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The Library of the Unwritten review è 103 Ô [Reading] ➯ The Library of the Unwritten ➷ A.J. Hackwith – In the first book in a brilliant new fantasy series books that aren't finished by their authors reside in the Library of the Unwritten in Hell and it is up to the Librarian to track down any rIn the first book in of the Epub #226 a brilliant new fantasy series books that aren't finished by their authors reside in the Library of the Unwritten in Hell and it is up to the Librarian to track down any restless characters who emerge from those unfinished storiesMany years ago Claire was named Head Librarian of the Unwritten Wing a neutral The Library Epubspace in Hell where all the storie. The concept is super creative and I love the way Hackwith fully embraces getting meta and playful with storytelling and tropes She’s crafted a magical and expansive and given personality to all of the characters While I appreciate the creativity a lot I couldn’t find myself attached to any of the characters or the stakes and often found that the pacing dragged throughout an already dense story This was a miss for me but perhaps readers who are really into the idea of “magical libraries” might love it

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S unfinished by their authors reside Her job consists mainly of repairing and organizing books but also of keeping an eye on restless stories that risk materializing as characters and escaping the library When a Hero escapes from his book and goes in search of his author Claire must track and capture him Library of the eBook #9734 with the help of former muse and current assistant Brevity and n. talented brilliant incredible amazing show stopping spectacular never the same totally uniue completely not ever been done before unafraid to reference or not reference put it in a blender shit on it vomit on it eat it give birth to it—Lady Gaga probably after reading this book

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The Library of the UnwrittenErvous demon courier LetoBut what should have been a simple retrieval goes horrifyingly wrong when the terrifyingly angelic Ramiel attacks them convinced that they hold the Devil's Bible The text of the Devil's Bible is a powerful weapon in the power struggle between Heaven and Hell so it falls to the librarians to find a book with the power to reshape the boundaries between Heaven Helland Eart. I was very excited by the concept of the Library of the Unwritten and was eager to read it We learn that in this library an unwritten book can wake up manifest as one of its character and escape from the book It was the Librarian’s responsibility to track down the escapee and return him or her to its pages The worst thing that can happen is for the character to make contact with the author and influence them and their writing thereby potentially changing the book and it’s direction which may not bode well for the character’s return to its pages Further the longer the character experiences life outside the book the he or she could change and as a result no longer fit in the bookThe idea of escaped characters from unwritten books is very imaginative and my favorite part of The Library of the Unwritten was following the escapee named Hero But I found the reading of this book to be a major chore It took very little for me to be distracted from reading it and putting off picking it back up again For me the plot meandered and never fully pulled me in I do enjoy science fictionfantasy novels but this one just did not satisfy me I am not exactly sure why I had so much trouble reading The Library of the Unwritten but overall the execution of this appealing premise did not work for me Thank you to Berkley Publishing GroupAce and NetGalley for an advance reader copy in exchange for my honest opinion