself in and out of so many dangerous situations that the book had me on the edge of my seat The people that Athena go after are wholly evil human traffickers corrupted politicians and the like so the cathartic need to see bad things happen to them also kept me reading It's tense and packed with action but leaves a lot of moments for emotional beatsIf you like a good fast paced story about clever women and justice definitely pick up The Athena Protocol It entirely succeeds in being a fun fast well crafted spy thriller and leaves room for a seuel that I will definitely be hoping forcontent warnings | human trafficking rape mentionsrepresentation | sapphic main character characters of colour arab black chinese

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Rigger she The Athena eBook #225 gets kicked out of the organization right before a huge mission to take down a human trafficker in BelgradeJessie needs to right her wrong and prove herself so she starts her own investigation into the trafficking But going rogue me. Mission Impossible for YA readers That's what novelist Patrick Ness suggests The Athena Protocol is in a blurb on the dust jacket and the comparison is reasonable But while the Impossible Missions Force is connected with the government Athena is accountable only to the strong willed trio of women who run the organization There's Li Chen a technology innovator originally from Shanghai now living in the United States with a vast fortune at her disposal Chen Technologies is the perfect cover for Athena a company just as legit as it seems and which generates than enough capital to fund Athena's international missions Peggy Delaney is the second woman in charge a former US ambassador turned civil rights crusader who redirected her savvy into an organization dedicated to ferreting out heinous criminals around the globe The third of the triumvirate is Kit Love a former superstar singer who converted her ambitions into creating a safer world following her retirement from the limelight Athena's missions are carried out by several young agents some in their teens Jessie Archer is Kit's daughter trained in every facet of espionage and is on a mission to the African nation of Cameroon as The Athena Protocol opens Accompanied by agents Caitlin and Hala Jessie's target is the lair of a sex trafficker named Ahmed who is receiving a shipment of abducted women Jessie and her comrades dispatch of the guards and apprehend Ahmed but Jessie knows he has the money and influence to wriggle out of all criminal charges and set up shop again after a slight delay Defying direct orders she draws her pistol and sends a bullet through Ahmed's forehead It feels good but Jessie's rash action will have conseuences At their first meeting back in the US tucked away in Li Chen's corporate building Jessie knows she's in trouble Hala makes no secret of her disdain for what Jessie did and Li and Kit are brimming with anger Jessie should muster at least a show of contrition to get back in Athena's good graces but she isn't sorry She stopped Ahmed from ever exploiting another female; wasn't that worth a breach in protocol The media is all over the story of Ahmed's unexplained death and Jake Graham a high profile television reporter has expressed suspicions that will lead investigators in Athena's direction For a group that depends on total invisibility to the government such attention could be its downfall On the eve of an undercover Athena sting in Serbia against one of the world's wealthiest sex traffickers Li Peggy and Kit announce their stunning decision Jessie's employment with Athena is hereby terminated Caitlin and Hala will go to Serbia without her Access to her Athena euipment and support system is immediately revoked but Jessie has no intention of staying home while the others risk their lives in Eastern Europe Gregory Pavlic heads a massive network of sex traffickers that pumps money into his personal bank account from every region of the planet Headuartered in Belgrade Serbia he'll have state of the art security protecting his computer files; it is believed that Pavlic possesses incriminating evidence against hundreds of businessmen and politicians who have used his trafficking services If Athena steals the files containing this evidence Pavlic can no longer blackmail his way out of criminal charges Jessie was Athena's best computer technician and she smoothly hacks into Athena's mainframe unnoticed to conduct her own investigation of Pavlic once she arrives in Belgrade With Caitlin Hala Li Peggy and Kit all aware that Jessie might shadow them on this mission staying off their radar won't be easy The bustle and pungency of Eastern Europe invade Jessie's senses as she settles into a small grungy apartment in Belgrade She's close enough to surveil the art gallery owned by Pauline Pavlic Gregory's daughter who may or may not be part of her father's criminal enterprise Jessie gradually insinuates herself as a friend to Pauline whose good looks and wit