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10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World review Õ 109 ë ➽ [Reading] ➿ 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World By Elif Shafak ➲ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk An intensely powerful new novel from the best selling author of The Bastard of Istanbul and Honour 'In the first minute following her deaAn intensely powerful 38 Seconds ePUB #180 new novel from the best selling author of The Bastard of Istanbul and Honour 'In the first minute following her death Teuila Leila's consciousness began to ebb slowly and steadily like a tide receding from the shore Her brain cells having run out of blood were now completely dep. To the women of Istanbul and the city of Istanbul which is and has always been a she cityI love that this is Elif Shafak's dedication for her book It is oh so aptMany many reviewers have spoken of the significance of the book's title both in depth elouently So I'll not re visit its' significanceWhat I will say is reading this was extremely emotive A sueeze to the heartThis is Leila's story And one that you should read She recounts memories of her life from her birth to a young child to an adult to her final breath Many of them long forgotten Many of them best forgottenMy heart cried out for the injustices suffered by her and so many women both in the past as well as the present Undoubtedly in the future too Though I'm upset not only for the women but for all people who are abused displaced judged held back hurting ignored the list is endless All because they do not fit into the confined parameters of a patriarchal society Or one marred by religious zealotryThis story brings into sharp focus all these people and their stories In a wondrous blend of the modern changing world versus traditional sometimes superstitious practicesThe underlying beauty in this book is friendship a theme which comes across bold strong As I've read so many times in the past week synchronicity family you are born with friends are family you choose Or something along those lines Which crossed my mind repeatedly while reading Leila's story For her this is so trueWe hear the backstories of Leila's dearest friends each of them one of the five who become her new family in Istanbul the city where all the discontented and all the dreamers eventually ended upHollywood Humeyra Jameelah Nostalgia Nalan Sabotage Sinan Zaynab122 display an intense loyalty to Leila which is a joy to behold What they do for her after her death is both fierce brave Leila did not think one could expect to have than five friends Just one was a stroke of luck She had often thought five was a special number If friendship meant rituals they had them by the truckload 'You are not family''We were closer to her than family' Leila had friends Lifelong loyal loving friends She might not have had much else but this she surely hadI cannot even begin to express how reading about the Cemetery of the Companionless made me feelSensual writing abounds You can smell the scents of spices cardamom lemon You can feel the heat from the sky The evening breeze on your neck The lights of the city at night The sizzle of the food vendor's grill See the sun reflecting off the harbour Hear the seagulls careening The writing is so wonderfully descriptive It was like I could step into the pages and be thereDon't think from my review that this is a depressing story Far from it I know it could be viewed that way Yes there is incredible sadness But there is also hope And friendship And love For me this book re affirms how very special life it What it means to be alive How we can try to make changes and make the world inclusive And most importantly to hopefully be able to share your life with those who are special and mean something to youThe ending oh the ending Free at lastAn absolute wonder from Elif Shafak 5✩✩✩✩✩ plus This was an unofficial buddy read waves with the extremely well read book fiend Collin He is a Man Booker Prize 2019 long list reading machine #TeamCollin Please check out his utterly fab review at Long listed for the Man Booker Prize 2019 Shortlisted for the Man Booker SO pleased After all boundaries of the mind mean nothing for women who continue to sing songs of freedom under the moonlightAmen to that Sister 🌜⭐⭐⭐ Extra stars for there being a cat by the name of Mr Chaplin A coal black jade eyed deaf sweetheart Whose cat mother Leila rescued Yet another being that she took under her wing

