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Read Silence Is My Mother Tongue 107 ☆ ❮Ebook❯ ➠ Silence Is My Mother Tongue Author Sulaiman Addonia – In a time of war what is the shape of love Saba arrives in an East African refugee camp as a young girl devastated to have been wrenched from school and forced to abandon her books as her family fleeTance has forced the loss of all that makes a home or a future Addonia has written an insider's view of the textures of life in a refugee camp Both intimate and epic this subversive tale of transgression dissects society's ability to wage war on its own women and explores the stories we must tell to survive in a broken inhospitable environme. I'm having a difficult time writing this review On the one hand Sulaiman Addonia's Silence Is My Mother Tongue is an essential piece of writing documenting life in a refugee camp On the other hand it's a hard read Reading it flat out hurts the violence the misogyny the endless series of sexual assaults I am usually good with dark titles when I see their underlying purpose And I see the undelying purpose of this novel but couldn't get past the darkness—which is as much about my personal weaknesses as it is about the book itself

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E As she struggles to maintain her sense of self she remains fiercely protective of her mute brother Hagos each sibling resisting the roles gender and society assign Through a cast of complex beautifully drawn characters Sulaiman Addonia uestions what it means to be a man to Is My Mother PDF #10003 be a woman to be an individual when circums. I loved it I loved the writing style which I had to read slowly because there’s something about it that forces you to pay attention to let it sink in I loved how the author wrote his female characters and I loved the story

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Silence Is My Mother TongueMy Mother Kindle #211 In a time of war what is the shape of love Saba arrives in an East African refugee camp as a young girl devastated to have been wrenched from school and forced to abandon her books as her family flees to safety In this unfamiliar crowded and often hostile community she Silence Is ePUB #9734 must carve out a new existenc. Saba is an intelligent girl who is doing very well at school and dreams that one day she’ll ualify as a medical doctor But when she is forced to leave trouble torn Eritrea she leaves behind not only her schooling but also the comfortable family home Instead she is delivered across the border to a Sudanese refugee camp where her new home is a small hut and her bed is a hard floor There’s no school here – in fact there's not much of anything here We view Saba from a several different perspectives and it's evident that she is a strong willed and driven girl She also has a burning need to look after her brother Hagos who cannot read or write and is mute Her mother the only other family member in their group shares a strained relationship with her daughter – she just can’t understand why Saba doesn’t have the same aspirations as other girls from her background As we meet fellow refugees Saba interacts with we start to get a sense of the type of physical and mental challenges they all face in this new environment It's a tough place to live and at this point they have no idea how long they will be forced to stay hereThe story unfolds in unusual style with a set piece opening scene at the culmination of which we’re transported back in time to discover how we got to this point I think it works though I wasn’t sure for a while But this isn’t the end point of this tale there is to come Can Saba rise above seemingly unsurmountable barriers to achieve her goals And what of her mother and her beloved Hagos what will become of themThere is love ambition and sacrifice here it makes for uncomfortable reading in parts but it’s uplifting too And the storytelling is sometimes raw with unbridled scenes of sexual coupling and masturbation Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea But stick with it and it will deliver its reward For me that was an insight into a world of which I was wholly ignorant I’m not sure that this book entertained me but it certainly educated meMy sincere thanks to The Indigo Press for supplying a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review