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characters Ù His Convenient Highland Wedding The Loch Legacy #1 µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ [Read] ➮ His Convenient Highland Wedding The Loch Legacy #1 By Janice Preston – Bought by her husbandBound by secrets of their pastThe start of The Loch Only that it is perfection A riveting enthralling utterly romantic love story that captures the reader’s attention from the first page and takes you on a beautifully romantic and thrilling journey” Chicks Rogues and Scandals on Lady Olivia and the Infamous Rake“I was completely charmed yet again by Janice Preston’s writing It really is a story to lose yourself in” Rae Reads on Lady Olivia and the Infamous Ra. Though I’m suspicious of new to me authors I was willing to give Janice Preston a try because a MOC is my favourite trope and b the word “highland” in the title always evokes a frisson of excitement and anticipation What I found was an enjoyable uneven romance But first to the plotty detailsBecause His Convenient Highland Wedding is the first of a four book four author series centring around a mystery Preston’s novel opens with a silly scene of the heroine’s discovery of a creepy tower and mysterious brooch Flash forward seven years and heroine Lady Flora McCrieff having refused the lecherous old goat her father had arranged for her to marry important to saving the straitened family estate is in disgrace with fortune and her family’s eyes To make up for her refusal to save the family fortune and marry within her class her father compels her to marry second best wealthy but from lowly beginnings whiskey baron Lachlan McNeill Lachlan is looking to make inroads to the aristocracy for his whiskey and hopes Flora will help him achieve his goal Little does he know Flora is in social purgatory Preston’s romance sees its finest hour in the first half She captures the awkwardness and misunderstanding between two well meaning people who don’t know each other working out physical and emotional intimacy It is to Preston’s credit that she makes it easy to see how Lachlan and Flora may fall into a cool courteous unhappy marriage But it isn’t what they deserve Flora and Lachlan are brimming with the need to love and be loved kind and giving However they were beaten down and have a hard time leaving their reticent shells Lachlan is too much aware of his inferior status his humble beginnings à la Jean Valjean lack of breeding and education Flora is too aware of her family censure which has diminished her and is embarrassed and guilt stricken that Lachlan was promised an influential wife who can’t deliver social sway Thankfully Preston doesn’t make too much of these details but concentrates on the cringe worthy hurts and misconceptions the MOC trope deliversLachlan and Flora are also stiff and humorless and I couldn’t embrace them with liking But I understood their predicament appreciated it and wanted them to resolve their marriage woes and be happy They were deserving if charmless Flora’s dog on the other hand Bandit was an utter charmer and he made every scene better by providing much needed comic relief What worked regarding Flora and Lachlan was how they entered their marriage as unhappy people and how Preston slowly but surely with eually forward movement and missteps brought them closer and gaining in confidence and happiness Unfortunately Lachlan’s secondary narrative his search for a lost family member derailed the romance’s last third It was abrupt and the new character was over the top screechy Her response to Lachlan’s re connection didn’t make sense given the character’s circumstancesThe other problem with the romance’s resolution was what I call the too much happiness factor In the last few chapters there is so much reconciliation that it made for a clunky conclusion There were character turn abouts in response and motivation that give reader whiplash and eye rolls Moreover the insertion of an ominous return to the initial tower mystery felt conveniently thrust into the narrative lest we forget and not read the series Sadly this didn’t work for this reader and she’ll end her relationship with the series at book one thank you very much With Miss Austen we say Preston’s His Convenient Highland Wedding offers “tolerable comfort” Mansfield ParkJanice Preston’s His Convenient Highland Wedding is published by Harleuin Books It releases today April 1st and may be found at your preferred vendor I received an e ARC from Harleuin via Netgalley

