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Epub ☆ Cabello Cabello #1 â Johnscyclingdiary Ä ➹ [Download] ➵ Cabello Cabello #1 By Grea Alexander ➼ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk A horrifically twisted fantastically campy tale of animalistic impulses Nightmares are the stuff that answered prayers are made of In Saintsville TX fewer than fiveKs the residents of Saintsville are dropping like flies When everyone involved in the cover up of Mineau December's abuse and brutal assault begin to die under mysterious circumstances Mineau believes her prayers are finally being answered Answered praye i liked the plot idea for this book but it felt like a first draft i wanted it to be longer and the plot to be fleshed out it was ment to be scary yet the killer cat scene ruined the build up of the start abuse but overall for such a short book i liked it

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A horrifically twisted fantastically campy tale of animalistic impulses Nightmares are the stuff that answered prayers are made of In Saintsville TX fewer than five people under the age of 70 have died in the past ten years Now in the course of a few wee Review of CABELLO by Grea AlexanderRevenge is not always a dish better eaten cold Sometimes it's better not to eat it at all as Mineau December and Mateo the only person to whom she opens up find out Mineau lives a life of tribulations I wouldn't wish on anyone Subject to physical abuse constantly then sexual abuse is added to it and she uickly finds out that in the small community of Saintsville Texas saints are few and far between and even plain old “good” characters are too Mineau literally can trust no one because almost everyone wants to hurt herUntil revenge begins not as Mineau had planned or could even have imagined It's brutal ugly injurious—and poetically just if not ever mercifulCABELLO is the first in a series

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Cabello Cabello #1Rs however uickly turn into a nightmare when Mineau finds that her savior is dangerous than anyone she has ever known than anything she could possibly dare imagine Cabello Cabello is a supernatural revenge horror fantasy fable Book 1 in the Cabello serie I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review Shut Up and Read group Mmm I must say I have some mixed feelings about this book I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it I actually read it with much interest and it was a fast read for me I read it in half a day But there were some things some scenes that left me a bit confused and like uh what? what happened? As for example Cabello's end And I mean Cabello as in the catdemon or whatever he was I mean how did Petrika know whowhat he was and how to finish him? And who the hell was she anyway? And howwhy did she look so much like Mineau? But let's get back on track I liked Mineau she had guts that's for sure I didn't like much Mateo It's not that he was bad or something I just didn't fall for him I actually found him a bit pushy And sticky Especially in the beginning Then he was just sort ofboring Peter on the other hand I liked him Bud disgusted me He really made me want to vomit for what he did to Mineau Cabellowell heit was just downright crazy and evil He didn't even realize he had turned into the same things he was hunting And worse Well I guess being a demon and all it was obvious uh? And ok sure the victims had it coming and deserved punishment Especially Bud and the sheriff But still And the ending? What is it about Cabello's heir? What will happen? Will it also go after Mineau and Mateo? Guess I'll have to wait for the seuel now