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review é eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ñ Sean Carroll As you read these words copies of Hidden uantum PDF #8608 you are being created Sean Carroll theoretical physicist and one of this world’s Something Deeply eBook #189 most celebrated writers on science rewrites the history of th century physics Already hailed as a masterpiece Something Deeply Hidden shows Deeply Hidden uantum PDF #8608 for the first time that facing up to the essential puzzle of uantum mechanics utterly transforms how we think about space Deeply Hidden uantum Worlds and PDF and time His reconciling of uantum mechanics with Einstein’s theory of relativity changes well everything Most physici. Scientific RevelationThere is than a hint of theological method in modern physics Carroll confirms this in his insistence that uantum physics is in his words not an ‘epistemic’ but an ‘ontological’ discipline His claim is that current uantum theory is a description of the way the world really is not merely a way of understanding the world This is the traditional position of theologians who would like us all to consider God as the ultimate reality even if we find this reality to be not what we perceive it to beIn fact Carroll defines science in general not just physics in theological terms For him the essential presumption of science is the intelligibility of the universe This implies not just that there is a pre existing order to be discovered but also that such order in some sense wants itself to be discovered These implications are precisely those of what is called fundamental theology the study of how God can be known about at allThe similarity between Carroll’s view of uantum physics and fundamental theology is important because in both there is no distinction possible between epistemology and ontology How we know about the world or God is indistinguishable from what the world or God actually is Theology has a term for referring to this knowledge of being or Being revelation Essentially you either get revelation or you don’t It can’t be argued about because the presuppositions about what constitute both existence and knowledge about existence are contained simultaneously within itThomas Auinas is perhaps the most well known theologian to defend the presuppositions of revelation In doing so his preferred approach is cosmological that is treating the entire universe as an entity to be explained in terms of its existence and its history At such a level of analysis ordinary logic like that of cause and effect and their priority in time start to break down Thus Auinas asks if every effect must have a cause what is the ultimate cause And if human beings exhibit free will and purpose as an effect of that ultimate cause is it not reasonable to attribute will and purpose to that cause ED the universe is a conseuence of divine action with some divine purpose toward which it is drawnCarroll makes a parallel case for uantum physics and the Many Worlds theory of Hugh Everett formulated in the 1950’s First just like Auinas he adopts a cosmological position The universe he says is one vast uantum state a wave function of enormous complexity This is not inconsistent with the theory of uantum physics even if it could never be empirically verified And it fits with the strange results of uantum experimentation ED reality is composed 0f an indeterminate number of simultaneous universes In other words Everett’s theory ualifies as a revelationIf this is the case then this wave function will evolve according to the mathematics of the Schrödinger euations just as it has always done Not according to the logic of Newtonian or Aristotelian cause and effect but the logic of probability and entanglement This wave function is not something temporary or local that might transform into something else say a particle or ‘collapse’ upon observation Within it is not only the universe we know about but an infinite number of others that exist simultaneously The wave function in other words is the very stuff the ultimate reality of the universe; and it doesn’t make distinctions between observer and observed or between possible and actual Our brains and the farthest galaxies as well as everything in between including any number of other worlds must be part of this wave function since there can be nothing else So the conventional ‘Copenhagen interpretation’ despite its usefulness is wrong The wave function is the Alpha and the Omega the source and giver of not just life but also existence the Ground of Being as modern theologians like to say If it explicitly isn’t called godly it’s only because the divine has suffered a significant reduction in brand value in recent centuriesThat all sounds logically fine if than a tad baroue But the reason it all sounds fine is the same reason that Auinas sounds fine to the Pope Once ontology and epistemology are conflated that is when that which is is presumed to confirm that which we know we have entered the realm of religion At that point we simply assume a cosmological guarantor in what we take as revelation Revelation is its own assurance; it proves itself And at that point Auinas is about as credible as Carroll The most important Christian theologian of the 20th century Karl Barth devoted himself almost exclusively to this issue The intellectual machinations he had to employ in order to establish the intelligibility of God are really important for scientists like Carroll to consider before casually presuming an even diffuse source of such an attributePostscript 16Sep19 Another view