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The Loch PDF or Despite the attraction that burns between them can she reach beyond his impeccable clothing to find the emotions he’s locked away for so longThe Loch Legacy collectionBook His Convenient Highland WeddingBook Unlaced by the Highland Duke by Lara Temple Book A Runaway Bride for the Highlander by Elisabeth Hobbes Book Secrets of a Highland Warrior by Nicole Locke“Well what can I say about this. Lady Flora McCrieff's life had not been easy because of her tyrannical father the Earl of Aberwyld After she refused a duke's marriage proposal a year before Flora's relationship with her father deteriorated further Flora didn't know how precarious the family finances were when she was told she had to marry a wealthy businessman Lachlan McNeill Lachlan wants to grow his whisky business and to do so he needs a well connected wife and Lady Flora is just that As long as she asks no uestions about his pastOh my goodness what an emotional read this is I think I experienced every moment of Flora's loneliness her sadness and her discouragement at her predicament Lachlan is a decent man but he is just not present he doesn't know how to act with her what to say He feels undeserving of such a lovely woman; he doesn't want to scare her away so he avoids her leaving her even distraught Janice Preston has created a remarkable gothic atmosphere suited to Flora's every state of mind Her attempts to get closer to her husband are in vain; he is always occupied and he has secret business to attend to Flora tries and tries but nothing seems to work From disillusioned she grows angry resentful until an opportunity presents itself and hopes she might have glimpsed the light at the end of the tunnelMs Preston's extensive research paints a vivid and realistic portrait of Victorian society very Dickensian highlighting the chasm between the classes; the generally appalling treatment of labourers and women; the growing poverty affecting the common people And all this is essential to the romance in HIS CONVENIENT HIGHLAND WEDDING because it is what eventually brings Flora and Lachlan closer I also loved the inclusion of a legendary composer because of the stunning historical accuracy of the fact and because he is one of my favourite artists It's easy to understand why Lachlan wants to conceal his past; it is a huge secret but I had no doubt that Flora would accept it with grace HIS CONVENIENT HIGHLAND WEDDING is supremely compelling intense powerful and slightly unsettling because of how well every feeling is conveyed This richly textured novel offers not only a wonderful romance and a hard earned happily ever after but also a world so convincing and well drawn that Ms Preston could build a whole series based on her extraordinary characters and their tribulations Now I can hardly wait to go back in time and learn about The Loch Legacy and the brooch What a fabulous start to what promises to be a very exciting seriesI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own

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His Convenient Highland Wedding The Loch Legacy #1Highland Wedding PDF #200 Bought by her husbandBound by secrets of their pastThe start of The Loch Legacy a Scottish castle His Convenient ePUB #9734 through the ages Earl’s daughter Flora McCrieff brought shame on her family once Now she discovers she Convenient Highland Wedding Epub #217 must wed impossibly rich but lowborn Lachlan McNeill He’s undeniably handsome but a man of few words Convenient Highland Wedding. In the interests of transparency I should start with a disclaimer that I have an interest in this book because I'm one of the other authors involved in the Loch Legacy continuity HOWEVER this in no way colours my opinion of this book other than a staggering sense of relief that it is so damn good and means readers will be gagging for the next one in the seriesMarried for the money he'll bring to her family and the access to society she'll bring him Lachlan and Flora make an appealing and interesting couple Both are aware their pasts have the potential to ruin them socially and allow a sense of inadeuacy and shame cloud their relationship Watching them grow closer in every sense made for a compelling read full of emotion and passion and I raced through it I have a real soft spot for a hero who doesn't have a title and is of a lower social status than the heroine Lachlan is a self made man with a past that has left him driven and ambitious and one of the things I enjoyed was the details given about the business he is setting up It is the historical titbits I pick up along the journey that always makes reading historical romance so much funFlora's journey from compliant outcast to confident woman capable of standing up for herself was my favourite part She grows as a person alongside the husband she is married off to for financial reasons and drives the story alongThere was a good supporting cast of secondary characters one in particular is begging for her own book and HEA and teasers about the mystery that will be unravelled across the seriesHighly recommended