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Wild and Crazy Guys Free download ✓ 8 É [Read] ➵ Wild and Crazy Guys By Nick de Semlyen – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Wild and Crazy Guys is the larger than life story of the much loved Hollywood comedy stars that ruled the 1980sAs well as delving behind the scenes of classic movies such as Ghostbusters Beverly Hills Wild and CrUnch ups webbed toes and Bill Murray being pushed into a swimming pool by Hunter S Thompson while tied to a lawn chairIt’s akin to Peter Biskind’s Easy Riders Raging Bulls following the key players through their highs and lows and their often turbulent relationships with each other Nick de Semlyen has already interviewed pretty much all the big names for Empire as well as directors such as Walter Hil. This is an often fun often maddening history of the careers of a group of comedians in the 1980s with significant spilling over into the 1970s and 1990s too Being a young Gen Xer old Millennial sort of girl I enjoyed the book as it moved forward and I was familiar with the films Animal House and Caddyshack weren’t for kids but Ghostbusters and Three Amigos sure were and I definitely liked reading about the production of those films There is no denying that funThat said I did find the book frustrating mostly because I so badly wanted it to zoom out a little and give me context analysis It stayed at the level of an Entertainment Weekly magazine profile of these men’s careers — and even that I uestioned sometimesThe focus is on a specific group of comedy actors from the 1980s ostensibly because they were SNL SCTV alumni John Belushi Chevy Chase Bill Murray Dan Ackroyd Steve Martin Eddie Murphy John Candy and Rick Moranis Why are these our “wild and crazy guys” They all have some connection to emergent sketch comedy TV shows of the 1970s but so do others I found myself wondering hey why not Martin Short — who does sort of unavoidably come up in the discussion of Three Amigos — or Billy Crystal When in the epilogue the author refers reverently to Bill Murray’s successful decades long transition from TV comedy to serious actor I thought and what about Robin Williams Or Tom Hanks for that matter All of these people certainly made films in the same ecosystem as our favored characters sometimes they co starred with them so it seemed a little bit of a haphazard focusSometimes I wished we were getting insight into the history of comedy to help us appreciate these men’s contributions At some point a producer claims that SNL invented a new comedy style — that before that it had been “Bob Hope” comedy and that TV’s MASH was the transition between the comedy of the two I was drawn in by this statement and found it compelling until I started to think about it What about Mel Brooks What about Monty Python What about a whole tradition of countercultural comedy SNL did not really come out of nowhere Some context would help me see what was uniue about these men’s careersThere also just isn’t much discussion of the craft of comedy at all Eddie Murphy is presented as having a very special charismatic style of stand up but aside from some vague references to his fearlessness we don’t learn much about how his style was distinctive And I was curious When the author mentions that Chris Rock went to see Beverly Hills Cop three times on its opening day I wanted to know why What did Rock see in Murphy How did Murphy differ from previous black comedians turned movie stars say Richard Pryor — or for that matter white comedians turned movie stars say Steve Martin or Robin WilliamsIt may be that the author just wanted to dutifully chronicle the careers of his 1980s faves and okay that’s not the book I wanted but it’s still an interesting read But there were some moments when I wondered whether the chronicle itself had been attended to with journalistic due diligence At one point a late 1970s film starring

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L John Landis and Carl Reiner and is sitting on lots of unseen materialTaking you on a trip through the tumultous ’s Wild And Crazy Guys explores the friendships feuds triumphs and disasters experienced by these iconic funnymen Based on candid interviews from the stars themselves as well as those who entered their orbit it reveals the hidden history behind the most fertile period ever for screen comedy. Thank you Random House for the free bookDid I love this book Obviously I loved this book It's a comprehensive chronicle of the Hollywood movies starring a cadre of comedians who helped define the decade I grew up in These guys will always be larger than life to me and their work will always have a special place in my heart The book is highly readable full of fantastic anecdotes and concise character studiesAll that said it does fall short of its subtitle's lofty promise the book is heavy on great stories light on analysis There's still a book to be written about the fundamental structure of a Hollywood system that banked on eccentric genius At its best you got Ghostbusters At its worst you got the dozens and dozens of very expensive and very forgettable movies that this history also reminds you about And what you usually didn't get still typically don't get are films that center women and people of color That's another book and I do hope someone writes it soon I'll be the first reader

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Wild and Crazy GuysWild and Crazy Guys is the larger than life story of the much loved Hollywood comedy stars that ruled the Wild and PDF or sAs well as delving behind the scenes of classic movies such as Ghostbusters Beverly Hills Cop The Blues Brothers Trading Places and dozens it chronicles the off screen larger than life antics of Bill Murray Eddie Murphy Chevy Chase Steve Martin John Candy et al It’s got drugs sex p. We all know Ghostbusters Beverly Hills Cop and Groundhog Day right Well how about Doctor Detroit Nothing But Trouble and Oh Heavenly Dog In this lively publication Nick de Semlyen takes a look at the comedy stars that ruled Hollywood in the 80s exploring the hits that made their name and the flops they'd rather forgetThe book tells us a lot about the personalities of these actors and how they all got along with one another Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi were best pals and we discover how Aykroyd was crushed by his friend's untimely death Chevy Chase seemed to rub everybody the wrong way and even came to blows with Bill Murray at a Saturday Night Live show John Candy was the most popular bringing all kinds of Hollywood royalty back to his house for parties that would go on for daysDe Semlyen has talked to many of the major players and the book is full of fascinating behind the scenes knowledge I had no idea what an unhappy shoot Groundhog Day was or how Eddie Murphy and director John Landis fought on the set of Coming to America Steve Martin gives a captivating account of a strange visit to Stanley Kubrick's house and Rick Moranis reveals his reasons for uitting HollywoodIt's a pacy entertaining read packed with rich insight and juicy anecdotes De Semlyen admits that not all of the gang's material has aged well but there is no denying that their vast ambition raw talent and total disregard for the rules combined to create a movement that was beloved influential and truly special If you remember the 80s comedy heyday as fondly as I do you'll enjoy this book immensely