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TEXT ´ The Inhuman Race Commonwealth Empire #1 Ð Yudhanjaya Wijeratne Lucrative trade routes since even dust and ashes can serve a purpose In this surreal landscape where technology Inhuman Race Commonwealth ePUB #8608 and humanity intersect we meet The Silent Girl – a survivor an explor After reading Numbercaste I'm reducing my rating of The Inhuman Race to 15 because despite Numbercaste being a self published debut the writing was better and story was coherentWhile reading the book I think I went through the 5 stages of grief I was really confused annoyed and disappointed but near the end accepted it and was only passively reading I didn't care about what was happening I just wanted it to be over Pros The writing was not painful to read The book was mercifully short The female characters were characters and respectfully written My book was a floppy paperback The cover is pretty Good jobConsEverything elseWritingIt wasn't painful to read It was alright I could read it but it wasn't anything remarkable to be honest It was rather amateurish It was pretty much all telling and no showing There were also several grammatical and spelling errors like incorrectmissing spacing and missing hyphens which was a bit distracting This is the fault of the publisher who should closely proof read their manuscripts before publication My mother told me I should not have such high standards for Harper Collins India PlotThe first half was ok but then the story took a sharp left turn and started doing something completely different It made me wonder what was the point of any of it The second half was so boring It was like the author started writing one story ran out of steam or wrote himself into a corner and started writing something completely different World BuildingWaste of potential The I read the that was explained the worse the story got I wish less was explained because the real reasons were so lame And to be honest none of the world building made much sense There were 'why's but no 'how' so it seemed really flimsy You'd think a world with a drastically different history and technology would be drastically different but no basically the same but worse with out of place super advance tech How did any of this happen Who knows Nothing makes sense ThemesUnoriginal Not really as deep as the author seems to think it is Pretty much standard almost cliche sci fi tbh Tl;drWould not recommend Read full spoiler filled review on my blog HERE

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FREE PDF ´ BOOK The Inhuman Race Commonwealth Empire #1 ´ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY ä ❴Read❵ ➵ The Inhuman Race Commonwealth Empire #1 Author Yudhanjaya Wijeratne – The year is 2033 The British Empire never fell Communism never happened The Commonwealt The year is The British Race Commonwealth PDFEPUB #189 Empire never fell Communism never happened The Commonwealth flies the flag of the Empire Many of the Empire’s colonies are stripped bare in the name of British inte This story deserves 5 stars but I'm not going to give it Harper Collins India you have ruined a good book But positives first The story starts in the year 2033 Elizabeth the Third is ueen of England and its various dominions the Chinese are a powerful contender and the city of Colombo is a destroyed wasteland We follow the life of a girl who is dumb and communicates with the aid of a radio by playing pre recorded phrases She lives in Colombo 3 and unlike many of the other children there are no adults mentioned she is a loner and does not belong to a tribe the tribes are named after famous hotels now destroyed She makes a new friend who is called Pissa because he seems a bit mad at first The first part of the tale takes the reader on their journey towards a better place The Silent Girl follows her friend to Colombo 1 and joins what seems a paramilitary group again composed of only children and you begin to realise something is not right She discovers something terrible and flees with him to Kandy now the centre of government only to meet an untimely end I have tried to limit spoilers as much as possible The rest of the story follows Dr Kushlani de Almeida in her uest for justice I liked the idea of a girl who is unable to talk as the central character Her struggles to communicate make her thoughts and actions so much meaningful I also enjoyed the writer's style and turn of phrase There were some particularly striking descriptions that were worth a second read Then the Sun appeared a half disc glowing the lone trumpet pitching in signalling the rest of the orchestra to begin And then the gold exploded everywhere flinging its arms and dispelling the night Clouds swirled in glee She gasped It was just so beautifulThe references to music did not stop there I found particularly insightful the classical music that was played every morning to wake the children up the ghoulish sound of Mozart's Lacrimosa Reuiem gives a hint of what is to come and Max Bruch's First Violin Concerto is known as the Music that did not Kill The fact that the story is set in Sri Lanka made for some interesting insider jokes and references that foreigners will not get like the Bandaranaike family having been in power for decades and the Singhe le t shirt flying high atop a mountain of garbage Nevertheless I felt that given the genre the back story was easy to latch on to There are so many similarities but also many differences in the world which is created in this narrative There are thankfully no info dumps but all the bits and pieces leak in almost subconsciously giving due place to the story unfolding I also appreciated how there are tiny clues left scattered that you may remember later and go 'ah ha' flipping back and forth on an ebook is not as easy as with a paperback but I must confess I went back and hunted for certain passages to re read them so that they made sense after the 'revelations' There were so many cultural references that were pure gems My personal favourite was the password exchange between Pissa and Kanishkasir The 'mango tree' conversation taken from the Mahavamsa of how Mahinda Thera tested King Devanampiyatissa's intelligence ties up nicely with the debate of sentient beings and intelligence later in the book Now to the negatives There were so many typos it was criminal I hope the paperback is of better uality I also felt that the story divided uite nicely into three sections the children and their journey ending with when they reach Kandy the aftermath of that ending with Almeida's determination to dig deeper the events of 30 years later I felt that the book should have been sectioned into official parts as it was a bit confusing to turn the page and start the next chapter and realise the story does not continue but jumps in what seems a completely disjointed manner I also would have liked the native speak of the first part to have had the Sinhala Tamil bastardized speech that is referred to later by the scientists Except for one instance where there is a phrase Eelanga Atutta Xiayige given in Sinhala Chinese and I think Tamil all the phrases are in Sinhalese only which does not pair with the diagnosis given later Also the family name of Bandara suddenly became Bandaranaike in just one place in the text the latter name of course made a lot sense I don't know if that was intentional or just another typo Also I was left wondering at which point in the timeline the updates and memory re sets were put in whether in was only the first bots of Silent girl's era that were not programmed like that or whether it was an upgrade introduced in the thirty year gap between parts 2 and 3 If bots got regular memory re sets from the start of the story Is that what the Bluetooth paring was about to prevent them learning and remembering how did Pissa and the others who lived alongside Silent Girl behave in such a human fashion knowing Beauty Goodness Truth and Justice I may need to read the book a second time to sort that one out Science Fiction writers today do than entertain They uestion concepts that we take for granted This book is no different What makes one human What is sentience How do you react when you discover there is something fundamentally wrong with accepted social norms and behaviour This book also made me stop and value beauty kindness friendship and justice the everyday things you accept as normal in life because it is later revealed that the children have no right to those very things and it is an abnormality for them to value those at all There were four main things that the ancients considered essential to a human being Beauty goodness truth and justiceIf you believe buggers who died a few thousand years ago we've got the four main attributes of a human right here You do realise if these things are alive then we're torturing living things for entertainment The story ends with a sacrifice for the greater good of the Inhuman Race I can't wait to see what develops next

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The Inhuman Race Commonwealth Empire #1Rests powerless to resist Upon this stage is Ceylon – The Inhuman MOBI #233 a once proud civilization tracing itself back to the time of the Pharaohs reduced but not dead The Great Houses of Kandy still control the most not good