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Mobi ê The Civil War A Narrative Vol 1 Fort Sumter to Perryville ☆ Shelby Foote The Civil War A Narrative Vol 1 begins one of the most remarkable works of history ever fashioned All the great battles are here of course from Bull Run through Shiloh the Seven Days Battles and Antietam but so are the smaller ones Ball's Bluff Fort Done This first volume of a trilogy from the 50’s brings complex history and the personalities that play on its stage alive with a wonderful narrative approach rich in human stories When he writes what a key figure is thinking or speaking you have to take it with a grain of salt But for me all historical accounts even autobiography also need salt given how much the human factors behind events comes down to individual interpretation And seeing as how this was part of a labor of love or obsession involving 20 years of effort I don’t doubt he read everything he could get his hands of letters and eye witness accounts Once I heard his commentary on Ken Burns’ PBS documentary from the early 90’s I like many others came to love his voice his compassionate sensibilities and his sense of story about the battles in the war I was glad to experience this read by audiobook but struggled to find the maps I needed among my collection It’s hard to account for my or anyone else’s attraction to reading detailed accounts of the conduct of this war There is a general draw to the flame and crucible of war in general and its affront to humans’ belief in civilization and species self pride How it tests and destroys ideals and brings out the best in courage and self sacrifice in some and the worst in cruelty and crumbling morality in others Enuiring minds also want lessons from how each war might have been prevented or curtailed sooner and barring that to at least bear witness to the devastation of lives for which our species holds collective guilt There was plenty of devastation in this war to attend to with its butcher’s bill at 700K plus casualties compared to roughly 50K for the American Revolution but its heroes and villains and its lessons are obscure to me The American Civil War is especially painful and even embarrassing to behold Most other civil wars are about clear disputes or competing goals for peoples of different cultures and religions or revolts of a subjected political group against another This one on the surface doesn’t look worthy of an all out war On a basic level the war was over slavery but the issue was translated into the North fighting to preserve the Union and the South fighting to preserve state rights including the right to secede over differences in policy Couldn’t the North just have let the first set of seven rebelling states secede and maintain trade for their agriculture and markets for manufactured good from the Union? Lincoln couldn’t imagine that could work particularly with most boundaries between the two sides just lines on a map not conforming to natural ones like rivers The issue of many states including the new ones being formed in the western territories adopting slavery and joining the Confederacy would not be resolved Conflict over abolitionists inciting slave rebellion or providing refuge for runaway slaves would persist In his Republican campaign debates with Douglas Lincoln set the stage for war by declaring that “A house divided against itself cannot stand” and that in terms of slavery “it will become all one thing or all the other” But in his Inaugural Address after the first wave of secessions he pledged I have no purpose directly or indirectly to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists” War began over the occupation of federal forts in the Confederate states and the significant bloodshed galvanizes the two governments and peoples to escalate forces The Confederacy could recruit soldiers relatively easily for a fight framed as for independence by analogy with the Revolutionary War The Union couldn’t sell war so easily to the populace but a sense of superiority of might and revenge for shameful losses in the early battles was motivation enough not to reuire conscription Both sides had plenty of officers ready to play war many from a common training experience in the Mexican War and others from service in state militiasMuch of the book is devoted to the unfolding of the war battle by battle from the perspective of generals Foote’s analysis of their strengths and weaknesses feels pretty even handed to me and his novelist skill in conveying their appearance personality and leadership style was masterful It’s hard to grow some meaningful understanding of them as individuals because there are so many It helps if you can build on some prior knowledge of them from other books or from movies My admiration of Lee and Stonewall Jackson was tempered from a prior state of high respect The religious nuttiness of Jackson got to me always with God on his side as well as bloodthirstiness that led him in one fight ordering his men to kill all of the enemy and take no prisoners I learned to like about the brilliant actions cavalry general Jeb Stuart Nathan Bedford Forest I couldn’t help being biased against after learning that he was a slave trader Sherman whom I despise for later excesses in his destructive march through the South and in the Indian wars comes off as uite neurotic and low in self confidence in Foote’s account from early in the war Grant also to get beyond some personality barriers along the way I gained a complex understanding of McClelland the on and off chief of the Union forces He was often tagged by Foote as the “Little Napoleon” over his egotistical posturing I learned than I knew before about his excessive caution and freuent false complaints about being terribly outnumbered I gained disrespect as well for Beauregard with the Confederacy and Buell with the Union and gained in admiration for the Confederate van Dorn and the Union Admiral Farragut The battles too can become a blur The wave of early Confederate successes

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Doc ´ The Civil War A Narrative Vol 1 Fort Sumter to Perryville ´ 856 pages Download ↠ [Download] ✤ The Civil War A Narrative Vol 1 Fort Sumter to Perryville By Shelby Foote – The Civil War A Narrative Vol 1 begins one of the most remarkable work At was happening on all fronts but also how the author discovered it during his years of exhaustive research This first volume in Shelby Foote's comprehensive history is a must listen for anyone interested in one of the bloodiest wars in America's histor One of the advantages of growing old or older is that you develop a very long memory 1961 marked the centennial year of the start of the Civil War and the bookstores were filled with works about the war and the people who fought it I really got into the period and read many of the major works on the war Carl Sandburg’s great bio of Lincoln Allan Nevins’ six volume study of the war and many of the popular works such as those by Bruce Catton etc The very best set of books I read in this period was the one by Shelby Foote Nearly fifty years later I’ve decided to re read this great workVolume One carries the story from the election of Lincoln to the battle of Perryville in Kentucky War histories turn a lot of people off because they focus on battles which generally only serve to show the utter stupidity of mankind This book covers the battles and proves the stupidity but it does much The brilliance of Foote’s work is that it captures the tenor of the times and characters of the many figures who played a part in the war His use of anecdote brings these people to life – strange things like the fact that Stonewall Jackson would not eat black pepper because he claimed it made his left leg hurtReading the book today adds another dimension to the work because I can see the same sort of divide on our country now that existed then And in fact I believe that in ways we are still fighting the Civil War The idea of how large the Federal government should be and how much power it should have was really at the heart of the war as much as the issue of slavery – maybe so in the beginning And of course we have still not solved the issue of race no matter how hard we’ve tried in the last hundred and fifty yearsThis is a great book by a brilliant writer The fact that it is still in print and even on the Kindle fifty four years after it was published says much about what a great work it is

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The Civil War A Narrative Vol 1 Fort Sumter to PerryvilleLson Pea Ridge Island Ten New Orleans and Monitor versus Merrimac The word narrative is the key to this extraordinary book's incandescence and its truth The story is told entirely from the point of view of the people involved in it One learns not only wh I wanted a book that would take a year of my life to read so 3000 pages in three volumes I thought this should fill the bill Well into the second volume I’ll be lucky if it lasts me the summer Can’t put it down