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Bless This Mess summary ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ó ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Bless This Mess By Molly Baskette ✩ – Pairing modern psychology with liberal Christian spirituality Dr Ellen O'Donnell and Rev Molly Baskette deliver a clear and compelling modus operandi for making family lifN spirituality and modern science can help us parent fearlessly in an age of anxiety With real life examples and strategies to address the challenges of raising a toddler preteen or teenager Bless This Mess guides parents of children at all stages of their development Readers will shed stress with this resource they can turn to again and again for practical guidance as their children grow and the family encounters new challenges Most important readers will not feel alone as they peruse relatable stories and are reminded of the companionship of God in their parenting journ. This unexpectedly life changing book found its way into my hands at just the right time Age 41 seven months pregnant with the little bean who would be my fourth but my 52 year old fiancé’s first baby Since he’d recently moved in we’d been busily working out the kinks of co parenting my olders and were now nervously wondering what kind of new parents we’d be together I was privately increasingly stressed by my flagging energy reserves matched against a stubborn streak of parenting perfectionism which I like to call “parfectionism” for short While still anxious to be that always on it supermom I could hardly heave my elephantine self upstairs let alone gracefully juggle the daily parenting complications as my four eleven and seventeen year olds each dealt with their distinct stages of growing pain Overwhelmed by their shifting needs and uestions I’d been drinking too much coffee missing sleep to lame parenting blogs and google snapping at my kids too much then feeling guilty and insecure about myself as a competent mom Enter my own unexpected new blessing in the form of a grounding morning ritualMy fiancé and I began discussing a few pages of Bless this Mess A Modern Guide to Faith and Parenting in a Chairic World over a lower caffeine type of coffee each day In the 5 25 minutes before my brood of older kids awoke and the slew of demands began this book soaked into the frazzled folds of my brain and slowly applied its calming uplifting balmlike the scent of lavender also offering an unexpected new way to deeply and sweetly connect to my fiancé at a crucial time Sharing the ten meaty chapters over as many weeks we both found meaning in the concepts and specific nuts and bolts guidance in the tools A few months later we are happier easeful grounded parents and partners because of it We actually finished the last page in the hospital yep—killing time and looking for a good distraction while waiting to be dilated enough for that blessed anesthesiologist to appear Reading the epilogue with its incredibly loving end note no spoilers But it’s very beautiful I felt how much I’d grown from these pages Now grounded in the book’s own conclusion— that there’s no need for perfection because the bond of LOVE we share REALLY IS enough—I finally felt ENOUGH as a mom and thus ready to bring a new baby into the world Preparing to become a new mom again I felt great gratitude to my whole extensive support system fir helping me get to this positive space—which very much includes the authors for this book—so obviously their own latest labor of love When the next morning 7 pound Angelica Joy lay blinking big eyes in my arms as my fiancé proudly signed her birth certificate I glanced at this book It was perched cheerfully on the nightstand next to nursing cream baby wipes essential oil bottles diapers cranberry juice chapstick a tea cup and a phone buzzing intermittently with congratulations from friends and from our own parents Bless This Mess indeedBut enough about me and my story—let’s break down why YOU might love Bless this Mess 1—You Might Like This Book Because ofThe Big Sister FactorEver wish you had a few savvy fun yet wise big sisters That had their kids 5 10 years before you have been through and researched it all to hold your hand and advise you Well here you go Baskette and O’ Donnell’s combined voice is a disarmingly honest one They’re not afraid to get down and dirty relating unvarnished accounts of their own worst parenting moments then explaining the concept plus the science behind it that helped them grow past these stumbles Their conversational witty yet earnest writing style makes each chapter a comfort—like a warm cuppa’ with that savvy sis— rather than a chore Delving into our morning reading — cup balanced on my growing belly shelf—I felt nurtured by their words They guide you and may challenge you but won’t stress shame patronize or scold you— best big sisters ever 2 You Might Like This Book If You’re either a recovering fundamentalist Christian or a recovering ‘parfectionist’ or bothWhile both raised with some Sunday’s and holidays in the pews neither my fiancé nor I deem ourselves ‘religious’ Just mildly ‘spiritual’ in casual meditate on trees and sunsets cross fingers and give thanks for good health non doctrinal ways Now though one co author Ellen O’ Donnell is a doctor of child psychology the other Molly Phinney Baskette is a Christian pastor While Baskette’s Northern California congregation could be the most progressive in the nation still given that we don’t identify as Christian my guy and I weren’t sure we’d find much take away from a faith based parenting bookHow lucky to be wrong we were These two non religion identifiers found so SO much take away here So good readers don’t let any non affiliations stop you from picking this book up If you are a Christian yes there are gems in these pages for you But if you’re ‘spiritual but not religious’ a Buddhist a pagan an agnostic a humanist— or just a human— I’m here to tell you there are gems gems gems aplenty in these pages for you Forget all those labels— find your gems Because it turns out for me and likely for you too that the accepting progressive flavor of faith Baskette speaks from is the most beautiful possible scaffold to support parents towards raising kind content loved and loving kids Rather than liking this book despite its Christian references I found myself appreciating each new twist on a parable or uote I’d written off when I’d stopped attending Which was healing on a whole additional level For example chapter two discusses Proverbs 226 about ‘training up a child in the right way’ As the authors explain the ‘right way’ is actually best translated similarly to our understanding of to ‘Go with the grain of the wood’ Since three of my four kiddos have my maiden ‘Wood’ as their last name my ears perked up at this unexpected mentioning With relief I understood that I could have best been ‘going with the grain’ of my little Wood kiddos rather than sandingpainting over it all this time