SUMMARY ç Omgiven av idioter

SUMMARY Omgiven av idioter

SUMMARY ç Omgiven av idioter ✓ [Download] ➹ Omgiven av idioter By Thomas Erikson – Do you ever look around you and think you’re the only one making any sense Or tried to reason with your partner with disastrous results Do long rambling answers drive you crazy Or does your colleagu Do you ever look around youEasily and get the best out of the people you have to deal with – be it at work in public or at homeThomas Erikson guarantees that after reading this book the number of idiots around you will be drastically reduced and you will have a better understanding of everyone around you With a bit of luck you can also be confident that the idiot out there is not yo. Have you wondered why you sometimes need to be alone for a while with your thoughts Or why you always have to be the center of attention Why certain people are so careless and sloppy Or why you are surrounded by idiots Thomas Erikson is explaining all this He uses a known method to sort differences in communication and categorize people into four different groups or personality types Red people are impatient and focused on results yellow people are positive and need to be the center of attention green people which are the most common are calm and good listeners and blue people are well organized and pay attention to detail Everyone is needed and the best group is consisting of all colors People critical to this would certainly claim that it’s difficult to categorize people but of course this method includes numerous variations and most people have than one color Another critical comment might be that dividing people into groups is something that should be prevented but Thomas Erikson doesn't value one uality than another he just states that we are all different This is just a way to understand each other We get to know the cause of conflicts and how best to treat them Of course this is not a totally waterproof method People are unpredictable and complicated The reality is always complexThe book a new edition is entertaining and useful both at work and in private life Everyone benefits from this because everyone we all use communication

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Ntist and runaway bestselling author Thomas Erikson is here to help and will inform and entertain you in eual measure Available in English for the first time Surrounded by Idiots presents his simple model based on four personality types Red Blue Green and Yellow When you understand the psychology of each you can adapt your communication style to handle anyone. Yep I'm a yellow And I have a story about it jkThis book reminded me of all the ones that were thrown at us in the 80's and the tests we were given to make sure our personality types were properly distributed throughout the office and no one was allowed to shriek about moved cheese because that was going to happen I did enjoy the mental process of putting all my co workers friends and families in their proper boxes It was harder to recognize combos and then hilarious to realize how spot on the author is in his observations he did have help from an old Greek I imagined what might happen if we put this concept into our educational system starting with kindergarteners that was a hilarious day dream Give a kid a lego and see who heshe isWorth the read understanding it is not science but anything that gets us all to a less hostile work home community environment is a benefit 3 stars from me bam

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Omgiven av idioterDo you ever look around you and think you’re the only one making any sense Or tried to reason with your partner with disastrous results Do long rambling answers drive you crazy Or does your colleague’s abrasive manner get your back Omgiven av PDFEPUB or up Do you ever get the feeling you’re surrounded by idiots You are not alone Swedish behavioural scie. I received this book as a christmas present otherwise I would never have accepted it into my home At first I thought that even if it didn't present anything new at least it could end up being an interesting read It was notJudging by the tone of the writing the author genuinely believes that he has revolutionized workplace psychology by rehashing four temperament ensemble theories of human behavior into an unappetizing slurry of self aggrandizing word casserole Every little paragraph is frustratingly presented as some sort of divine insight into how humans truly work peppered with various anecdotes very obviously constructed to strengthen the point the author is presenting That point being there are four types of humans at any given workplace and this is how you handle them There is no room given for you know actual human nature or the complexities of personality and relationships The author would have the reader believe that we are all just on a basic level different configurations of traits that can be handled easily by following certain steps and most importantly that you will be a successful human being if you take this all to heart and master itThe author promises that the reader will have learned something new by the time they have finished reading All I picked up was that these days it's really easy to hawk an idea and have a book published if you're a skilled salesperson who loves the sound of your own voiceDon't mistake this author for an authority He is a salesperson selling you a repackaged idea If you are in need of ways to improve workplace relationships I would suggest you speak with someone actually ualified on the topic