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Kd author Marcus ThompsIchael Jordan wasn't seven feet tall Durant handles the ball like Allen Iverson shoots like Dirk Nowitzki and has the scoring instincts of Kobe Bryant He does it in a body that's about as big as Hakeem Olajuwon But ultimately Kevin Durant is like no one but himself After an incredible first season with Gold. I grabbed this off the new biography shelf because I’m a big Warriors fan Enjoyed learning about his early years Basketball games in print are not exactly like watching a game on TV Was surprised when I Googled Kevin Durant to learn that he has left the Golden State Warriors for the Brooklyn Nets who I have never heard of I guess for 164 million he doesn’t care what I thinkHe seems like a good guy who has done many wonderful charitable things with his fortune I wish him luck with his new unknown team 😱I plan to read the Steph Curry book by the same author Steph is who turned me into a NBA Finals nut

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Golden State Warriors insider and bestselling author Marcus Thompson delivers the definitive biography of one of the most extraordinary basketball players in NBA history Kevin Durant The NBA has never seen a player uite like Kevin Durant Larry Bird wasn't as uick Magic Johnson didn't have such a range and M. Marcus Thompson's book KD Kevin Durant's Relentless Pursuit to be the greatest chronicles Kevin Durant's life and his basketball career The book begins by talking about Prince George County of Washington DC The book discusses the crime problem in that county and how challenging it can be to grow up in crime ridden area like Prince George Durant was born to a single mother and grew up in difficult circumstances He was raised mostly by his mother grandmother and great aunt Durant honed his basketball skills at the Boys and Girls Club in Capitol Heights Washington DC Durant began playing basketball there when he was 8 Caring workers and volunteers at the club helped Durant develop his basketball skills and his characterDurant moved around several times during his youth However the Boys and Girls club along with his family remained the one constant in his life He spent a lot of time there on the weekends and in the summerThompson also addresses Durant's friendship with uinn Cook a reserve for the Golden State Warriors during their 2017 18 championship season They have been friends since 2008 They knew each other since they both played AAU basketball Durant played for the older team They remained friends after Durant went to the University of Texas and then was drafted by the Seattle Super SonicsThompson points out the influence that pick up basketball in Washington played in Durant's life Thompson says So Durant's Hoop It Up experience came in a chaos of ballers In the DMV they play 33 every man for himself first one to 33 points wins It was like an inner city basketball version of Royal Rumble In this mass of hoopers Durant stood out Even though Durant was younger than most of the players he still stood out from the rest He was an excellent scorer whom the other teams struggled to stopEven after Durant joined the NBA he stayed present to the Washington DC area and the local basketball scene During the offseason Durant would go back to Washington DC to watch local pick up gamesDurant played in the McDonalds All American Game during his senior year in high school Durant scored 25 points had five rebounds four assists and two steals Durant was known for his hard work when he played AAU basketball and when he played high school basketball People who knew him when he was growing up say his athletic success came from a combination of talent and hard workDuring his senior season in high school Durant lead his team National Christian Academy toa 27 3 record During his senior season Durant considered going to college at the University of Connecticut the University of Texas and the University of North Carolina Initially he wanted to go to North Carolina but his mother said that he should honor a promise that he made to visit the University of TexasAfter he got to the University of Texas coach Rick Barnes emphasized to Durant that he needed to improve his defense In film sessions Durant was singled out by Barnes This helped Durant to grow as a player It helped him to improve his defense so that he could become a better all around playerHe played one season at the University of Texas During that season Durant scored 258 points a game and averaged 111 rebounds per contest He also averaged 19 steams and 19 blocks a game He won numerous player of the year awards Additionally Durant made the dean's list at the University of TexasThe Seattle Super Sonics picked Durant with the Number 2 overall pick in the 2007 NBA draft One year later the Sonics moved to Oklahoma City where they became the Thunder Oklahoma City struggled in their debut season but they gradually got better with Durant and James Harden helping the team to improve Eventually they added Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka as they would become one of the best teams in the NBAAfter