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Drop Dead Crime Read ´ 8 ´ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Drop Dead Crime By Lisa Regan – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Five women Five sublime authors of crime fiction One stunning book Gripping thrillers packed with deviously executed crimes and in depth investigations are some of the most popular reads available on Five women Five sublime authors of crime fictWith delicately balanced plots means suspense is always kept at a fever pitch ready to boil over at any second Lisa Regan’s Over The Edge is guaranteed to keep you up at night When PI Jocelyn Rush witnesses a young mother jump from a bridge she is determined to solve the mystery of why and what she finds is a complex web of secrets and lies so shocking it could destroy the people left behind Leslie Wolfe introduces FBI Agent Tess Winnett in Not Really Dead a fast paced intense thriller about a serial killer who makes a terrible mistake Colleen Helme stuns with Behind Blue Eyes A grisly murder along with a new client hiding a deadly secret is just the beginning for Shelby Nichols mind reader extraordin. Wow This is the most engrossing anthology I have ever read and I enjoyed all the authorsLisa Regan is new to me as was Leslie Wolfe I will look into other books by both of them Colleen Helme is the author of one of my favorite characters Shelby Nichols I loved her story Amy Vansant's opening gave my heart palpitations which uickly morphed into laughter I definitely want of her Highlander and Julie Smith too Looking for thrills action suspense and a laugh or two This book is perfect

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Aire Don't miss this exciting thriller In Amy Vansant’s exclusive novella Parental Kilt the stars of her Kilty romantic suspense series Catriona Phoenix and Brochan the Highlander find themselves trapped in a serial killer's maze during a movie wrap party gone wrong The serial killer was supposed to be dead but the bodies are piling up Julie Smith brings a dazzling story of suspense The Big Crazy Detective Skip Langdon NOPD while navigating a world of chaos and betrayal after Hurricane Katrina takes on a gang of rogue cops who may be acting as self appointed executioners Get a copy of Drop Dead Crime today and sample some of the best crime fiction writing from some of the best female crime writers arou. This is an absolutely chilling group of stories in this anthology Four of these authors were new to me so I have now opened my reading world to a larger group of mysteriesLeslie Wolfe is favorite of mine and I devour everything of hers i can get my hands on Her contribution to this anthology is a novella featuring FIB Agent Tess Winnett She is drawn to investigate a serial killer when she offers aid to one of the killer's almost victims Tess' job is on the line for she is forbidden to work on the case Explosive conclusion

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Drop Dead CrimeFive women Five sublime authors of crime fiction One stunning book Gripping thrillers packed with deviously executed crimes and in depth investigations are some of the most popular reads available on traditional and virtual book shelves today Now you can sample some of the best female writers of crime fiction in Drop Dead Crime a collection of novellas packed with the twisted plotlines and memorable characters that excite readers and leave Drop Dead PDF them demanding Lisa Regan Leslie Wolfe Colleen Helme Amy Vansant and Julie Smith are among the most skilled and prolific writers of the genre today and each one knows exactly how to tease a story to maximum effect Their use of strong female leads combined. Five women Five sublime authors of crime fiction All were unknown to Alex This book was a great opportunity to learn new suspense authorsYay Also on KU Lisa Regan’s Over The Edge 4 stars because of the great ending Good suspense but many crimes happened and mentioned were based on rape and abuse of women and children also underage prostitution These abhorrent things happen in life I know; still not my fav to read about and it's definitely too prominent in this genre and way too overused As if there are no other crimes Why don't they write a pedophile or an abuser as a victim and then spend the whole book doing nothing pun intended to find a murderer That would be a cool plotColleen Helme's Behind Blue Eyes375 starsSuspense with a touch of spiritual the heroine amateur PI is a mind readerLight and humorous despite mord and crimeAlready marked the series about Shelby as to read It's on KU 😉Amy Vansant’s Parental Kilt325 starsIt took me some time to get into the story; and when I did it was already over 😂The hero and heroine's 'dad' came from the past time travelling sub genre Till I understood it 🤣Julie Smith's The Big CrazyUps got lost Too many characters everything happened too fast or the story was just too short The story takes place after Hurricane KatrinaWhat is for sure the heroine is very tough and brave womanLeslie Wolfe's Not Really Dead35 starsHorrible crime semi detailed rape scenes victims were women As I mentioned in my thoughts to the 1st book this plot is overused I get that many crime victims are women but why not to write smth newAnyway the heroine intrigued me Will try the series with her as a MCOverall a good idea to put these short stories into a bundle I never read any of these author before and I think I found 2 series I could enjoy 5 short stories with 5 strong heroines