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read mobi Ô Liferider ð ↠ [Epub] ➛ Liferider ➜ Laird Hamilton – You can run swim dive fly You are amazing You have untapped potential in you that would blow your mind — From the introduction While the world increasingly seeks happiness in fads and self help book You can run swim dive fly You are Re Based on extensive interviews and conversations between Laird and his cowriter Julian Borra with additional insights from Laird’s wife pro volleyball player Gabby Reece LIFERIDER takes on human resilience relationships business technology risk taking and the importance of respecting the natural world all through the lens of Laird’s extraordinary life both in and beyond the ocea Listened to the audiobookI really liked the message of the book I've never set foot on a surfboard but as an replace surfing with ultrarunning and ocean with woods and I think we have a lot in common A lot of the same issues when it comes to performance and environment So maybe my review is a bit subjectiveBecause looking at it objectively it's all over the place From developing boards to breathing family and the environment I think for a lot of people this book misses structure Personally I like the chaotic approach Sometimes there is a lot of wisdom in rambling And the whole book feels like a lot of talk loosely structured in a somewhat of a coherent story Basically things that are on Laird's mind And I think he has a lot of interesting things to say Thinking of a lot of things we all should think about What I didn't like about the book are the Laird uotes They are unnecessary And often are in the form how great Laird is The interruptions by Gabby could be way better They shine when they are longer and have some anekdotes But sometimes they are just Laird is intense Okay But to conclude I really enjoyed it

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E already are In LIFERIDER Laird uses five key pillars – Death Fear Heart Body Soul and Everything is Connected – to illustrate his uniue worldview and life practices offering inspiration to anyone who wants to elevate their ordinary landlocked life to do extraordinary things This is Laird Hamilton in his own words raw honest and unvarnished–on topics he has rarely explored befo Before the whole shelter in place I was debating about checking out this book; the cover caught my eye and was going to pass on it until I was heading out and decided that sometimes you just got to take a chance get uncomfortable and do it I'm glad I did because that's one of the things Laird mentioned in his bookLike Laird mentioned this isn't a self help book; I considered it Laird's philosophy of life it could be how he grew and understood the life of the surfer or the perspective of understanding the Hawaiian life from the lens of an outsider and translating it for us common people or maybe this is truly what Laird took out of life and put it down on pen and paper Regardless there's no sciencefacts behind this but his own experiences on why these five pillars make senseMy interpretations of the five pillars are Death and Fear Sometimes you have to face your fears and just do it Yes it's scary but you don't want to live a life full of regrets thinking I should have done that or Damn it why didn't I do that? Life takes you certain places and tests every one and we have been prone to take the path of least resistance like water But why not walk to the beat of your own heart? Heart Instead of the brain being the center of the body why isn't the heart? Everything is connected to the heart Muscles are nice but people forget the most important thing about life is how to breathe Incorporate cardio in your exercise routine rather than just weight training and it doesn't have to be running Why not walk and enjoy nature around us? Laird made a comment saying that the heart is than just an organ; think about it Let's get to the heart of the situation or That person has a lot of heart Body As our society continues to evolve we're so connected virtually that we forget that we communicated with face to face interaction in the past Put down your phone and actually make an effort to know people in person One thing I took from this is one should try to understand the entire journey taking a mundane task that you REALLY dislike and think about all the different components of how this task got to you and what will happen after you complete the task and how many people it impacts Soul Listen to your breathing once in a while; it's the most calming thing one can do In fact you should also listen to your body We're at a place that we forget that we listen to everyone but we don't listen to ourselves telling us what we need to do to fix ourselves Everything is Connected I think the pillar speaks for itself

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LiferiderYou can run swim dive fly You are amazing You have untapped potential in you that would blow your mind From the introduction While the world increasingly seeks happiness in fads and self help books millions of us reaching upward every day toward some enlightened being that we wish to be surfing icon Laird Hamilton is intent on looking inward and appreciating the brilliant creature w Liferider is a uniue and fascinating book; Borra's writing in excellent and insightful as he shares Hamilton's life story and philosophy as well as views from others who have been instrumental in Hamilton's journey I definitely recommend this book for fans of Laird Hamilton's previous bookdocumentary big wave riders surfers of all kinds and visionaries