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Dumped ActuallyWhen Ollie Sweet is very publicly dumped by ‘The One’ his seemingly perfect world dissolves into misery self pity and a bizarre rooftop meeting with a suicidal man in flip flops While most would seek out the support of loved ones at such a torrid time natural born journalist Ollie asks the subscribers of his w Rating 4050GenreHumor Romance Romantic comedySynopsisOliver is dumped by Samantha who he thought is the one All happens publicly Ollie needs to get over of this failed relationship and the previous ones so he decides with the approval of his boss Erica to write about all his experience on the website under the name “Dumped Actually” It’s a funny riff on the movie title Love ActuallyBook StructureThe book is a little than 300 pages There are 12 chapters and in between the chapters there are interludes consisting of different people's email to Ollie The story is told from Ollie's point of view My ThoughtsThis is the second book I read for Nick Spalding My first read for him was Mad Love which was a fantastic romantic comedy When I reuested this book when it was available on a giveaway I knew I will like it because the way Spalding writes the humorous situations is very hilarious Dumped Actually is a light funny read I recommend if you are want to steer away of the serious dense reading stuff What I think that it lacks at least for me is the development of secondary characters This is where his other book Mad Love shined for me In this one we read about Ollie we get to know him than the rest The other characters were not as detailed as I was wishing If you read books written by Nick Spalding you know what to expect here so you should not hesitate to grab this one But if you have not read anything for him I would recommend Mad Love first because I liked that one and if you've been dumped then you should read this one without any uestions I give Dumped Actually 40 excellent stars out of 50Many thanks to Goodreads for providing me with a free copy of this book in return of this honest unbiased review

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ScotsmanOf course all of this goes down a storm with his online following and Ollie soon finds himself the centre of everyone’s attention – whether he likes it or notWith his eclectic collection of supporters to guide him can Ollie mend his broken heart heal his broken bottom and learn to find happiness again I am almost positive that I grabbed this audio book solely because it was narrated by the wonderful Steve West He is AMAZING So amazing Did I mention that he is an amazing audio book narrator Well he is It was a bit weird to hear him narrate this modern story about a semi awkward feature writer for a failing magazine who is trying to get over the terrible rejection he received from who he thought was THE ONE I still think of Steve West as narrator for An Ember in the Ashes and so I felt like Elias from that story had jumped into my world to tell this story Weird But after I got used to modern and realistic Steve Ward I was able to sit back and enjoy his wonderful take on this storyMy big problem at the beginning of this story was that I felt as if Nick Spalding was trying too hard to be cute and clever with his words Sure he was cute and clever but I was feeling a tad manipulated sort of how I feel for some of John Green's writings You have to admit that Ollie the protagonist of this story just falls into so many crazy and funny situations that it felt a bit contrived At first But soon I couldn't help myself I just kind of fell for the guy He was such a hopeless romantic but nothing seemed to go his way He felt like a loser but he wasn't He was a sweetheart and I had to root for him This isn't really a romance at all In fact if you are picking this up and hoping for some sort of happily ever after or even a wonderful relationship at the end you are going to be sadly disappointed and maybe even a bit ticked off But if you realize that this is a story of a guy figuring himself out and learning to be comfortable in his own skin I think you'll find a story that is rewarding and funny I didn't roll on the floor with tears in my eyes because of the humor in this But I did find myself chuckling here and there and that should count for something since it takes a bit for me to laugh out loud when I read books I think that Steve West did a phenomenal job painting a picture of who Ollie was and his sense of humor while he narrated It was a pleasure to listen to this narration I give the story a strong 35 stars but the narration was definitely 5 stars so that brings the whole story up to four I really liked it

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FREE EBOOK ñ EPUB Dumped Actually ä Ö JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY ↠ ➩ [Ebook] ➤ Dumped Actually By Nick Spalding ➵ – When Ollie Sweet is very publicly dumped by ‘The One’ his seemingly perfect world dissolves into misery self pity and a bizarre rooftop meEbsite how did they get over their failed relationshipsWhen Ollie follows some of their extreme advice chaos inevitably ensues including accidentally exposing himself to some unsuspecting wildlife jumping out of a perfectly serviceable aeroplane and suffering from an extremely painful bottom courtesy of a maniacal I need to get ahead of the books that I have finished the past week Due to me being at training right now I just don't have a lot of energy to post reviews Going to post as many as i can before I finally fall on my faceSo this book eh the main character got on my nerves That's before the reveal about what a loon he was when you find out the backstory on his and his girlfriend's relationship I used to watch How I Met Your Mother and over time the narrator of the story Ted Mobsy got on my freaking nerves Ted went around talking about being in love and wanting to be in love and even finally got his dream girl Robin who he just wore down into going out with him Do you know how happy I was when they broke up Because initially the writers got that Ted just loved being in love and wanted every woman he met to fit what he wanted He didn't really give a crap about them as independent people from himSo here enters the lead character Ollie Sweet Unlike with his other books Spalding's writing wasn't funny in this one I just knew where he was going with everything Har har Ollie goes to a spa and we know he's going to get waxed Ollie goes off to the forest gets bored and ha ha masturbates in front of deer I just felt annoyed through the whole book The only reason why I gave this three stars is that the book moves rather uickly and shocker of all Spalding doesn't go for a HEA that is fairly well telegraphed from the beginning of the bookOllie plans on proposing to his girlfriend at an amusement park on her birthday Yeah that right there would have me dumping you hard I am not a public proposal person Good on you all that have the ability to not recoil in fright if you are the center of attention So Ollie proposes gets rejected goes into a tailspin and the editor at his newspaper tells him that he should consider writing about his heartbreak The newspaper is doing low numbers and any day now they will get the ax Ollie turns his heartbreak into Dumped Actually a play on the movie Love ActuallyThis part of the movie is still seriously messed up to me I was maybe screaming at this point and wanted her husband to come out and kick his ass Who does this Sorry I am getting distractedAnyway Ollie via emails from readers starts going through the things you do to get over a breakup Get a makeover go out camping etc Through it all though I just realized that Ollie is one of those guys who dumps his friends anytime a woman is around he admits this and he is obsessed with his parents happy marriage and wanting to have one just like it Honestly Ollie is a wanker He's just one of those guys who is all I am a nice guy We don't get to read any of his writing so who knows how good at it he supposedly is But we just keep reading about his antics to get over his exThe secondary characters are developed in order to help Ollie learn about himself What made me laugh for all of his crap about his parents we don't hear much about them or his immediate family until his parents vow renewal ceremony I think Spalding should have included details on them Just reading about Ollie doing things his readers suggest to get over his ex gets boring He tries to throw in a side plot about the newspaper maybe being closed down and the terrible investor but I don't want to get into how offensive I found that whole freaking thing and I don't feel like spoiling Let's say per usual nice guy antics he can't just let his female