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Rived of oxygen But they did 10 Minutes Kindle not shut down Not right away'For Leila each minute after her death brings a sensuous memory the taste of spiced goat stew sacrificed by her father to celebrate the long awaited birth of a son the sight of bubbling vats of lemon and sugar which the women use to wax their le. If you read the synopsis of the plot you may think it sounds strange and rather unappealing While reading the novel you will feel emotionally exhausted and at the same time you will recall what friendship means the friendship Leila was continually offered even after her brain shut down completely and her soul left her bodyLeyla her group of friends and Istanbul and the main protagonists and the worlds are of different nature the individualism versus the strict rules imposed by the society Diversity versus uniformity The narration takes us gradually through Leyla's life which was sad right from the beginning but later on she found continual support and love and respect when she no longer was with her closest friends who actually became her family Leyla's story will stay with me for a long time and as a reader I would like to say 'Than you' to Ms Shafak This was my first book by her but not the last one

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10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange WorldGs while the men attend mosue the Minutes 38 Seconds MOBI #238 scent of cardamom coffee that Leila shares Minutes 38 Seconds in This Kindle with a handsome student in the brothel where she works Each memory too recalls the friends she made at each key moment in her life friends who are now desperately trying to find he. MindblowingA girl is dead Or dying Or dead Or on the threshold of A sneak peak into an entirely strange world We get a view on how things get results entirely different from the ones envisioned So very many topics addressed families relations identity perception religion and how it sometimes develops into something else scary and foreign This all is delivered in a package I couldn't resist IncredibleHer name was LeilaTeuila Leila cshe might take offence and playfully hurl a shoe – one of her high heeled stilettos cNever in a thousand years would she agree to be spoken of in the past tense The very thought of it would make her feel small and defeated and the last thing she wanted in this world was to feel that way No she would insist on the present tense – even though she now realized with a sinking feeling that her heart had just stopped beating and her breathing had abruptly ceased and whichever way she looked at her situation there was no denying that she was dead cThis early in the morning they would be fast asleep each trying to find the way out of their own labyrinth of dreams cThere was so much she wanted to know In her mind she kept replaying the last moments of her life asking herself where things had gone wrong – a futile exercise since time could not be unravelled as though it were a ball of yarn cIn the sky high above a sliver of yesterday’s moon was visible bright and unreachable like the vestige of a happy memory She was still part of this world and there was still life inside her so how could she be gone How could she be no as though she were a dream that fades at the first hint of daylight Only a few hours ago she was singing smoking swearing thinking well even now she was thinking It was remarkable that her mind was working at full tilt – though who knew for how long She wished she could go back and tell everyone that the dead did not die instantly that they could in fact continue to reflect on things including their own demise People would be scared if they learned this she reckoned She certainly would have been when she was alive But she felt it was important that they knew cHow could you possibly change gears the moment you walked out of an office where you had spent half your life and suandered most of your dreams cAt some level invisible to the human eye opposites blended in the most unexpected ways cThe five of them Sabotage Sinan Nostalgia Nalan Jameelah Zaynab122 and Hollywood Humeyra c Ok this is taking a bit too far the talking names thingy How could seemingly sane minds be so consumed with all those crazy scenarios of asteroids fireballs and comets wreaking havoc on the planet As far as she was concerned the apocalypse was not the worst thing that could happen The possibility of an immediate and wholesale decimation of civilization was not half as frightening as the simple realization that our individual passing had no impact on the order of things and life would go on just the same with or without us Now that she had always thought was terrifying cThe old woman was widely respected in the neighbourhood and considered for all her eccentricities and reclusiveness to be one of the uncanny ones – those who had two sides to their personality one earthly one unearthly and who like a coin tossed into the air could at any time reveal either face cWhen men asked – and they often did – why she insisted on spelling ‘Leyla’ as ‘Leila’ and whether by doing so she was trying to make herself seem Western or exotic she would laugh and say that one day she went to the bazaar and traded the ‘y’ of ‘yesterday’ for the ‘i’ of ‘infinity’ and that was that cthe thought she kept returning to was this all these years she had been scared of make believe Gypsies who kidnapped small children and turned them into hollow eyed beggars but