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FREE MOBI ¼ DOC Sparkle Harleuin Next 9780373881000 ´ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Sparkle Harleuin Next By Jennifer Greene – Poppy Thompson The self proclaimed homeliest woman in town she deals with animals for a living rather than peopleBren Price The ever proper minister's wife she does everything herOst   Poppy's surgical transformation Bren's escape from her husband Yet the real treasure just might be the friendship these two total opposites form once they discover all that glitters isn't go I actually picked up this book on a cruise just the promo they give you in your room with a few teaser chapters and I found it enjoyable enough to actually go get the book It was a fun read but I expected from the characters

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But lately her best just isn't good enoughThey'd never even spoken to one another until a surprise inheritance brings them together A fortune in sparkling jewelry could give them what each desires m I found a new author to read Good book to read over the summer I enjoyed it This story is about two totally different women becoming friends after they receive a surprise inheritance of jewelry Poppy a prim and proper minister's wife When Maude Rose the town outcast dies these two are shocked that they inherit gaudy jewelry More so when they find the gems are the real thing

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Sparkle Harleuin NextPoppy Thompson The self proclaimed homeliest woman in town she deals with animals for a living rather than peopleBren Price The ever proper minister's wife she does everything her husband tells her Maude Rose was on a mission Dressed in her favorite colorful caftan and lovely satin slippers wearing her pound or so of makeup with her half orange half white hair done up elegantly well sort of she added her spakly jewelry around her neck and up and down her arms In spite of the rain and in spite of the breathtaking pains in her chest she managed to do the deed Maude had no friends in Righteous Virginia and most of them turned their noses up or turned away whenever she was out and about If it bothered her she didn’t show it She believed in flaunting what people thought they knew about herBren Price is the ideal minister’s wife She dresses modestly heads up church committees sees to the needs of the sick and elderly cares for the small children in the parish She is a huge support to her husband and gives all that she has to help him build up the church and its finances Trouble is lately she has been too good at what she doesPoppy Thompson is according to Poppy herself the homeliest woman in town She’s never been girly Her mother passed away when she was young and while her dad and her two brothers watched out for her she never had the mother figure to help her figure out her feminine side While she has no actual training she is good with animals and has a good job with the town veterinarian the good looking twice married Web The two of the work side by side and make a good team when it comes to rescuing and healing dogs rabbits fawnsanything that comes their way Sure she has needs and she has allowed a few guys to con her into thinking she was special but it never lasted Why bother? She is what she is and she devotes herself to her animalsBren and Poppy know of each other but there has been no reason for the two of the to cross paths much less become friends The two of them knew of Maude and neither of them ever treated her unkindly although they had not actually befriended herSoyou have three women who are loosely connected but are not what you would call friends And thenCal Asher town lawyer called Bren and Poppy into his office for a joint meeting It seems that Maude’s mission on the day of her death from chest pains was to leave the two women her fabulous collection of gaudy gold and silver and oh so sparkly jewelry Really?? Why? And it surely isn’t worth anything is it?And the adventure of friendship and soul searching and hard truths begins Hurtful things are said kind acts are made Secrets are told and kept Three unlikely women form a bond Who knew?I actually read this in one day it was that good I was drawn to both of these women so alike and yet so different I wanted to shake them and hug them They were so good at giving advice and yet not so good at taking it I just knew something was bound to give and when it did Oh yeah It was good Very very goodHere's to you Maude Rose