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review Bren's Blessing The uasar Lineage #1 Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB ò ❮KINDLE❯ ➚ Bren's Blessing The uasar Lineage #1 ❦ Author Pearl Tate – I never thought I'd end up being abducted by aliens I was living my dream rotating in space around Mars on the Mars HErty of the alien that grabbed me He’s big possessive and seems to want to get to know me a lot better PLEASE NOTE This SciFi Romance alien book contains Adult Language and Steamy Adult Bedroom Scenes It is intended for Readers Adults OnlyIt's part of a science fiction romance series but can be read as a standalone story with no cliffhangers. Hot and Perfectly DoneI really enjoyed the love story between Bren and Hannah I could feel Bren's emotions very well and Hannah came across as a person who tried to think things through I also liked the partial insight into how the planet is ruled Its not the men bit the women who rule and some of them are not nice They rule through threats and punishments

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Tive and make sure that I just observe and stay alive But I’m immediately grabbed and taken to their shipUnable to understand them and not knowing what they have planned for me Bren's Blessing PDFEPUB or I have to make some hard choices about whether living is the best way to go And how far will I go to liveIt appears that I’m now the prop. I particularly liked the ways in which the aliens were different non human and Bren's complete emotional vulnerability which made him feel even alien than his physical differences As you keep going and of the interesting world his people inhabit starts to be revealed which I found fascinating

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Bren's Blessing The uasar Lineage #1I never The uasar eBook #10003 thought I'd end up being abducted by aliens I was living my dream rotating in space around Mars on the Mars Hope Skylab As the first American woman this far into space I’ve accomplished in my twenty eight years of life than mostI enjoy my job so when things go sideways and aliens board my lab I try to stay posi. Yay A good alien abduction romance Been a while since I've read one that really satisfied meHannah h is an intelligent heroine that actually stays intelligent No running off doing stupid things no panicked screaming etc And no turning into super hero prophesied savior or anything like that She was still just a doctor and researcher even after their matingBren H was also intelligent Yes he did succumb to the standard mate bond lust thing that's so common in these stories but he wasn't overly alpha and aggressive Maybe the side effect of the female dominated society Either way it was nice seeing he was legitimately sorry for forgetting to explain things to her instead of some stories I've read where the alien H doesn't explain things then never really apologizes for all the stress he caused with his assumptions and actions Refreshing Also hey virgin H Not an aggressive over dominant man whoreThe world building is pretty neat Yes there are some things about the aliens that are just oh like humans but bigger but there are some uniue physical traits too I liked the hair actually Pushing the sexy tousled stereotype into full on Medusa styling made me giggle My own battles with my curly hair made it funny too A lot of the world building things I liked were cultural The uasar planet is a female dominated society and the author actually brings up all the different uestions that this mating will cause social religious economic changes to their society Dual 1st person POV No cheating though there is some OW drama from H's arranged marriage partner they are upsetting the order of their civilization after all No angst or stupid self inflicted lack of communication problems though HEA for the leads and while not a cliffhanger there are story threads that set up Mattias's story in book 2 Matthias's Miracle And yes I'd be interested in reading in this series even Travek's story in a few volumes would love to see what brings him around to being less of a sleaze