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Children of the MoonFrom celebrated author Anthony De Sa comes a raw and compelling novel of love war and the heartbreaking effects of memory ' You must listen to my words You must promise to tell my story the way I have shared it with you'Tanzania A Maasai woman gives birth to a child with albinism The child is seen as a curse upon her tribe and so begins Pó's tumul. This book is a major step forward for Anthony De Sa His earlier novels are very good but in Children of the Moon De Sa moves into a in depth detailed and intricately written novel Shifting in time location and character the novel covers a wide spectrum of a very distressing time in Portuguese historyThere are three major characters in this novel all of whom near an albatross around their necks Serafim is a journalist who must live with the fact of how his earlier writings revealed and changed the lives of a vanishing culture Ezeuiel must deal with a life of trauma family tragedy and brutal surroundings Finally there is Po a child who must grow up in a world where her albinism marks her as different to all and a target of violence and ostracism to someWith very effective writing De Sa weaves the lives of these people together and in the process creates a very intriguing novel To top it off he wraps much of this novel around a most interesting physical structure called the Grand hotel which is in itself a character of its ownIf you want a novel that draws its pen across the expanse of Tanzania and Mozambiue and the turmoil of the times this book is a great read

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Children of the Moon Download Þ 7 Ë [EPUB] ✰ Children of the Moon By Anthony De Sa – From celebrated author Anthony De Sa comes a raw and compelling novel of love war and the heartbreaking effects of memory ' You must listen to my words You must promise to tell my story the way I have From celebrated author Tuous story As Pó navigates the Children of Epubworld she must claim her life in the face of violence and ostracismFurther south in Portuguese controlled Mozambiue Ezeuiel struggles for acceptance too Adopted by missionaries he is not recognized by his Portuguese father's community or by his Makonde mother's tribe When civil war erupts he must choo. They asked if I had any uestions but they didn't answer them 21 The children of the moon are the Africans with albinism who suffer rather than one might imagine for their genetic heritage This novel grew out of author interviews with people on location the People with albinism the people fighting for their right to decent and safe accomodation; and the veterans and civilian survivors of the local wars Darting between time and space weaving story within story not in an elegant tapestry but a shroud AdS gives us a stripped down version of the hell that was Tanzania and Mozambiue in the mid fifties In his deceptively mild and melodious prose he brings together the fragments of 3 lives overburdened by their past Distance is simply measured but timetime grabs ahold of your throat and doesn't let go p226People are left with nothing except promises 110

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Se who to fight for and who to leave behindPó and Zeca come together in a time of momentous change Love connects these two outsiders forcing them to confront the shattering impact of colonialism and war Children of the Moon is a stunning and unforgettable exploration of the love of two people at once bound and separated by forces beyond their contr. I loved this novel and I had the privilege of hearing the author speak at a book club in Toronto about it prior to my reading itIt is a deeply moving story about the tragedy and horror of three separate lives; including one with Albinism whom has endured the wrath and fear of her tribes beliefs in the curse she bears and can inflict upon themA tender love story and what I found most compelling is the as yet untold story hint hint Anthony of the narrators childhood in Brazil this is likely what has made the empathic listening to and telling of Po's story so touchingExcellent writing