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free read The Desert Sky Before Us 106 ´ ❰Reading❯ ➷ The Desert Sky Before Us Author Anne Valente – From award winning author Anne Valente comes this poignant and unforgettable literary novel of two estranged sisters—one a former racecar driver and the other a recently released prisoner—who emba R fossils But the seemingly endless days on the road soon take their toll forcing Rhiannon and Billie to confront their hostilities and revisit old memories both good and badAs they travel across the heart of America and as a series of plane crashes in the news make their journey all the urgent the two sisters begin to rediscover each other and to uncover their late mother’s veiled second life taking them on an unexpected emotional journey inward and forcing them to come to terms with their own choices in li. 455Getting to spend over 400 pages with Anne Valente’s characters was such a treat – I’m so impressed at how real they feel in short stories and in a novel format you can get so much out of them especially the characters of The Desert Sky Before Us Rhiannon is an ex race driver her sister Billie has just been released from a six year prison sentence and their mother a renowned archaeologist has created a sort of a treasure hunt for her daughters before an illness took her During the journey that the treasure hunt develops into you slowly get to know Rhiannon and Billie in a way that is almost painfully real I was sucked in right from the first page needing to know what brought the sisters in their current circumstances and whether they’ll succeed in reconnecting with each other While of all this inner turmoil is going on with the sisters the world shows signs of chaos repeated airplane crashes droughts and endless rain; Valente doesn’t fail to provide an environmental aspect which I was thankful for I would have appreciated it if climate change had even direct and prominent role but then again The Desert Sky Before Us really is about the mental journey of the two characters and as such it's brilliant

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S and numerous unspoken betrayals linger between them but most agonizing is the sudden passing of their mother a renowned paleontologistRhiannon and Billie must overcome their differences as they set off on a Desert Sky Before Kindle #208 road trip west following the breadcrumb trail of their late mother’s scavenger hunt a sort of second funeral she planned in her final days The sisters know the trail will end in Utah at the famous Cleveland Lloyd uarry where their mother spent her career researching dinosau. Interesting enough premise and two Interesting sisters on a journey following the death of their mother But I was ready for the journey to be over long before the book ended and found needless repetition and the clever use of nouns as verbs so tiresome by the end I almost bumped my rating down to 2 Won’t bother looking for Valente’s other novel

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The Desert Sky Before UsFrom award winning author Sky Before Epub #181 Anne Valente comes this poignant and unforgettable literary novel of two estranged sisters one a former racecar driver and the other a recently released prisoner who embark on a road trip together to complete the scavenger hunt their mother designed for them before her deathWhen Billie is released from a correctional The Desert PDFEPUBfacility in Decatur her sister Rhiannon is there to meet her even though the two haven’t seen each other in months Painful secret. I loved everything about this book It checked all my boxes A scavenger hunt set by a mom before she died sends two sisters one just out of prison for setting fire to a library who is also a hawk trainer the other a former NASCAR racer on a search given only coordinates Dead mom was a renowned paleontologist All three women have different enough careers and backgrounds to make just this little part of the book interesting They drive from Illinois to Utah to scatter their moms nonexistent ashes and are taken to some of my favorite places including Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico The chapters are interspersed with passages from texts relating to their location and not only is the full bibliographic citation given but the library call number is given; as a librarian I loved this The sisters are for the most part unsure of the reasons for the scavenger hunt and even after several finds and stops they still are unsure of why their mom has sent them on this scavenger hunt What they find still doesn't make much sense We the reader is along for the long car ride across the county They find campgrounds instead of always staying in hotels and as a camper I liked this part too I wish they would have explored the campgrounds a bit though Nature seemed to be missing from their experience I was disappointed in their food choice in Albuuerue they went to a Vietnamese restaurant What No green chile The author could have done some research and at least sent them to The Frontier Restaurant on Central The food choices all along the way were disappointing They ate at Taco Bell and Denny's Ugh I did enjoy that they were getting road tripper food at gas stations thoughThis is really an exploration into who these main characters are were and will become Fantastic