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Dark Castle The Dazzling Court #1 review ¿ 103 ☆ ❰Epub❯ ❧ Dark Castle The Dazzling Court #1 Author Fawn Bailey – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Forget white knights bring on the dark princes This is a truly dark fairytale I hope you have your magic wand at the ready you're going to need it – Jade West USA TodaForget white knights bring on the The Dazzling PDFEPUB #234 dark princes This is a truly dark fairytale I hope you have your magic wand at the ready you're going to need it – Jade West USA Today bestselling author From USA Today bestselling author Isabella Starling writing as Fawn Bailey a contemporary dark fairytale trilogy filled with luxury lies and seduction Once upon a time a prince stole my heart But that wasn't Dark Castle PDFEPUBenough for him He wants to own me and I'm than eager to kneel for him Being the heir to a kingdom Prince Olivier Bellamy has all the gold I've ever dreamed of and getting married to him is the only way for me to save myself and my loved ones Unfortunately the battle. I'm in the between of loving this and just thinking its an okay story I love the plot i love that its different but i just didnt like the writing jn the story and feel the main heroine was to childish for my liking I'll finish this series but maybe try something else by the author and if i dont like than i might not be to invested

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For his heart won't be easy A royal competition for Prince Olivier means I'm going up against Castle The Dazzling PDFEPUB #232 twelve other girls and they are as beautiful as they are ruthless But I'm not going down without a fight I'm not Amber Jonathan poor little girl from the wrong side of the tracks any I'm finally ready to wear the crown And I'll do anything to get it But not everything is as it seems at the royal court Dark secrets castle intrigue and hidden twists await me on my journey to the throne And soon enough I realize Prince Olivier isn't the only royal interested in my hand Someone else wants than just his ring on my finger The royal bastrd Bruno will stop at nothing to put his heir i. Okay first thought after I read this story was WTF did I just read Holy hell did that just happen What the eff with the ending I thought my kindle was broken because it was not turning any pages and I wanted no Fawn made me need My head was whirling with everything that happened and the secrets and lies and twists and turns had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happenAmber is one of 12 girls vying for the position to be the one who captures the heart of Oliver and be his wife Amber knows she wants Oliver and will do anything she has to do to have him by her side She deals with the catiness of the other girls and she has to fight off another royal who wants her Bruno Oliver's brother wants Amber but she is not interested and he is pursuing her like no ones businessJust when things start to heat up there is a monkey wrench thrown in there and shizz starts to pop off Oh and that ending lord that ending had me like WTH Fawn really you are going to leave the readers hanging like this needing no wanting book two like ASAP

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Dark Castle The Dazzling Court #1Nside me And just when I think I have the money in my pocket and Olivier wrapped around my little finger the rules change and the games truly begin Dark Castle is the first book in The Dazzling Court trilogy Amber's story continues in Wicked Prince and Ever After ★★★★★ Intense Nail biting Unpredictable Every time I thought I had it figured out it changed direction And I loved it My Life Through Fiction Blog ★★★★★ Loved every single second of this If you love dark romance you need to read this Jacinta Goodreads reviewer ★★★★★ Wow What am I getting myself into with this series I need I have no idea what is going to happen My brain is a jumbled mess Jessica Goodreads reviewe. Sometimes when you start reading a book you can instantly tell it's going to be a good story and the deeper you get into it you know you've only just scratched the surfaceDark Castle is a fantastic 45 star story that just keeps on givingIt had me mesmerized from the beginning and I read it all in one goAmber and Olivier have a chemical reaction that's ingrained into their souls There's an invisible thread holding them together and a lust that craves the otherThat ending was definitely worth the wait and what a fantastic cliffhangerI'm not usually a fan of cliffies but that was the perfect place to halt the storyI'm loving Bruno nearly as much as Olivier and I can't wait to find out where their story is taking usThis story is fast pacedexceptionally well written and pulls you in to their story from the very beginningI'm absolutely loving this series and I highly recommend you one click it as soon as you can