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characters ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Will Self In this collection of four linked stories Fictional Organ PDFEPUB #228 newly reissued by Grove Will Self takes aim at the disease and decay that target the largest of human organs the liver Set in locales as toxic as a London drinking club and mundane Liver A PDFEPUBas a clinic in an orderly Swiss city the stories distill the hard lives of their subjects whether alcoholic drug addict or cancer patient In Foie Humaine set at the Plantation Club it's always a Tuesday aftern. I'd read a couple of Self's short stories before I forget which ones and been impressed by their inventiveness But here it seems to me that Self is a great writer without much of a story to tell On the cover of the edition I read is a uote from a review by the Independent that states What counts most is Self's enthralling muscular and joyous use of language and I would agree with that main sentiment but to the extent that I think that there's really not much point to this beyond the occasional linguistic marvel I think muscular is uite an appropriate adjective for Self's writing here it's robust and corporeal with a grotesue twist kind of like a literary euivalent of that subset of Cronenberg films whose business is body horror But enthralled I wasn't the first of the four stories bored and annoyed me in eual measure and although part of Self's intention may have been to highlight how vapid and irritating middle class alcoholics are to do so by boring and irritating your audience into oblivion seems a bit like overkill The second story has a far interesting premise but then doesn't go anywhere after the crucial point is passed The third I suspect went mostly over my head and was either therefore or merely simultaneously barely diverting and the fourth I again found pointless unenlightening and yes irritating too I really did find little here of worth in the way of plot character or insight And the way that Self can string words together although very impressive didn't offset that I do plan to read of his work in the future as the potential for greatness is clear but I'll be hoping for much sustenance for my efforts

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Liver A Fictional Organ with a Surface Anatomy of Four Lobes Read ↠ 5 ´ ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Liver A Fictional Organ with a Surface Anatomy of Four Lobes By Will Self ✑ – In this collection of four linked stories newly reissued by Grove Will Self takes aim at the Oon in midwinter and the shivering A Fictional Organ ePUB #180 denizens of this dusty realm spend their days observing its proprietor as he force feeds the barman vodka spiked beer Joyce Beddoes protagonist of Leberkndel has terminal liver cancer and is on her way to be euthanized in Zurich when miraculously her A Fictional Organ with a MOBI #233 disease goes into remission In Prometheus a young copywriter at London's most cutting edge ad agency has his liver nibbled by a. Dual UK and US citizen Will Self wrote three stories and a novella interconnected by both characters and the titular metabolic organ The first story Foie Humane italics his applies an Outer Limits twist to an otherwise scatological series of er hur hur hee vintnerettes featuring the drunken denizens of The Plantation Club The second story the novella Leberknodel italics his is a remix of elements from his much praised novel How the Dead Live an old woman wrestles with issues of mortality and its epilogue despite the nagging presence of her issue a wasted artiste daughter The third story Prometheus reimagines the world of advertising executives with characters from the Greek pantheon Imagine for a moment Don Draper sitting in the Men's Room biting on a wad of plush white tissue as a Skeksisian vulture nibbles on his rib kibbleThe fourth story Birdy Num Num is aboutwell it's about waiting for the man in a decidedly grotty underground sans a swatch of velvet in sight The main character a junkie empowered by his junkiness but by no means is he His Junkyness lives in a headworld wherein every day is The Party That is The Party starring Peter Sellers and directed by Blake Edwards This story the narrator explains is a sort of investigative procedural Somebody is done in Is somebody done in Somebody is And then catches a late jet to Helsinki To hell 'e sinks 'e Scene from The Party

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Liver A Fictional Organ with a Surface Anatomy of Four LobesGriffon thrice daily but he's always in the pink the following morning and ready to make that killer pitch If blood and bile flow through liverish London the two arteries meet in Birdy Num Num where career junky Billy Chobham performs little services for the customers who gather to wait for the Man while in his blood a virus pullulates A moving portrayal of egos appetites and addictions Liver is an extraordinary achievement from one of the most talented minds working tod. This is my 100th book reviewThe last time I read a book by Will Self I didn't like it I actually gave it 1 out of 5 stars But somehow I find myself reaching for another book by Will Self and decided to give him another chance And this chance was rather interesting and intriguing as a matter of factSo instead of a novel I picked up Liver A Fictional Organ with a Surface Anatomy of Four Lobes This is a short storynovella collection than a novel It contains four tales and each of these tales has something to do with each other and the characters relate and connect to the other characters in the other stories Most importantly however all short stories have something to do with the liver This perhaps is the most bizarre and yet most interesting facet of this book After all who writes a story about someone's liverThe first story is entitled Foie Humain and without giving everything away this perhaps was a very good introduction to the series The story is told from the perspective of an innocent bystander and because of that the story feels like it lacks direction at times this happens to be the main reason why I hated the latest Will Self book I read All the bystander does is narrate what is happening in a certain pub in SoHo However at a sudden twist in the end one realizes that one has just read the most bizarre and disturbing short story ever involving an alien with a rather interesting appetite Think French haute cuisineThe second story is entitled Leberknödel and this is the story of an old lady with liver cancer who is originally from Britain but goes to Switzerland to undergo assisted suicide Her daughter is one of the regulars in the bar in SoHo that was mentioned in the first story The interesting thing is that the old lady decides not to kill herself and because of that her body seems to be rejuvenating to the point that people around her thinks that she is a miracle This starts a huge religious fiasco with priests trying to prove that a miracle has happened and therefore someone new should be canonized as a saintThe third story is another bizarre one It tells the story of Prometheus who according to ancient Greek mythology is this Titan who is punished by Zeus because he stole fire from the Gods and gave it to humans His punishment involved a bird eating his liver every night as he is tied to a rock and his liver grows back again However what is different here is that Prometheus and the rest of the characters in Greek mythology are living in modern day London Zeus is this corporate head and Prometheus is one of his employees Totally bizarreThe last story unfortunately pales in comparison to the other three Told from the point of view of an HIV virus it tells the story of a group of drug addicts and how they pass the HIV virus around themselves Nothing too spectacularAnyway contrary to my previous experience with Will Self and his satirical fiction I think I like this better I am glad that I gave him another chance Perhaps that's just the inherent characteristic of satirical fiction what I thought as having lack of direction in the novel actually worked out here and the short story is the right size for it Somehow a full novel's worth of satire seems to be too much for me After all it gets tedious reading about a universe when there are so many things that one has already violated There have been too many pieces of common sense that has been thrown out the window However in the short story genre the amount is just rightSo I enjoyed reading this book I think I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars