EPUB õ MOBI The Spaniards Stolen Bride Brides of Innocence #2 ò

EPUB The Spaniards Stolen Bride Brides of Innocence #2

EPUB õ MOBI The Spaniards Stolen Bride Brides of Innocence #2 ò Õ [Read] ➪ The Spaniards Stolen Bride Brides of Innocence #2 Author Maisey Yates – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk S tolen for the Spaniard’s inheritance Will her innocence be his undoing? To notoriously ruthless Diego Navarro kidnaée seems a perfectly sensible way to secure his inheritance Yet when Liliana Hart willingly goes with him Diego’s reluctantly intrigued Though the heat of their “The real reason I wanted you It was never the inheritance Liliana It was always you The rest was an excuse” Diago was not awful enough for me lol but he was deeply in love with h Thus 45 stars ;

EBOOK ☆ The Spaniards Stolen Bride Brides of Innocence #2 ë Maisey Yates

S tolen for the Spaniard’s inheritance Will her innocence be his undoing? To notoriously ruthless Diego Navarro kidnapping and marrying his brother’s shy fianc Intriguing polar opposite sexy MC’s with instantaneous hot sexual chemistry;A riveting love story with significant angst;A sexy hot larger than life bad boy H and a petite feminine and beautiful heroine; Much better than the first novel in this duet I’d been getting a little worried about the dearth of 4 star novels at the start of my 2019 This has turned out to be my SECOND favourite of the new HP books from among the ones that were released earlier this month I’d been looking forward to this story a lot after reading about Diego in The Spaniard's Untouched Bride Both novels are set along the same timeline Diego wasn’t a main character in that novel but his actions in that novel were so OTT dramatic that it made him even exciting to me than the hero of that novel Diego literally kidnapped his brother’s fiancée and spirited her away so that he could marry her and fulfil the terms of his eccentric megalomaniac grandfather’s terms of inheritance for the family’s ancestral rancho in Spain Diego is the older brother of Matías – the H from The Spaniard's Untouched Bride I still have to summon the enthusiasm to write a review for that novel because it was uite good but uite good book reviews are absolutely the most difficult ones for me to write That's because it's easier for me when I make an emotional connection with a storyline Diego is the polar opposite of his brother Matías; he’s the “bad” brother with a supposed penchant for evil and nefarious schemes He’s cultivated the reputation as a ruthless businessman an unapologetic playboy a former debauched libertine who'd even experimented with drugs in his youth a reckless but lucky gambler and some folks even whisper that he’d murdered his first wife Karina This is the H Diego God had made him beautiful and he well knew it But God had also made vipers beautiful The better to attract their prey Diego has been obsessed with the heroine Liliana for a couple of years but he never made an active effort to pursue her until he discovered that his brother Matías had beat him to it and given the lady an engagement ring Liliana is a demure sheltered American heiress with a bit of a Mary Sue complex; she’s the kind of girl that makes some men turn all protective because they see her as this helpless little female She’s the polar opposite of Camilla the strong brave endearing feisty and tomboy heroine from The Spaniard's Untouched Bride Camilla is the type of heroine who will make drastic changes in her life in order to accomplish her dreams but Liliana has been coddled and sheltered all her life so she’s the type who will do whatever her daddy tells her to do I'm a daddy's girl because my late father was the most important person in life so I totally get Liliana's devotion to her daddy even though he wasn't as deserving of her love as my father is of mine This is the heroine Liliana She was demure Lovely Like a rose He wanted to reach out and touch her though he knew that if he did he was just as likely to bruise her petals as anything else The cult of the bad boy heroI bring up this topic because the bad boy H has often eclipsed the sweet good guy H's in the book boyfriend fantasies of many readers What is it about the fictional bad boy that makes him so appealing even though we are usually very careful to choose the good guys when it's time to pick a husband ? Diego is one of the glaringly obvious bad boy H's in modern HPlandia But he's a bad boy who's slightly different from the archetypal bad boy H; for one thing he's a little too introspective and very much in tune with his emotions At later points in this novel I started to wonder if Diego had a little bit of the Emo personality type hidden inside of him somewhere I immediately thought of the Emo kids on South Park who deliberately cultivate that ideal of life in some emotionally tortured darknessDiego seemed a little too focused on wallowing in his darknesss to be a true die hard badass H Conventional badass bad boy H's in romantic fiction are usually not concerned with this type of introspection and they definitely don't wallow in their darkness like this They're just bad they know it and they hardly ever stop to think of the conseuences of their badness on the people around them They don't even feel a smidgen of guilt until the very end of their novels for being stoic cold ruthless and for giving their heroines a hard time Diego on the other hand is a different kind of bad boy H He is always introspective and self aware;He had learnt to analyze the conseuences of his actions before he does something;It's obvious he cares deeply for Liliana from the very beginning of the novel;He's much sensitive and emotional than the conventional bad boy H;AndHe believes in love But before we get sappy and send him off into fields with flowers to sing and dance with his heroine I must mention an important addendum to the above list Diego believes in love BUT he thinks that love is not for the likes of him because he thought he was a monster like his dead father Diego's descent into darkness started at the age of 11 after his father had murdered his mother and got away with it Diego whose mother had been the sole shining beacon of purity and goodness in life sought to punish his father by setting fire to the other man's collection of classic collectors' cars His father had spanked him savagely but the worse conseuence had been his father's dawning pride in his recognition that little Diego was a chip off the old evil block It had been worse His father had simply looked at him his dark eyes regarding him with recognition To be recognized by a monster as being one of his own had been a fate near death At least then And this is where Diego's self fulling prophecy all started because he decided to embrace his dark side rather than to fight it and opt for goodness like his brother Matías Diego had spent the next few years accepting it And daring the darkness inside of him The crux of this plot hinges around Diego's kidnapping of Liliana and the blackmail that he uses to force her to marry him Liliana had only agreed to marry Matías because her father had persuaded her to; she wasn't attracted to him and hadn't even kissed him during the time they'd been engaged Most of Liliana's sexual fantasies were built upon dreams of the forbidden bad brother Diego but she never believed that he felt the same way about her Little did she know because Diego's obsession with her was intense She was his polar opposite the light to his darkness the good to his bad the innocent to his wickedness and all he wanted was besting his brother and debauching Liliana Liliana was a passive participant in her kidnapping because she had this raging sexual attraction for Diego and had been worrying about her upcoming wedding to Matías Life's not a bed of roses for the little rich girl who only wants to bang the guy who will soon be her

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The Spaniards Stolen Bride Brides of Innocence #2Marriage bed is scorching it’s the intensity of their connection that pushes Diego to the edge But is it powerful enough to redeem this dark hearted billionaire What I particularly like about the Mills and Boon Modern collection is that the newish style of covers all look nearly the same but with many different stories I wouldn't want anyone who has never read a Modern book by Mils and Boon to think that all the stories are the same because they are not Each author brings there own voice to the characters Here in The Spaniard's Stolen Bride we have a bad character named Diego Navarro and I for one love reading about a bad man I despised his unruly behaviour Diego was bad from a young boy breaking his toys he even burned down his fathers shop I wondered as reading on just how bad can Diego Navarro get Well he will do anything to get his own way even kidnapping Liliana Hart why he kidnapped Liliana is something I'm not going to tell you Maisey Yates is one of my favourite authors and I would love all you readers to explore some of her titles of books