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READ Kings of Ash 109 ´ ➽ Kings of Ash Free ➳ Author Richard Nell – Release date January 17 2019 The much anticipated continuation of the Ash and Sand trilogy Follow the long bloody journey of Ruka son of Beyla through the islands of Pyu and the frozen wastes of the A Release date January The much anticipated continuatioOf his 'miracles' Before the end a shocking history will unravel ancient connections unfold and all will learn the cost of unleashing the Kings of Ash. This seuel to Kings of Paradise picks the story up where it left off and we’re shown progression leading up to a tragic and inevitable war An attack filled with political risk jeopardizes the fate of the cultures on both sides Three compelling leaders each empowered in ways they don’t themselves understand are set on a collision course that terrifies fate itself “I am not a man Prince of Paradise I am a thousand years of children buried nameless in rotten earth I am the rage of their helpless mothers weeping beneath an empty sky I am the bitter fruit of frozen tears”Much of this book shows events from years past to give the reader an exclusive sort of insight into the lives of Ruka Farahi and Kale Fans of the first book will appreciate the deft storytelling and calculated ease at which the stakes are revealed All along we’re haunted by the mantra It matters why And why indeed Ruka fights for his people for a future filled with warmth peace and bounty for something beyond mere survival Farahi’s goals are much the same a unified island chain surrounded by safe seas a future in which his family line is secure And Kale who has risen to every challenge driven by his love for others continues to ascend in the face of turmoil The author expertly weaves through the years and drama of their lives building to a cinematic final battle that tore me open and left me in tears If you’re looking for epic high fantasy that’s vivid and grand you will cherish this series

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Ds of Pyu and the frozen wastes of the Ascom see the return home of Ratama Kale Alaku the 'Sorcerer Prince' and the terrifying rise Kings of ePUB #9734. Ruka may be my favorite character That's a bold statement because I didn't specify that he was my favorite character in this book in fantasy or even in books That was intentional The growth he experiences throughout this book is phenomenal I'm not going to say much about the plot But damn the twists in this will snap your head back I was blown away uite a few times If you're interested in reading this one you've probably read Kings of Paradise If you have haven't read that one what are you waiting forDisclaimer I volunteered to help proof this book I had purely selfish reasons for doing so as I got to read it before almost anyone But that in no way influenced my review It did however turn me into the Bukayag of WordsBonus Disclaimer I made the acknowledgements section

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Kings of AshRelease date JanuaryThe much anticipated continuation of the Ash and Sand trilogy Follow the long bloody journey of Ruka son of Beyla through the islan. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Kings of Ash triumphed over its predecessor in almost every possible way Kings of Ash is the second book in Richard Nell’s Ash and Sand trilogy It’s the seuel to the highly praised Kings of Paradise but the fans of the previous book don’t need to worry about stumbling into the infamous middle book syndrome here Kings of Ash surpassed the previous book’s uality and it can all be boiled down to one reason this is Ruka’s book I have mentioned this in my review of Kings of Paradise “Ruka’s POV was easily one of the best anti heroes POV I’ve ever read in grimdark fantasy” and I stand by my words even so after reading this instalment Kings of Ash is a different kind of book from its predecessor; it’s much character driven Almost the entire narrative was told from Ruka’s POV and I’m incredibly satisfied by this decision Nell offers a deep exploration of Ruka’s character and it makes the storyline feel intimate More importantly this storytelling style shows Nell’s greatest writing strength as an author his characterizations “A lioness cares nothing for the shriek of jackals old woman Now hear this and hear it well—if she had raised me to hate I would kill you and all your kin and no man or god could stop me” There’s something I realized while reading this book It seems that I have the tendency to find well written barbarians highly intriguing and compelling to read The Bloody Nine Karsa Orlong and now Ruka However there’s something about Ruka that separated him from the other barbarians I mentioned; he’s a complex genius with an eidetic memory Ruka was an extremely well written character and it’s proven by how easy it was to root for him Even when he did so many uestionable things with heavy conseuences the motivations and purposes behind his savage actions felt realistic; it really brought life to his character I was super invested in his journey and struggles Beneath his demonic facade he’s an honest bloke who takes no bullshit Plus because of the issues surrounding his birth and physical deformity the unlikely friendships that he built felt incredibly genuine and somehow heart warming One the things about Ruka that Nell did exceptionally well was demonstrate how his eidetic memory capability helped in shaping his character Usually we think of eidetic memory as a gift I mean how awesome it would be if we didn’t have to reread a book to catch up on an incomplete series to remember every single detail we’ve seen or experienced with a clear vision as if it literally just happened Great right But how about pain and sadness That also comes with it Ruka’s eidetic memory doesn’t allow him to escape from anything he encountered; it becomes both a gift and a curse in his life In my opinion this amplified the uality of his characterizations making his character original and fresh in the grimdark genre “And how could a man forgive he wondered if the memory of his wounds were as fresh as the day they spawnedHe thought perhaps this was his true curse—to remember Other people never truly forgave he thought—they only ever forgot the details the feelings the failures But this was not a path open to him” The differences in the cultures and environments of the islands’ citizens enhanced the originality of world building as well as characters’ motivations In a way there seemed to be Norse and Vikings inspiration to the story than before The invasions weaponry seax and cultures in Ascom all reminded me of how Vikings used to behave Outside of Ascom the world seemed to brim with Asian influences Other characters did receive a few spotlighted moments Kale and Dala appeared here too but their appearances were very brief in comparison to Ruka I personally enjoyed this because from my perspective Ruka is the main character of this trilogy since the first book If you’ve seen my review of Kings of Paradise you’ll notice that I had an issue with the pacing Unfortunately the problem was still a bit evident here There were a few sections in Part II that felt draggy to read and they don’t seem to add a lot of value to the overall content Luckily Part I and III were thoroughly incredible and the uneven pacing was completely overwhelmed by the remaining stunning content of the book Before I close my review I would like to also add that Kings of Ash turned the series from low magic fantasy into a high magic fantasy book; there was so much magic involved within this novel The inclusion of Grove I won’t tell you what this is seriously made the book fascinating The action seuences that Nell put upon the pages of this book was bloody visceral and impactful in grabbing my attention Both the arcane magic and the divine power unleashed in full force during the Part III of this book were superbly written creating one memorably vivid and exhilarating conclusion Ash and Sand meet in the land of paradise and Heaven can only tremble at its convergence I truly wish I could say about this but I’ve said than enough I need to be extra careful with what I mention in this review because the different timeframes that Nell used in this book make it easy to accidentally spoil the content of the first book You simply must read this for yourself to experience all the emotional and “wow” moments in their full glory “Success is not your obligation boy Success is often luck and to think otherwise is arrogance Your burden is only to try Face your path with courage and let come what may” My recommendation is this if you’re a reader of character driven or grimdark fantasy get on this trilogy as soon as you can There’s still one book left but I’m already confident enough to say that Ash and Sand is one of the next indie success stories in the making Kings of Ash is an utterly magnificent seuel that made the already great Kings of Paradise pale in comparison As far as grimdark fantasy goes this definitely deserves a place in the big league The last book of the series Kings of Heaven comes out next year and I anticipate its arrival with much excitement SidenoteThank you to the author for putting my name in acknowledgment sectionYou can order the book from UK | US You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions