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Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì Grace Reagal T him Valentin Nikolaev son of the Russian Mob Born and raised to one day take his rightful place as leader of his family Valentin has one goal and one goal only to annihilate the Giovanni family My family In the end only one mafia will be left standing on the ashes of the other Are you ready to find out which one. AHHHHH That's all I can say honestly It's intense it's sweet it's climatic it's gratifying I screamed I cried I screamed again I threw my pillows I have a bit of anger issues as you can see and I came out in the end in love with Caterina I read her parents' series before this so I had already gotten attached with the Giovanni family and she wasa treat to read in the least I loved Grace's choice to add the Russian Mob in the story And just wait until you meet the Nikolaev brothers Aweeee they will make your panties dropRead it read it read it

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The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf Giovanni Family #1 Download ✓ 100 ã ➹ [Read] ➵ The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf Giovanni Family #1 By Grace Reagal ➼ – Do you know the story of Romeo and Juliet Well this isn’t their story This is Do you know the story of Romeo Kitten Meets ePUB #10003 and Juliet Well this The Italian Epubisn’t their story This is our story Valentin’s storymy story In the Italian Kitten Meets PDF #8608 world of the filthy rich two of the most infamous crime families Italian Kitten Meets The Russian ePUB #9734 rule with. 35 starsI love MAFIAmobsters trope intertwined with an enemies to lovers fragrance and I am uite picky about those tooThis is a new author for me and actually I haven't really paid a lot of attention to the blurb but it doesn't really hint that it's YA so this is about two rival families Giovanni and Nikolaev you can imagine but yet there isn't much of the actual rivalry between the families but the instant dislikehate that the main anti hero Valentin Nikolaev feels towards Caterina Giovanni aka CatKittyKittenKitty ahd been a privileged protected and spoiled by her parents who have been keeping away the fact that they are in a mafia business for too long Now Kitty gained freedom to finish her senior year in public school after being homeschooled until her sweet 17And how conviniently the first day she enters a class she's become a thorn in his side the most rude ruthless and mean guy she had ever encounter read never cause she lived in a fucking soap bubble not being aware of anything or anyone other than the fantasy and fiction in her books and the interactions of her close family members of course he's non other than her family's greatest enemy Valentin Nikolaev but she doesn't know it she's totally oblivious of anything other then her own little bubblehence she becomes a perfect target for the big bad russian mafia guy and of course she falls perfectly into his clutches as he sets the revenge plan to motionbut for his plan to work he needs a change of tactics Yes I will have to do something that Father had never taught me He has always told me Make them fear you and they will never cross you But I will have to change things up with this one She is different than the rest Instead of fear I would give her loveBeware Kitten I'm coming for you and while he does the meanest things to provoke this girl who simply sparkles with naivety and innocence he can't help but be affected with her actions and reactionsand he slowly changes the gameor does heFirst of all I liked the premise of the story it reminded me of Nero Made men #1 by Sarah Brianne and The Eagle Elite by Rachel Van DykenWhat i found lacking were just a few simple facts first the actual probability of being that kept in the dark that you do not see what your family is all about That you would think that your parents are billionaires with all the bodyguards and paparazzi flashes around you when you are out and aboutlike really You wouldn't get at least bit curious in why your uncles are teaching you self defense and teaching you how to shoot and handle a weapon ReallySo that's one pair of gloves to deal with but then again if you knew all those things self protect and all but if you are so innocent why the fuck would you think that bringing a gun to school would be ok Who would you actually shoot Cause you are so innocent you can't even swear properlyand then wouldn't you be able to fight of the big bad wolf when he cornered you all these timescause you did fight off these other pricks you didn't like and you even stood up for yourself when the mean girls cornered you Well it all seems a little bit inconsistent so yeah I had issues with the heroineas you can seeI actually liked Valentin and not really cause of the bad boy mobster vibe but he was in fact portrayed completely in range of being a teenage kid whose been filled up with the notion of power and fear to pass on to others from his birth and he knows of nothing elseAnd then the whole romance aspect is actually non existent yetthere's kissing sure there's this pull they have towards each other but it's annoyance filled with hateful thinking fighting off lusty chemistrythere's nothing romantic in thereyet cause all we actually get from it is a beginning of a glimpse in the endAnd I also thought that skipping into multiple POVs in the middle of the book just prolongues the plot but we don't actually gain anything revolving the main charactersBUT we do get a notion of what might possibly be the focus on in the next installmentthe secondary cast Valentin's younger brother Nate and Caterina's only friend in the new school MelanieMell the tension between the two and the spite and backbone she shows towards Nate that was the highlight of these chaptersand I liked thatBut I also think that if the author decided to give these characters' POVs to improve the plot she should have given depth into their background and description but instead it felt a bit chaotic for just providing the little glimpses of their lives before the present occurenceAll in all I think this story had potentional to be extraordinary it had almost everything I NEED from this type of genre if only these small things were polished and worked out in detail that would give credibility and completionAnd yeah I will read book two that follows

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The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf Giovanni Family #1Iron fists Drug trafficking gang killings ruthless wars these are the men who have no moral compass Meet the Russian Mob and the Italian Cosa Nostra His familyand mine My name is Caterina Giovanni daughter of the Italian Mafia I’ve been clueless about who my family really is what they’re capable of until I mee. I read this on Wattpad and I'm currently reading the seuel It's incredible Obviously it's not a perfect version because Grace is a young author and she wrote for an audience who didn't want or care for a perfected version But she put so much heart soul effort and love into it that it doesn't really matter The the plot the characters the storyit will take you on a rollercoaster Especially Valentinmmmh It's a steamy mafia story without too much smut and shows the conflict of being a part of the mafia and being blindingly loyal to your family I can't wait for when it's published