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Read & Download Something Deeply Hidden uantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Something Deeply Hidden uantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime By Sean Carroll ➩ – S of you are generated thousands of times per second The Many Worlds Theory of uantum behavior says that every time there is a uantum event a world splits off with everything in it the same except in that other world the uantum event didn't happen Step by step in Carroll's uniuely lucid way he tackles the major objections to this otherworldly revelation until his case is inescapably established Rarely does a book so fully reorganize how we think about our place Deeply Hidden uantum Worlds and PDF in the universe We are on the threshold of a new understanding of where we are in the cosmos and what we are made of. This book is like taking acid be warned—it's a total tripNot that I'd know but I'm guessing based on Rick and Morty episodes I've never watchedIn other words don't take my word for it I need to brush up on my uantum mechanics apparently “On the other hand in the memorable words of Richard Feynman 'I think I can safely say that nobody understands uantum mechanics'” “Should the branching of our current selves into multiple future selves affect the choices we make In the textbook view there is a probability that one or another outcome happens when we observe a uantum system while in Many Worlds all outcomes happen weighted by the amplitude suared of the wave function Does the existence of all those extra worlds have implications for how we should act personally or ethically It’s not hard to imagine that it might but upon careful consideration it turns out to matter much less than you might guess”

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Something Deeply Hidden uantum Worlds and the Emergence of SpacetimeSts haven’t even recognized the uncomfortable truth physics has been in crisis since uantum mechanics has always had obvious gaps which have come to be simply ignored Science popularizers keep telling us how weird it is how impossible it is to understand Academics discourage students from working on the dead end of uantum foundations Putting his professional reputation on the line with this audacious yet entirely reasonable book Carroll says that the crisis can now come to an end We just have to accept that there is than one of us in the universe There are many many Sean Carrolls Many of every one of us Copie. Rather than the confusing publisher's blurb I recommend starting with the author's essay about his book struggled with Carroll's book which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to this physics impaired old geologist He writes well and the history of the hostile reception to new research on the roots of uantum theory is deeply disturbing Make no mistake no one doubts that uantum mechanics works And is deeply weird Feynman once said something like I think I can safely say that nobody understands uantum mechanics Still true sfaictCarroll prefers Many Worlds as the best theoretical basis for M And he is a physics prof at Cal Tech Feynman's old home base But gosh one wave function for the entire universe And a new world is created every time there's a subatomic interaction The number of new worlds created would far exceed the number of atoms in the universe And no way to experimentally test any of this Good grief Angels dancing on the heads of pinsWell Since the book is already overdue I think I'll call it good and go on to something else I read about half of the book and kept getting lost rereading sections and trying again My usual problem with trying to understand theoretical physics 25 stars for what I read rounded up for the good writing interesting science history and provocative philosophizing Do note that I'm not ualified to judge the physics but I do have a finely tuned BS detector which kept going off in this bookHere's Manuel Antão's fine review pointing out these problems and many which is when I realized I should give up is better ualified than me to judge the physics Well read guy tooNature's review decades on the theory is one of the most bizarre yet fully logical ideas in human history growing directly out of the fundamental principles of uantum mechanics without introducing extraneous elements It has become a staple of popular culture although the plots of the many films and television series inspired by it invariably flout the theory by relying on contact between the parallel worlds as in the 2011 movie Another EarthIn Something Deeply Hidden Carroll cogently explains the many worlds theory and its post Everett evolution and why our world nevertheless looks the way it does Largely because of its purely logical character Carroll calls Everett’s brainchild “the best view of reality we have” Carroll argues that the many worlds theory is the most straightforward approach to understanding uantum mechanics It accepts the reality of the wave function In fact it says that there is one wave function and only one for the entire Universe Further it states that when an event happens in our world the other possibilities contained in the wave function do not go away Instead new worlds are created in which each possibility is a reality The theory’s sheer simplicity and logic within the conceptual framework of uantum mechanics inspire Carroll to call it the “courageous” approach Don’t worry about those extra worlds he asserts — we can’t see them and if the many worlds theory is true we won’t notice the difference The many other worlds are parallel to our own but so hidden from it that they “might as well be populated by ghosts” Something Deeply Hidden is aimed at non scientists with a sidelong glance at physicists still uarrelling over the meaning of uantum mechanics Carroll brings the reader up to speed on the development of uantum physics from Max Planck to the present and explains why it is so difficult to interpret before expounding the many worlds theory Dead centre in the book is a “Socratic dialogue” about the theory’s implications This interlude between a philosophically sensitive physicist and a scientifically alert philosopher is designed to sweep away intuitive reservations that non scientists might have