And so fun to get that insight from one of the last places I personally would have thought to look the Bible Again and again the authors take what I would have initially felt to be a conservative ‘train up’ a child Yikes sounding scripture turn it on its head dust it off and make it relevant to progressive parenting Training or parenting ‘in the right way’ they explain needn’t be some stern conformist perfectionist prescription for a model yet repressed and miserable inside child Instead ‘the right way’ means a way that is sensitive to the uniue needs the uniue ‘grain’ of how your child was uniuely created Since trying to follow mainstream parenting advice— from sleep training a newborn to effective teen surveillance— had always felt wrong as pushing a river Bless the Mess’s ‘go with the grain’ foundation was a sigh of relief But enough about me again— if you find you also suffer from a smudge of “parfectionism” please let the authors’ concepts like ‘good enough parenting’ aid you in ditching parfectionism in favor of their sane and sustainable new way 3 You Might Like This Book IfYou fear you don’t have time to read a parenting book all the way throughBut you could still use some ‘Sabbath’For those parents with the leisure to read a parenting book all the way through on a long weekend with their toes in the sand power to you I’m sure that would be a delight But for those of us working moms and dads of many hunting for spare moments in the wee morning hours or in the bathroom this book will still function just fine You CAN skip without compunction to the money screen time bullying or sexuality chapter when that’s what’s urgent for you that week Since slowly finishing it over two months I’ve been flipping back and forth and see myself flip flopping fish like around in these thankfully well bound pages for several years into the future So relaxed toes in the sand parents AND harried distracted parents this book’s for YOU But even if you’re overwhelmed and harried— or because you are—try this book for five minutes in the morning A brief ritual A restful mini ‘Sabbath’ which as the authors note in chapter seven should be a kind of everyday soul nurturing rest— and the Ten Commandments are strongly suggest that we take it So savor a few Bless this Mess pages to fuel you through your parenting day Even better share this little sabbath by reading together with your co parentyour love It’s interesting to note that much of the parenting advice herein— loving the uniue person; forgiving; tuning into ‘Kairos rather than Chronos’ time also makes awesome couples’ advice Before beginning our morning Bless this Mess reads our ‘couples’ media time was mostly newspaper headlines Trevor Noah reading kids chapter books aloud to the kids and episodes of Democracy Now aka Depressing Me Now So great to share these nurturing insightful pages together instead of some minutes of wasted MyFace scrolling So whatever r your beautiful mess goodreads friend let it be blessedby this book #PRHpartner CrownPublishing

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Pairing modern psychology with liberal Christian spirituality Dr Ellen O'Donnell and Rev Molly Baskette deliver a clear and compelling modus operandi for making family life work one rooted in research on parenting and Christian values peppered with personal stories and a heavy dose of humor When authors Ellen O'Donnell and Molly Baskette became parents they read lots of books on parenting many of them great But when it came to practical suggestions that would Bless This PDFEPUB or help their family spiritually and psychologically they came up short Together they sought ou. This book is FULL of practical wisdom and advice for parents of children of all ages And it's the type of book that you don't have to read cover to cover but can turn to whatever chapter you need advice on at the timeAs a pastor and the parent of teenagers I wondered if the wisdom in this book would be much of use to me personally since my kids are out of the little kid stage I read it thinking that I would find wisdom to pass on to parents in my church However as a parent to teenagers I found the chapters on Sabbath the Beauty of Bodies Routines and Rituals and Worry Once Worry Well particularly helpful In the chapter on worry I resonated with the uote To let go of fear in parenting is not the same as never worrying It is to find enough room around the fear that you refuse to allow worry to dictate your parenting Every parent worries about their kids; the trick is to not let it control your parenting style and get in the way of letting your kids grow in healthy ways I recommend this book to parents with children of all ages who want a progressive spiritual but not too religious resource with really practical ideas about parenting in a wholistic way

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Bless This MessT brainstorming actionable steps to help their families in ways that weren't being discussed in parenting books This book is the fruit of their brainstorming and discussions In Bless This Mess readers will gain tools as they learn how to talk to kids about money bodies God ethics disability and difference how to stress less really how to embody an ethic of service to others how to live a practice of deep generosity and gratitude and most of all how to stop being so afraid all the damn time as we raise our kids in an increasingly chaotic and often scary world Both Christia. Sex drugs money racism serving others worship prayer where else can you read an excellent book about those topics and raising your children of all ages to grow into maturity and wisdom Lord please hear our prayerAuthors Molly and Ellen thought it would be good to write a parenting book for progressive Christians because so many of the Christian books out there focus too much on promoting a theological paradigm of original sin obedience purity and so forth The world needed a parenting book that treats young humans developing into mature humans with the progressive theological understanding of humans as a mixture of good and bad while using solid scientific research to guide best practices With this approach the authors move beyond the binary thinking that pervades so much of our culture especially in parenting For example spank or don’t spank Take away stuff as punishment or don’t take away stuff Don't talk about sex and drugs or dump on your teens all the juicy details about your own or others' experiencesThe authors seek to promote good enough parenting Often in parenting good results to be achieved in parenting though not perfect results come from good enough parenting Parenting is complex and can never reach perfection Be consistent not rigid Be authoritative not authoritarian Be good enough not perfectIf you're tired of the clinical how to approach of many parenting books and want to read a book full of humor honest and inspiring self disclosure progressive spirituality and scientific insights then look no further