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PDF á BOOK Citizen Outlaw ¶ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY Ø [PDF / Epub] ✅ Citizen Outlaw Author Charles Barber – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk A dramatic narrative account of the life of William Juneboy Outlaw III whose journey from housing project youth to ruthless gangland kingpin to change making community advocate representsD winning community advocate leading a team of former felons who negotiate truces between gangs on the very streets that he once terrorized The homicide rate in New Haven has dropped percent in the decade that he’s run the team a drop as dramatic as in any city in the countryWritten with exclusive access to Outlaw himself Charles Barber’s Citizen Outlaw is the unforgettable story of how a gang leader became the catalyst for one of the greatest civic crime reductions in America and an inspiring argument for love and compassion in the face of insurmountable odd William Juneboy Outlaw III dropped out of high school after basketball season of his freshman year He turned to dealing drugs Around 16 or 17 he set up his own drug business and recruited others to help This turned into a gang called the Jungle Boys Juneboy was big for his age He was 6'3'' he was respected on the street for his size street smarts ability to run a gang and a huge money making business He killed a man and spent the next 25 years in prisonBy the time he was released with the help of a prison therapist he realized that there was to life He wanted to become a better person and to help others from the projects learn to deal constructively with issues He began volunteering He became an award winning community activist

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A dramatic narrative account of the life of William Juneboy Outlaw III whose journey from housing project youth to ruthless gangland kingpin to change making community advocate represents a vital next chapter in the ongoing conversation about race and social justice in AmericaWhen he was in his early twenties William Juneboy Outlaw III was sentenced to eighty five years in prison for homicide and armed assault The sentence brought his brief but prolific criminal career as the head of a forty member cocaine gang in New Haven Connecticut to a close But behind bars Ou Krista saysThis was a great inspirational story William Juneboy Outlaw is the example of a man who literally went to hell and lived to tell about it His conversion from infamous drug lord to community welfare advocate is a story woven together with life lessons advice and encouragement As police officer Stacy Spell commented This is the story of a phoenix Culturally diverse and uplifting I would recommend this book to anyone looking to read a uniue human interest story

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Citizen OutlawTlaw uickly became a feared prison “shot caller” with men under his swayThen everything changed his original sentence was reduced by sixty years At the same time he was shipped to a series of the most notorious federal prisons in the country where he endured long stints in solitary confinement and where transformational relationships with a fellow inmate and a prison therapist made him realize that he wanted for himselfUpon his release Outlaw took a job at Dunkin’ Donuts volunteered in the New Haven community and started to rebuild his life He now is an awar Citizen Outlaw tells the incredibly touching story of William Juneboy Outlaw from his life as gang leader to his remarkable rehabilitation after spending many years incarcerated The book is jam packed full of fascinating and true details about the often harrowing criminal law system the violence and poverty in New Haven the Jungle Boys and incarcerated life Outlaw's inspiring impact on local communities is awe inspiring Charles Barber tells Outlaw's complicated and involved story with elegance and ease that speaks to Barber's extreme talent as well as the deep and compassionate relationship between author and subject This book is full of potent storytelling that touches its reader no matter who they are or where they are from Outlaw's character remains clear and poignant in my mind Hope this is made into a movie or TV series its ripe for cinematic development 1010