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FREE DOWNLOAD A Debutante in Disguise 107 µ [Ebook] ➩ A Debutante in Disguise By Eleanor Webster – A society ladywith a secretDetermined to help people Letty Barton has a double life—she’s a trained doctor No one must know “Dr Hatfield” is actually a woman Called to an emergency she comes f A society laA society ladywith a secretDetermined to help people Letty Barton has a double life she’s a trained doctor No one must know “Dr Hatfield” is actually. Engaging story with an unusual heroine and a hero suffering post Waterloo PTSD A Carla Kelly lite sort of bookI loved Letty so brave so brainy so determined to practice medicine anyway she couldTony was harder to come to terms with he was such a pompous jerk after the big discovery scene and for some time afterwardsAnd then there were the conventions of the medium that were annoying The story takes place over a short period of time with a touch of the dreaded insta attraction The story really needed another twenty pages or to be spread out over several months rather than cramming the heart of the story into under two weeksMy final peeve involved our heroine's given name Lettuce Yep spelled just like the salad stuff Her mother was not ignorant or illiterate I was expecting Lettice or Leticia Totally annoyinguibbles aside this is the first Harleuin Historical that I've managed to read cover to cover in a number of years So kudos to the author for a story that kept me turning the pages

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He’s a brooding scarred A Debutante PDF or war hero But how long will it be before he recognizes her beneath her disguise and the sparks begin to fly once. Good book with an unusual theme Letty Barton was fascinated by the world of medicine from the time she was a child but as a woman becoming a doctor was impossible Not one to back down from a challenge Letty found a way Now she leads a double life society miss with a secret identity as Dr Hatfield and lives in constant fear of discovery While helping a pregnant woman Letty encounters her brother a man she had met briefly several years earlierI liked both Letty and Tony Letty is a misfit She has no social skills and really doesn't care which irritates her matchmaking mother to no end Letty would much rather be reading a medical journal than attending a society event She is methodical and scientific in her thoughts and actions reluctant to believe in anything that doesn't fit I loved her determination and how she found a way to get her medical training Her satisfaction at helping people far outweighs any thought of marriage Though ill at ease in social situations Letty is confident in her abilities as a doctor and willing to stand up for those abilities Tony is no longer the cheerful and charming man he used to be He is scarred and haunted by his losses and the things he saw on the battlefield and suffers from nightmares and flashbacks He feels numb to everything around himI liked the development of the relationship between Letty and Tony I liked their first meeting at a ball before the war Letty pulled her usual disappearing act hiding out in the library and reading Tony the object of several determined young women's pursuit also ended up in the library He was intrigued by the young woman who didn't try to flirt and was interested in the article about cowpox than in him She was surprised to find a man who honestly seemed interested in what she had to say But this was only a brief encounter and their lives took different paths though each remembered the otherLetty encounters Tony several times both as Dr Hatfield and as herself Tony is still intrigued by Letty who reacts to his scars far differently than anyone else Her forthright attitude stirs feelings in him that have been missing for a long time Letty is wary around Tony and fears that he will discover her secret In an emotional scene Letty intervenes during one of his nightmares The sparks between them flared into an unexpected passion which then sent them both running for cover Neither feels that being together is a good idea A man in her life would end her work as a doctor and he feels too broken to be good for anyone Things become complicated when Tony discovers Letty's deception in a painful confrontation I ached for Letty as she faced the loss of the work she loves and the man she has come to love I hurt too for Tony whose battlefield memories got tangled up with Letty's work causing his over the top reaction The ending was complex with Letty's passion for her calling helping Tony come to terms with his past and his future and his honest interest in her work giving her a feeling of validation she'd never had before But there was still the issue of feeling that they couldn't be together to overcome I loved their big moment at the end when they realized that their love for each other was important than society's opinions

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A Debutante in DisguiseA woman Called to an emergency she comes face to face with her patient’s brother Lord Anthony Ashcroft They’d once shared a spark filled flirtation now. I really loved this book A forthright trailblazing heroine who struggles her way through fulfilling her dreams and living the life she wants while operating within the societal s and strictures of her era Sign Me Up A wounded hero suffering from PTSD captivated by a woman so unlike any other he's ever known only to predictably be hurt and flummoxed whyever would you WANT to be a doctor To be around sick people and blood You're a lady when her Big Secret comes to lightAnd I loved loved loved that the author was able to navigate the story to a suitable happy ending that didn't disregard the Regency era AND allowed the heroine to continue living her dream An all around excellent read