maybe the people she should be fearing were in her own home Maybe it was they who had snatched her from her mother’s armsFor the first time she was able to stand back and regard herself and her family from a mental distance; and what she found out made her uncomfortable She had always assumed they were a normal family like any other in the world Now she wasn’t so sure What if there was something different about them – something inherently wrong cAs the tastes of lemon and sugar melted on her tongue so too her feelings dissolved into confusion Just as the sour could hide beneath the sweet or vice versa within every sane mind there was a trace of insanity and within the depths of madness glimmered a seed of lucidity cTo this day she had been careful not to show her love for her mother when Auntie was around From now on she would have to keep her love for her aunt a secret from Mother as well Leila had come to understand that feelings of tenderness must always be hidden – that such things could only be revealed behind closed doors and never spoken about afterwards This was the only form of affection she had learned from grown ups and the teaching would come with dire conseuences c she had a tendency to do everything to excess she smoked too much swore too much shouted too much and was simply too much of a presence in their lives – a veritable maximum dose cShe regarded her memory as a graveyard; segments of her life were buried there lying in separate graves and she had no intention of reviving them cTell me was your mother also a hygiene freak’That made Leila stop cold No itching cA few of the labourers had a good voice and they liked to sing taking turns in leading In a world they could neither fully understand nor prevail in music was the only joy that was free of charge cThis city always surprised her; moments of innocence were hidden in its darkest corners moments so elusive that by the time she realized how pure they were they would be gone c Istanbul the city where all the discontented and all the dreamers eventually ended up cHer life like a door had closed and she was eager for another to open elsewhere He who has not travelled in the world has no eyes she thought cOnce our spirits are broken they know we won’t go anywhere She was thinking maybe she was only a half broken horse too frightened to bolt too lame to dare but still able to remember the sweet taste of and therefore to yearn for freedom cShe would go to a place where she could create herself anew You could traverse deserts climb mountains sail oceans and beat giants so long as you had a crumb of hope in your pocket cMake friends good ones Loyal ones No one can survive alone – except the Almighty God And remember in the desert of life the fool travels alone and the wise by caravan cHere comes a boy named Ali what an idiot he thinks he is Dali It had cut him to the core of his being the endless jeering the barbs But one day when a new teacher asked everyone in the class to introduce themselves he leaped to his feet first and said with a steady confident smile ‘Hi my name is Ali but I like it better when people call me DAli’ From then on the snide comments had stopped but he headstrong and independent had started using and even enjoying what was once a hurtful nickname с It was the expression on his face as if he were perpetually dissatisfied or disenchanted with what he saw what he heard what he couldn’t bring himself to be part of cHer father in law’s dentures soaking in a glass of water beside the box smiled conspiratorially cShe wondered whether just as too many cooks spoiled the broth too many revolutionaries could ruin a revolution but once again she kept her thoughts to herself cShe had often thought five was a special number The Torah contained five books Jesus had suffered five fatal wounds Islam had five pillars of faith King David had killed Goliath with five pebbles In Buddhism there were five paths while Shiva revealed five faces looking out in five different directions Chinese philosophy revolved around five elements water fire wood metal earth There were five universally accepted tastes sweet salty sour bitter and umami Human perception depended on five basic senses hearing sight touch smell taste; even though scientists claimed there were each with a baffling name it was the original five that everyone knew cThey had spent that evening chatting and laughing as if nothing could ever pull them apart and life were merely a spectacle exciting and unsettling but without any real danger involved like being invited to someone else’s dream cIstanbul was an illusion A magician’s trick gone wrong cTruth could be corrosive a mercurial liuor It could eat holes in the bulwarks of daily life destroying entire edifices c‘Why did you allow Yourself to be so widely misunderstood my beautiful and merciful God’ c‘I feel I think I’m inside a grave’‘Yes we can tell’ said Nalan‘Don’t panic my dear’ said Zaynab122 ‘Think about it this way You’re facing your fear it’s good for you’ c