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Facing an unexpected new challenge his feelings for HarperHow can she dare to open her heart to a man who’ll be there only long enough to break itSo Harper and Aidan agree try to keep it professional and focus only on Phoenix and the finish line But along the way they could also learn a few lessons in love trust and taking chances And as painful as it promises to be saying goodby I had read and enjoyed the previous books in this series but I especially loved this synopsis I love love loved Harper and Aidan They’re both a little guarded and maybe too prickly but they have reasons and it absolutely works for their relationship The animals were a fantastic set of characters and I enjoyed having them as a constant in the scenes Plot wise it was the slowest of slow burns I’ve ever read and it was glorious I was drowning in UST and chemistry and didn’t want it to stop Harper and Aidan are open with each other and have conversations and it was refreshing to see how that played out The conflict is nearly non existent and the time passed uickly when I wanted it to Overall it was the best of the three and a story I know I’ll be reading again Huge thanks to Montlake for providing the arc free of charge

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All Roads Lead to YouAll bets are off in Lead to eBook #9734 this heartfelt romance by New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst Happily single Harper Bishop trusts in only one passion her rescue farm and healing her thoroughbred Phoenix Her dream is to lead him to the Triple Crown But how unreachable is it without experience or help A All Roads ePUB #9734 handsome new guest at her family’s BB I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review This book is the final installment to the Stay series and they saved the best for last Harper was an interesting character in the first two books and it was clear that she wanted to surround herself with her animals They loved her she loved them back and she was especially passionate with her rescue horses Harper endured her own heartbreak as a young girl and her wounded heart never really healed until Aiden showed up Aiden is on a break from his business in Ireland and shows up at the Inn to relax but the horses are calling him like a siren especially a rescue horse named Phoenix who has a lot of potential to be a winner of the Kentucky Derby Aiden is a trainer and has trained winners and appeals to Harper and her family to allow him to train Phoenix as he believes he has a strong chance to win the big racesHarper and Aiden have chemistry but they want to keep their distance and focus on Phoenix's training They're both afraid to take a leap and even after admitting their attraction they decide it is best not to act on it Their work spans over a year and as time passes the walls that they have built up towards one another begin to crumble and they give in to their feelings This is a sweet love story as Harper is so strong and stubborn but you know she deserves love and so does Aiden Their love of animals especially with a rescue goat makes you feel joy and you can't help a little laughter tooI loved this book and wished for Never a dull moment an enjoyable read

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epub µ All Roads Lead to You Kindle Edition ✓ johnscyclingdiary â ❴KINDLE❵ ❄ All Roads Lead to You Author Jennifer Probst – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk All bets are off in this heartfelt romance by New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst Happily single Harper Bishop tHas what it takes to make it come true And with his irresistible brogue warm smile and soothing touch he’s a major distractionAfter a bitter betrayal horse trainer Aidan O’Connor has fled Ireland for a vacation in New York’s Hudson Valley When he sees the horse Roads Lead to Epub #224 with the fighting spirit he’s inspired with a new goal to train Phoenix to win He’s also 4 StarsARC provided by Montlake Romance Harper Bishop lives in the small town of Gardiner located in New York’s Hudson Valley She owns a family business with her two siblings with a BB and a farm She runs their rescue farm where she finds solace in the uiet of the barn She preferred the company of animals to people and the horse rescues were her heart and soul She was happily single independent and had never needed a man to complete her Then they get a new guest at the BB that pushes all her buttons and sets her blood on fire Not only is he a pleasure to look at but he also seems to share her passion for healing saving and connecting with animals Aidan O’Connor is a horse trainer from Ireland who has arrived in the uaint town of Gardiner for some rest and relaxation He’s burned out and needs a vacation and somewhere to lay low He hopes this two week break and change of scenery will be a nice fresh start Then he lays eyes on a horse that calls to him on every level Phoenix is a beautiful thoroughbred with a fighting spirit He’s inspired by this horse and feels like he’s meant to train him He also feels an intense bond with the horse’s owner Harper uickly becomes his summer crush even though he knows she’s off limits He couldn’t deny how much she affected him but if he wanted them to work together he couldn’t cross that invisible line Harper and Aidan work together as an amazing team but it’s getting harder and harder to keep things professional Neither want their attraction to complicate their business relationship but the temptation becomes unbearable on a daily basis Every time they get too close the electric energy between them threatens to ignite He was everything she could want in a man and pulled unexpected feelings from her but she knew soon they’d have to part ways Could she let him go and say goodbye when the time came or would she take a chance on love The connection between them simmered like a low flame ready to rise She fascinated him from her uiet strong manner to her generous heart He imagined being the man she trusted with her heart Time stretched and pulsed with unspoken uestions and a sizzling attraction she'd never experienced before It had taken one solitary ride to figure out this man called to her Aidan O'Connor got her His ruthless honesty challenged her in a way no man had ever done before All Roads Lead To You Stay #3 by Jennifer Probst is a heartwarming emotional romance about love trust healing and beautiful connections I’ve really enjoyed this series and loved finally getting Harper’s story She’s such an strong amazing woman and then we get this gorgeous Irish man who is just icing on the cake 💗💗🔥🔥 NOW AVAILABLE