three seasons with Oklahoma City Durant signed a five year contract extension to remain with the Thunder Oklahoma City would continue to make the playoffs but could not win an NBA championship Durant played well in the playoffs but the Thunder could not do enough to win an NBA titleDuring the offseasons during the summer Durant continued to play basketball on the streets of Washington DC Additionally Durant continued to do charity work in the Oklahoma City area including visiting patients in an area hospital Durant made a donation of one million dollars to assist those who were effected by a tornado in OklahomaDurant and Oklahoma City had created a strong bond Durant had earned a lot of respect from the city and he felt a real appreciation for the area There was a real and genuine connection between the two that benefitted both Durant and the cityHowever when he became a free agent after the 2016 season Durant met with representatives from the Golden State Warriors in the Hamptons No matter how hard they tried the Thunder could not defeat the Warriors in the playoffs Either Oklahoma City would lose the lead in the closing moments of big games or the Warriors would prevent the Thunder from coming back at the end of important games Either way the Warriors had proven to be better than the ThunderCoach Steve Kerr showed Durant some of the plays that Golden State would run with him as the focal point Additionally the players seemed to be like a family Durant wanted to join the Warriors Durant told Thompson that he felt comfortable with the Warriors and thought that the Warriors seemed authentic He said that the Warriors seemed to really enjoy pure basketball In any event Durant felt like he wanted to join the Golden State Warriors The meeting simply confirmed his initial desire to become a Golden State WarriorDurant's major concern was how Steph Curry would react to Durant's decision to join the Warriors Curry is the face of the Warriors and arguably their most important player Durant was concerned about how he would be accepted by Curry However after he met with Curry Durant felt comfortable He was impressed by Curry's humility and this willingness to accept Durant as a teammateBefore he joined the Warriors Durant had become blunt and outspoken with the media After he joined Golden State he has continued to be outspoken and verbally transparent He has won respect with many for being genuine and honest He seems to believe in himself and tries to fulfill his potential as a player and a person This appeals to his fans and the general publicNevertheless Durant has received some criticism for joining the Warriors Why did one of the game's best players join a team that was already great Why did one of the game's most talented players join a talent laden team that had already won two Western Conference championships and one NBA championships Why not stay in Oklahoma City and continue to try and win a title there These were some of the uestions that fans and NBA observers were asking In many respects the uestions seem fair and relevantIn any event Durant has helped the Warriors win two consecutive NBA championships against the Cleveland Cavaliers Currently the Warriors are trying to win their third straight NBA title this time against a tough Toronto Raptor team who lead the series 1 0 Durant is injured and may not play in the series He is in the final year of his three year contract Speculation is rampant that Durant may leave Golden State to join another teamDurant may stay with the Warriors and try to add to the Golden State dynasty or he may go elsewhere and try and build a championship team Durant will decide what he wants the next chapter of his career to be

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Kd author Marcus Thompson review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ò ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Kd Author Marcus Thompson – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Golden State Warriors insider and bestselling author Marcus Thompson delivers the definitive biography of one of the most extraordinary basketball players in NBA history KeEn State Kevin Durant earned the coveted NBA Finals MVP award he was the Warriors' top scorer in every game of the Finals helping the team snatch the title from LeBron James and the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers As a sports columnist for The Athletic Bay Area and longtime beat reporter covering the. I absolutely loved this book I decided to read this book because I found it in my house while cleaning my room and I was in need of a new book to read anyway I thought while being in uarantine would be the perfect time to read it I thought this book was very inspiring and it helped motivate me and realize why I love basketball I made me want to work harder so I can be the best I can be in basketball The language in this book made it so that you could connect to Kevin Durant and all of his personal accomplishments It made me want to work so hard that I would get those accomplishments one day I recommend this book to anyone who plays basketball because it is very motivating