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These threats as well as how to recover if you have been breachedThe who and why of cybersecurity threats Basic cybersecurity concepts What to do to be cyber secure Cybersecurity careers What to think about to stay cybersecure in the future Now is the time to identify vulnerabilities that may make you a victim of cyber crime and to defend yourself before it is too lat. Public library copyEasy to digest book with some common sense advice for users of different degrees of savvyness

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Cybersecurity for DummiesProtect your business and family against cyber attacksCybersecurity is the protection against the unauthorized or criminal use of electronic data and the practice of ensuring the integrity confidentiality and availability of information Being cyber secure means that a person or organization has both protected itself against attacks by cyber criminals and other online. A decent basic guide to cybersecurity for individuals and small businesses It covers a range of topics at a non technical level Some Dummies books are better than others and I was disappointed by this one It's not nearly as good as Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons or Cyber Smart Still it was worth reading because it contains some uniue content It's that uniue content that I focus on in my summary rather than repeating information I've already shared in other book summariesI wish this book had specific software and service recommendations I realize technology changes rapidly so including recommendations can date a book but they would've made it helpfulThe author has the right perspective on cybersecurity He saysIt is important to understand that there is no such thing as 100 percent cybersecurity Rather adeuate cybersecurity is defined by understanding what risks exist which ones are adeuately mitigated and which ones persistI don't completely agree with the author about password managers He saysYour online banking password should be strong uniue and committed to memory — not stored in a database password manager or anywhere else electronicLater he says about password managers Such technology is appropriate for general passwords but not for the most sensitive ones Various password managers have been hacked and if something does go wrong when all your eggs are in one basket you may have a nightmare on your handsIn a perfect world this would be true but in reality we can't expect people to create and remember strong passwords for all their financial accounts and other sensitive accounts In general a password manager is the best optionI read this to learn about personal cybersecurity for my website Defending DigitalNotesBad Guys and Accidental Bad Guys—The Folks You Must Defend AgainstBe aware that online archives of newsletters from churches synagogues and other communities often contain birth announcements that include the name of the baby and his or her parents and the baby's date of birth These details can help an attacker answer security uestionsEvaluating Your Current Cybersecurity PostureIf your router lets you disable older Wi Fi protocols that aren't needed by any of your devices such as 80211a b and gPut your router near the center of your home to limit how far your Wi Fi extends outside your home to reduce the risk of others getting accessDon't publicize medical information including information about medical facilities you've been to or conditions you suffer fromKeep private data out of the cloud unless you encrypt it Don't rely on the cloud provider's encryption; encrypt it yourself before uploading itIf you're accessing websites that you don't want associated with you use private browsing which is only partial protection or use the Tor Browser which has better privacy protections than standard browsersDon't publicize your mobile phone number Instead get a number from a service like Google Voice and give that out Have it forward to your real number This protects against SIM swapping spam and other risksEnsure that none of your IoT Internet of Things devices smart devices would create a security risk in the event of a failure For example a smart lock preventing you from leaving a room in case of fire or letting robbers into your house during a power outage or network failureIf possible run your IoT devices on a separate network than your main devices That IoT network should have a firewall protecting itEnhancing Physical SecurityAccording to most experts the majority of information security incidents involve insider threats — meaning that the biggest risk to businesses are their employees Likewise if you share a home computer with family members who are less cyber aware they may pose the greatest risk to your cybersecuritySecuring Your AccountsLog out of websites when you're finished; don't just close the tab or browser Only stay logged in on a device that is secure; that no one else has access toWhen a website allows set limits For example limit how much money can be transferred out of a bank account limit how much can be charged to a credit card when it's not physically present and limit the maximum amount that can be purchased in one dayPreventing Social EngineeringDon't list your family members in your Facebook profile Doing so can leak information to criminals It can reveal your mother's maiden name or where you grew up which are often answers to security uestions Listing your family members also gives criminals a list of people to target with social engineering or scamsDon't share information which contains answers to security uestions or could allow others to impersonate you such as favorite vacation spot name of first school details about your first car or your favorite foodSharing images that reveal where your kids go to school or their after school activities may expose them to dangerIf you get a friend reuest from someone you don't recognize you can put their profile picture into Google's reverse image search to see where else it appearsDon't assume that an account is legitimate just because it has a few mutual friends Some of your friends may have unwittingly connected with a scammer If an account has many mutual friends it's likely to be the person they claim to beFor safety use bogus information when possible For example a fake birthdate and fake mother's maiden name However don't give false information when accurate information is reuired by law for example when opening a credit card accountRecovering from a Security BreachIf one of your devices is breached change any passwords that are stored on it and check all accounts that were accessible from the device without reuiring you to enter a passwordRestoring from BackupsRestoring CryptocurrencyTechnically speaking cryptocurrency is tracked on a ledger not stored anywhere so the restoration is not to restore the actual cryptocurrency but rather to restore the private keys needed in order to control the addresses within the ledger at which the cryptocurrency is storedIf you lost the device on which your cryptocurrency is stored get the paper that has your keys printed on it When you're finished with the paper return it to a secure location such as a safe deposit boxIf you store cryptocurrency at an exchange restore your credentials to the exchange through whatever means the exchange allows If you properly backed up your passwords obtain and use themIf you use hardware wallets to store the keys to your cryptocurrency the backup for the wallet device is often a recovery seed which is a list of words that allows the device to recreate the keys needed The list of words should be written on paper and stored in a bank vault andor safe not stored electronicallyTen Ways You Can Improve Your Cybersecurity without Spending a FortuneIf you work from home consider connecting your computer to the Internet via a different Wi Fi network than the one that your family uses to browse the Web and play video games Most modern routers support at least 2 Wi Fi networks one is usually called the guest network

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Cybersecurity for Dummies Read & download ä 106 Ç ❮PDF❯ ⚣ Cybersecurity for Dummies ✈ Author Joseph Steinberg – Protect your business and family against cyber attacksCybersecurity is the protection against the unauthorized or criminal use of electronic data and the practice ofScoundrels and ensured that it has the ability Cybersecurity for Kindle to recover if it is attackedIf keeping your business or your family safe from cybersecurity threats is on your to do list Cybersecurity For Dummies will introduce you to the basics of becoming cyber secure You'll learn what threats exist and how to identify protect against detect and respond to. Cybersecurity I like the book it gives us the supplement on how to protect ourselves from breaches and hacks Everything in this world is now all computerized in order to login we all have to use a password This book helped a lot