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characters â Wrapped Up in You Heartbreaker Bay #8 é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [Reading] ➷ Wrapped Up in You Heartbreaker Bay #8 By Jill Shalvis – It’s love Trust me After a lifetime on the move Ivy Snow is an expert in all things temporaryIng that can rock it Like the realities of a past she’s worked hard to cover up And especially Kel Wrapped Up PDF or O’Donnell Too hot Up in You Heartbreaker Bay eBook #10003 not to set off alarms he screams temporary If only his whispers weren’t so delightfully naughty and irresistibleKel an Idaho sheriff and ranch owner is on vacay but Ivy’s a. The good kind of troubleHow embarrassing is it when you walk up to a stranger and ask them Do I know you and they look back at you with a blank and slightly horrified look before scurrying away Well I’ve done that to myself numerous times What makes it even worse is I later work out that he’s the guy who gets on the same train carriage as me or I walked past him while doing the grocery shopping Well meeting Kel felt a little like that I know that I know him but for the life of me I can’t remember the details of our meeting At least this time I know I’ve legitimately met him because Jill told me so 😉 Wrapped Up in You was a little treat to me Actually it was a little treat from Jill Shalvis but I’d kept it sitting on my Kindle for a rainy day knowing that one day I may need a pick me up Well that day has comeand goneand Wrapped Up in You did the trick There’s something about Ms Shalvis’ writing that always hits the spot for me It’s that wonderful mix of humour romance and sexy times that always leaves me completely satisfiedAs I mentioned above I had previously met Kel when he popped up in the Animal Magnetism series Of course I loved him then Well I think I loved him I must have because I can’t remember ever disliking a Jill Shalvis herocharactergood guy Well he must have been a good guy or this would have been a redeeming story wouldn't it He was all muscley hot and good guy goodness so I’m guessing this leopard didn’t change his spotsOh My LordyI am making such a mess of this reviewSORRYAnywaysI really liked Wrapped Up in You and found the characters to be lovable sweet funny and sexy They’re also flawed which makes them very real We don’t just get the hearts fluttering; you rock my world in this story You get the YOU BLOODY NUMBSKULL feelings tooIvy was a tough character with a determination that I really admired With nothing but hard work and a fierce commitment to making something of herself she is determined to succeed Ivy's had to put up barriers to protect herself Between unreliable family and friends from her past it was easier to keep to herself New friendships that she's formed are starting to feel like a family and are testing those impenetrable barriers she put up When her brother comes back into her life and messes with her happiness it's Kel and her friends that have her back While I loved this story I did find the love a little bit uick It was weird though because two weeks felt like months with these two When the declarations happened I was sighing and getting choked up with emotions and then a little suinty eyed when I realised the timeframe I get instant attractions and connections but I find the big gestures like moving cities for the love of your life AFTER TWO WEEKS not so muchI really love the Heartbreaker Bay series and Jill Shalvis can do no wrong when it comes to writing entertaining contemporary romance This is a story about two people finding love when they were least expecting it Both Ivy and Kel have dealt with some pretty heavy stuff in their pasts but while they are wary of risking their hearts neither can deny the feelings developing Trust is the big hurdle for these two and while it takes a few run ups to conuer they do get there in the end I guess they just had to trust and believe in love before their wish on the love fountain would workIf you’re looking for a good series to sink into and you haven’t tried a Jill Shalvis yetDO IT You won’t regret it Stacey is Sassy received an advanced copy of this story The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes

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It’s in You Heartbreaker Bay PDFEPUBlove Trust me After in You PDFEPUB #195 a lifetime on the move Ivy Snow is an expert in all things temporary schools friends and way too many Mr Wrongs Now that she owns a successful taco truck in San Francisco and an apartment to call home Ivy’s reinvented life is on solid ground And she’s guarded against anyth. Mentally sifting through a long list of fantasies Ivy told her landlord all about Brandon the artist who was living in Paris at the moment becoming famous for his incredible oil landscapes She left off the fact that he peddled stolen art instead of creating it and it hadn’t been Paris France but Paris TexasAnd trust me women are tougher than us They can handle our shit And if you don’t think so think about this—they take showers with the water temperature set to the exploding sun by choiceHer chest felt tight Way too tight “It’s hot in here” she whispered “Is it hot in here” she asked all the people standing way too close “Honey that’s called a hot flash” an elderly woman waiting in line said “Are you going through the change” “Edna she’s like twelve” the woman next to the first one said “She’s not going through the change And how much longer before you refill the mashed potatoes I can’t stand on my feet too long I get the veins”My ReviewI don’t think I will ever tire of Jill Shalvis’s clever wit or her entertaining and amusing tales To use one of her own words she is divinely “Crackalicious” One of the main characters of this book was Ivy Snow and although ivy doesn’t typically have thorns this Ivy was a prickly one who was always on guard and for good reason I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy her but Ivy’s backstory was a heart sueezer and my appreciation of her rose steadily as her layers were slowly peeled back I grew to adore this couple as much as the other Heartbreakers that I’ve read

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Wrapped Up in You Heartbreaker Bay #8Spicy reason to give his short terms plans a second thought Best of all she’s a tonic for his untrusting heart burned once and still in repair But when Ivy’s past intrudes on a perfect romance Kel fears that everything she’s told Up in You MOBI #241 him has been a perfect lie Now if only Ivy’s willing to share Kel will fight for a true love sto. Such a cute cover Wrapped Up In You was an okay read Did I love it No Did I like it Yep Seems to be the trend for me with Shalvis the last few which is a bit disappointing The Gist Kel is in town for a few weeks helping his cousin with security while he's on administrative leave after an injury and the man realizes he has a thing for spicy tacos and the fiery woman who makes them Troublesome for sure Alright So the bad stuff out of the way first I'm REALLY tired of all the man bashing That's the main thing that stuck in my head after reading this one I'm tired of heroines and their girlfriends constantly going on about men suck men are assholes men are scum liars etc And tired of the man always being the one to grovel or apologize even when they're not totally at fault He should 100% trust when she doesn't 100% trust It's just boorish and I'm sick of it My other issue was Kel's mom She cheated on his dad for a couple years before he died then promptly abandoned her young kids when he died and shacked up and married the guy she cheated with And everyone's like Kel you need to get over it and be nice to her Fuck That You don't abandon your children especially after they've lost their father and then come back once they're grown and get an easy do over The reasons for both were lame in my opinion too and just meant to excuse bad behavior of yet another woman and put a man in the shame on you category SogrrrWhew okay that's out of the way The good stuff I loved Kel He's one of those guys that has a uiet intensity about him He's been hurt in the past but he's a good man who does what's right and has a steady patience about him that's so dang sexy He's not in a rush He'll get where he wants to be he's just gonna wait for you to beg him to be there He was definitely the highlight of the book Ivy was okay for the most part She is a very hard worker and a determined soul Pulling herself out from nothing and going after her dreams That's all pretty awesome And she's a cook which is fun I had some frustrations with her on trust She has issues because of her family especially her brother who's scummy He's destroyed her trust But then she keeps trusting him whenever he shows up And then the people she SHOULD trust she hides things from them and lies to them Which was an entirely moronic situation in my opinion The romance was okay too I liked them together as a whole They balanced each other out nicely with his steady patience and her higher strung neurotic self Had nice chemistry and heat They both had some trust issues but it seemed like his were harped on than hers though hers caused issues Overallan okay read Which is disappointing from a Shalvis book The last couple just have missed the mark for me I wish she'd go back to the Lucky Harbor vibes really and stop with the man bashing That's getting old Especially when the men in uestion are pretty amazing and the women rocking just as many flaws yet you never hear the heroes going on how women are the scum of the earth