are extraordinary Under different circumstances she might accept Pauline's willingness to get very close as an invitation to a personal relationship but Jessie can't afford to let eroticism take the lead She hopes Pauline isn't privy to her father's sex trafficking racket but Jessie can't assume she's innocent And she wonders would Pauline hate her if she knew Jessie wanted to send her father to prison for life Athena plans to make its move at Gregory Pavlic's lavish fiftieth birthday party a gala attended by hundreds of family friends and clients Kit has managed to get herself booked as the featured music entertainment and Caitlin will pose as her bodyguard; while Kit is belting out her greatest hits onstage Caitlin's orders are to sneak inside the mansion and track down Pavlic's encrypted files They should provide all the proof reuired to ensure this is Pavlic's last birthday as a free man Staying a step ahead of her former Athena cohorts Jessie coaxes Pauline into inviting her to the party but she must be cautious; if Caitlin or Hala detect her presence at the event they'll try to capture her Jessie senses that Caitlin will need help completing the tech aspect of her mission without alerting Pavlic's ever present bodyguards but she has no idea how complicated and dangerous the whole operation is about to get A wall safe rigged to detonate an Orpheus like voyage into the bloody bowels of a sex trafficking warehouse and an assassination attempt by a trusted friend are only a preview of what's to come It would be hard enough under normal circumstances to discern who is a true ally and who would sell her out to Pavlic but Jessie's common sense becomes unmoored as Pauline's interest in her turns romantic Jessie won't take it easy on Pavlic for Pauline's sake no matter how pretty she is but Jessie isn't sure she can objectively evaluate the sex trafficker's gorgeous daughter After Jessie follows up on an explosive new lead she realizes Pavlic's depravity is worse than anyone suspected; trafficking women is only the tip of the iceberg But how can Jessie hope to complete the mission without access to Athena's infrastructure Would Li Peggy and Kit even consider reinstating her after her actions in Cameroon One way or another Jessie has to get the goods on Pavlic soon or not only will he get away with horrific human rights abuses again but Athena may be dismantled from the inside out There is a Chinese saying—that precious stones need sculpting before they become gems —Li Chen The Athena Protocol P 282 Taking an unconventional approach to serious problems can work marvelously Li Peggy and Kit founded Athena to cross boundaries that governments either can't or won't brushing aside the restrictions of bureaucracy to help people in need Athena's operatives are outraged by criminals like Gregory Pavlic who victimize vulnerable people but they're trained to harness that outrage into useful action As Jessie notes The best way to deal with fear is to channel the adrenaline into something that can help you like an ingenious plan Easier said than done but it's the ideal way to react in a crisis a response worth cultivating Not just any concerned citizen could step into Jessie's shoes and achieve her same results as an agent of positive change in the world and that leads to the central conflict of The Athena Protocol what's important obeying the rules or moving decisively to eliminate evil even if it means taking morally dubious action To Jessie killing Ahmed was an easy choice in the moment It spared myriads of future women from his violent oppression But what if Athena agents executed everyone they believe deserves it assuming the power of judge jury and executioner Is that justice What if they're mistaken and kill someone innocent What if agents taking the law into their own hands leads to Athena being publicly exposed It would be the end of their helping exploited people and allow the rise of men like Gregory Pavlic and Ahmed The debate has no simple solution and is sure to be revisited time and again when dealing with passionate agents like Jessie At least she and her bosses have one unifying conviction in Jessie's own words We all believe in the work we do for Athena Author Shamim Sarif definitely has the juice to write a story like this The Athena Protocol is a well placed window into the thrills of the international spy game Strong themes are embedded in the narrative uestions of right and wrong we can wrestle with long after turning the final page The story is smart and cultured from the vivid depiction of metropolitan Serbia to the learned vibe of Athena as an organization beginning with its name as a reference to the Ancient Greek goddess of justice Athena was founded by sophisticates who understand the moral imperatives of Western civilization and see their goals as an outgrowth of it valuing human lives above all else In the end as good as The Athena Protocol is it suffers when compared to the Tom Cruise movies of the Mission Impossible franchise The action isn't as captivating and the deceptions aren't awesome on the same scale we see in the films where my mind has been blown on at least a couple of occasions with each theatrical release The Athena Protocol is excellent though; I'd likely rate it the full three stars and Shamim Sarif deserves all the accolades A novel like this one is a joy to experience

