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The Snow Walker's SonTHE SNOW WALKER'S SON is a book of intrigue of banishment and sorcery of an ice cold winter and an unseen evil eye The Snow PDF or Jessa and Thorkil are banished by the evil witch Gudrun to the ice kin. Re read in January 2013 I remembered this book as being a long difficult epic saga which says something about how young I must have been when I first read it as it's a very brief story The pace is uick moving the action along from one place to another and the story is a tried and tested formula of good conuering evil Jessa is a bland and often stupid heroine whose actions freuently endanger the group and Thorkil is so unlikeable that I wanted him to be buried in an avalanche But Kari is lovely He's viewed as a monster by everyone due to his looks and magical ability and because his mother is a psycho bitch of a ueen but he still has an adorably sweet and thoughtful natureThis book is probably also responsible for my love of Norse tales Sorcery and snow what a combination

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Characters ã The Snow Walker's Son Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ❰EPUB❯ ✻ The Snow Walker's Son Author Catherine Fisher – THE SNOW WALKER'S SON is a book of intrigue; of banishment and sorcery; of an ice cold winter and an unsOurney Thorkil and Jessa arrive and at last meet Kari He is not as they feared but is a slight winsome young man His only terror is that he too has the power But he is determined to use the magic wisel. Luckily I wasn't at all disappointed after rereading this book It's a focused short story but well thought out and tension filled The world in which the characters live is well realised with only a few words

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Gdom to the North Here they will be incarcerated with Gudrun's son Kari about whom there are the most terrible tales He is rumoured to be half man half beast and is a figure of dread After an endless j. Well written chock full of intrigue and adventure My only complaint is that it was too short The end came before I was even aware that I was at the end of the book Definitely looking forward to the second one