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Air pollution kills over a million Indians every year silently Families are thrown into a spiraling cycle of hospital visits critically poor health and financial trouble impacting their productivity and ability to participate in the economy Children born in regions Full Review Air Pollution cuts average Indian’s life expectancy by over 4 yearsThick haze engulfs Delhi air uality remains severe Delhi smog reveals a global failure on climate changeThese headlines make me sick every time I scroll twitter or any digital news site especially when I hear about Delhi I have spent 5 years of my childhood there particular area was in developing mode then we had parks gardens of course traffic would exist still situation was not that exhausting and now ? I feel suffocated after knowing that people has started buying oxygen packsIs this for real? Is that something we are working hard for? If we have wound in a part of our body doesn’t the whole body get affected? That’s what happening to me that’s why I needed to read this book THE GREAT SMOG OF INDIA by SIDDHARTH SINGH Though we can’t recover what is already lost but we can surely act towards right direction to save what we have leftWithout stuffing data and statics author created a well researched book Isn’t it great? I read a non fiction that too on serious issue still I have been enjoyed it thoroughly The way Siddharth Singh conveyed message into the form of storytelling is commendable Readers are not generally interested in major views they want to know how air pollution impacted human lives On this note author did a great job Simple language makes this book gripping Author turned it into a must read by including human case studiesThis book considers the fact about biomarkers and its impact on our genetic material; everyone knows the damage that leads to cancerIn a chapter author mentioned an experience of an athlete Sania how Delhi Smog robbed a runner of her passion and left her distraught Of course Sania is not alone who suffered there are many complaints of severe headache and constant coughing hours so much so that it has been degrading life uality on daily basisAir pollution kills over a million Indians every year silently The silence around the issue is not merely a function of inaction our government has been working continuously to cope up with crisis taking several measures towards reducing emissions still there are holes left in the strategies which need to be reviewed And this book is perfect eye opener for everyoneFull review is on blog

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The Great Smog of IndiaOf high air pollution are shown to have irreversibly reduced lung function and cognitive abilities that affects their incomes for years to come They all suffer silentlyThe issue is exacerbated each winter as the Great Smog of India descends and envelops much of no A much needed book for the times Well researched and well articulated it lays out the problem and possible solutions But it is a book that is aware of the political realities of Delhi and does not offer the irresponsible hope that many other environmental publications tend to I am grateful to Siddharth Singh for undertaking this endeavor

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DOC ☆ READER The Great Smog of India  JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY ´ [Download] ➾ The Great Smog of India ➹ Siddharth singh – Air pollution kills over a million Indians every year—silently Families are thrown into a spiraling cycle of hospital visits critically poor health anRthern India In this period the health impact from mere breathing is akin to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day The crisis is so grave that it warrants emergency health advisories forbidding people from stepping out And yet for most Indians this is now life as usua This book can be easily called as the 'NEED OF THE HOUR'I spent a major part of my childhood in Delhi and it hurts my heart to see the state it has been reduced to off late I refused a job offer in Delhi which could have been a dream job for me purely because my doctor felt it was unsafe for me to live in that city with my chronic ailment Since last 4 years I have been trying to visit Delhi and unfortunately I can't because of reasons you must have guessed by now For me reading this book was trying to understand what exactly went wrong where how and why I needed to know why clean air suddenly seemed so precious akin to a rare luxury and why was it no longer a basic necessityRead the whole review on my blog