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The Athena Protocol The Athena Protocol #1Ans she Athena Protocol The PDFEPUB #232 has no one to watch her back as she delves into the horrors she uncovers Meanwhile her former teammates have been ordered to bring her down Jessie must face danger from all sides if she’s to complete her mission and surviv. Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by Nathalie DeFeliceSpy stories aren’t usually my thing I’ll even admit that I wasn’t really hooked when I started reading this book Everything changed around chapter four and I was suddenly transported into this world of young women fighting against the oppression of women and the dangers that accompany the young women in this world Not only that but I got to see relationships with women that were beneficial rather than toxic to each other forming strong bonds of sisterhood and friendship The story was thrilling and will keep you on your toes until the very end and I uite enjoyed getting to read it There are some stronger themes in this book so I might approach with caution if you’re uncomfortable reading about death and violence especially against women and human trafficking Although I did notice that the ages in this book are not really in the teens any so that might also be something to considerIn The Athena Protocol we meet Jessie Archer a member of the aforementioned agency who enact their own version of vigilante justice around the world The Athena operatives never shoot anyone to kill therefore when Jessie is a little too trigger happy she’s kicked out of the agency just before a big operation to take down a human trafficking operation in Belgrade In order to right her wrong and prove herself to the agency she goes rogue with no one watching her back as she uncovers horrors worse than she’d originally thought With her old teammates hunting her down and the clock running out on catching the criminals Jessie will face danger from all sides if she’s going to complete the mission and surviveAs I said in the beginning I didn’t really start getting into the book until around chapter four and I think it’s because there isn’t enough background at the start of the story to get me invested in these characters Jessie is compelling for sure but I felt that there was something off about her at the beginning Her teammates seemed nice enough but I couldn’t see how they connected with one another until around chapter four Around there is where things start to get really interesting It seems as though Jessie is living a little too much like a soldier mindlessly following orders despite her previous actions Once I truly got to know the personality that Jessie had it was definitely a interesting journey She’s funny and reckless and a little wild Most importantly she’s angry Unfortunately for her that anger rages a little too uncontrollably at times making this a little difficultThe plot itself moves along very uickly and suddenly we find ourselves in Belgrade doing some very dangerous things There are several nail biting moments throughout the book where you’re wondering who’s the culprit and there’s definitely a couple of wicked twists thrown in there I love the little details that are worked in about the mission that Jessie is on and just how she’s doing what she’s doing And of course I can’t forget about the romances going on in the bookWe’ve got some serious slow burn romances going on in The Athena Protocol Like glacial movement slow although with global warming it might not be the best analogy any which honestly made me a little mad This was the story where I wanted to see a little where these relationships went especially Jessie’s I can’t go much further than that without spoiling some of the story so I’ll stop thereThis story is definitely about the bonds of sisterhood and the relationships between women and I really enjoyed how this was explored in the book It transcends age cultures and stereotypes These are women that are supposed to have each other’s backs because as we’ve seen in the synopsis their type of work isn’t necessarily legal The betrayals between these women definitely hurt but seeing them lift each other up is so much satisfying The ending for me was something that I would love to see in novelsDespite its slow start I think The Athena Protocol is a worthy read I rate it a 710 stars and encourage you to pick it up if you like fast paced spy stories It’s an exhilarating read with some very complex characters and you’ll want to stay because of how the girls treat each other in this story Men are definitely not the ones doing any damsel rescuing in this one